The Trump Effect: fewer refugees are entering the U.S.

President Trump’s executive orders on a temporary ban on Muslim refugees (on visas to nationals from terrorism-prone countries) haven’t even gone into effect because of obstructionist judges, but the number of refugees entering the U.S. already is down.

After an initial executive order ran into legal roadblocks, Trump issued a revised one on March 6 that once again sought to block all refugees from entering the country for 120 days. The new order again included a ceiling on 50,000 refugees overall to be admitted during FY 2017. Trump declared that allowing more than that “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” But the U.S. District Court in Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order preventing the administration from implementing the 120-day bar on refugee entry (as well as a 90-day bar on entry of most citizens of six terror-prone countries – Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen). Other parts of the judge’s order, including the 50,000 refugee admission ceiling for FY 2017, were not impacted by the court action and went into effect on March 16. The 50,000 ceiling stands in sharp contrast to the Obama administration’s announcement last fall that the U.S. would resettle 110,000 this fiscal year.

Patrick Goodenough reports for that the number of refugees admitted to the United States dropped in March to its lowest monthly tally of the current fiscal year 2017, even as the implementation of President Trump’s latest immigration executive order continues to be held up by federal courts.

Here are the numbers, from State Department Refugee Processing Center data:

  • The number has steadily declined in FY 2017, from 9,945 refugees admitted to the U.S. last October, to 8,355 in November, 7,371 in December and 6,777 in January.
  • In March 2017, 2,070 refugees arrived in the U.S., a drop of 54.79% from February‘s 4,579.
  • With the fiscal year now halfway through, 39,098 refugees had arrived as of March 31, of whom 30,122 arrived before the end of the Obama administration and only 8,967 since Trump’s inauguration.
  • Of the 2,070 refugees resettled in March, the largest contingents came from Somalia (335), Syria (282), Burma (278), Iraq (192), Democratic Republic of Congo (184), Ukraine (167) and Iran (101).

Syrian refugees have been in the spotlight especially because of fears that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) would try to exploit refugee admission programs to infiltrate operatives into the West. The Obama administration insisted that the vetting process for refugees was the most robust of any for those wanting to travel to the U.S., but FBI Director James Comey had admitted that there are limits on U.S. security agencies’ ability to vet refugee applicants from Syria, given the ongoing civil war.

  • The U.S. has admitted 5,839 Syrian refugees during FY 2017, and 1,221 since the start of the Trump administration.
  • Of the 18,135 Syrian refugees the U.S. had admitted since the Nov. 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France, 98.8% were Muslims, 0.9% Christians, and 0.3% Yazidis and others.
  • Of the 1,221 Syrian refugees admitted since the start of the Trump administration, 98.5% were Muslims, 1.2% Christians and 0.2% Yazidis.

A year ago, the Obama administration had determined that Christians and Yazidis were being targeted for genocide in ISIS-controlled areas of Syria. Despite that, Trump’s revised executive order dropped a provision in the original one that called for the prioritizing of refugees from religious minorities. Trump’s revised executive order also dropped the original order’s provision placing an indefinite ban on the admission of refugees from Syria.

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18 responses to “The Trump Effect: fewer refugees are entering the U.S.

  1. Steven Broiles

    The Trump Effect proves one thing: When he speaks, the people in the shadows hear it—and listen. So it’s more than a mere placebo effect: It’s real.
    Bureaucrats HATE anyone who gets things done! Because “competition is a sin,” as John D. Rockefeller once said!

    As for the Blue Martian, he should “get his ass to Mars!”

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  3. Works for me.

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  4. That’s good news & bad news > the extremely HIGH Muslim % & the extremely LOW Christian % ! 😦

    (Trump promised to help the Christians being slaughtered in the M.E.)

    On an opposite note to the figures in your post, did you see this? I saw it posted at the end of last week in comments at CTH. People were very upset. Some hoped it was fake news, but others said Ann Corcoran was the real deal. Her WP blog > Refugee Resettlement Watch < says she’s been reporting on the refugee figures since 2007.

    Her 3/31/17 post at below link is based on info from WND & HuffPo; says refugee figures are UP vs. Down.

    We know HuffPo can’t be trusted, but WND? (Supposedly Farah was/maybe still is(?) CFR or was it CNP?… it’s been awhile, can’t remember which membership list his name was on).

    3/31/17: Trump State Dept. Going Back to Normal Refugee Figures:

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  5. On a somewhat related note, Trump State Dept., under pressure (supposedly) decided, at least for now, to NOT designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization… Recent article also from Corcoran site:


    For some GOOD News lately … Rand Paul tweeted he had a GREAT TIME w/Prez Trump (they went golfing) & Rand has GREAT HOPE re ditching ObamaScare for a brand new version.

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  6. The numbers may look small, but considering their birth rate, it is still worrisome.
    Assad told us,of course terrorist will infiltrate and enter the US under false pretenses.
    From what I have read several times. That is why Putin has been in Syria, to protect the Christians, being a devout Christian himself.

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  7. This tells me something’s wrong. Trump specifically had mentioned how 0bama refusing entry to refugee minorities was a bad thing, and then makes it even worse with respect towards minority refugees once he takes office? If this is true, it goes along with his refusal to rescind eo’s that are repugnant to the US Constitution made by his predecessors. He also hasn’t repealed 0bamacare like it should be and allowed the market to take care of itself – he took 0bamacare and made it even worse with the help of the rino Ryan. By their words you will know them, but don’t just listen to what they say, watch what they do as Trump seems to be doing the opposite of what he promised us in some very important cases. I’m thinking we’ve been sold a bill of goods, perhaps Trump is a shill for killary and the nwo after all.


    • I think you are jumping the gun here. Without obstruction even more would have been done. But what he has accomplished so far outdoes the previous administration.
      Everyone has their one item they voted for and they want it yesterday. Won’t work. Government has never worked like that. We have to give it time to get everything done right or the left will lose it.
      The man deserves a chance and respect for trying. He is working for free for goodness sakes. And the same for his daughter, no pay.
      He has to get rid of those trying to harm him, thus our country, then move forward.

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  8. Here in So. CA…my Hispanic students, leading up to the election, said their parents and they were going to leave CA if Trump was elected. They did not. BUT, they are way less vocal and “in your face” with their Mexican flags, Mexican interjections/shoutings out when we say the American “Pledge of Allegiance”……AND, I have had MORE THAN ONE student come to me professing eubullence b/c one or more of their parents FINALLY became American citizens!!!!! (WHAT….after 20 or 30 years????? I had to write a “letter of acquaintance” for our school janitor who has been in this country illegally since age 14 and is now 54….FORTY YEARS…in this country illegally without taking care of her situation….without taking the proper steps UNTIL NOW….to become a citizen…after 40 years of benefiting from the riches and laws and ways and bountiful acceptance of this country. Forty years of being on TWO that she could benefit from the “free things” from BOTH sides of the coin……BEING IN THE SHADOWS has more benefit than the past administration stated publicly…LIKE ask me about a similar illegal who used the past Obama economy to heavily second-mortgage a home…then walked away from it after NOT paying on the bills for a year or more….and took the monthly savings /borrowings against the original mortgage to buy IN CASH the exact same HOME a few blocks away. Now owns this same HOME free and clear on YOUR DIME AND MY DIME….and has put in more than $100,000 in pools, casitas, 2-tiered porches/decks…& on and on….MEANWHILE…I am working to PAY FOR ALL THIS CRAP…and MY home value went down b/c these people walked away….and now THEY are living the life of Riley….and I’m still working my butt off….I WISH I had the balls to do what they did (in my neighborhood…more than ONE of these…and insult to injury…..the people who bought the homes they walked away from were all ILLEGALS who were able to pay cash….and why do you THINK they could pay CASH? B/C they do NOT…over a lifetime….pay the taxes that Amerian Citizens do…they do not put in as much as they take out…pure and simple…..

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    • Great points. Some people have so much empathy without having the facts.
      They know how to play the system and indeed they do and splendidly.
      The same where we live, they bring every family member possible here and here the stay, fully working and no questions.
      Many send thousands back home, money that could and should be spent here and tax money that could be paid. All while milking the social system.

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  9. We are so crowded there’s no room as is, so keep’m out. I don’t need to have my money going to more food stamps, free housing, free doctors, free meds. free breakfast, this is not a free for all, I have to pay for everything.


  10. Trump’s cabinet is packed with nwo/bankster/mossad folks, and they’re working on getting rid of any America firsters. Just watch, as the mossad influence grows there will be war with Syria and thereby perhaps Russia, war with North Korea and thereby China.

    Lee Stranahan: ‘Ideological Coup’ By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House


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