Elvis Presley 2017

This one is slightly off-topic from our usual material. It doesn’t deal with government scandals or the four horsemen of the apocalypse. So I hope you’ll enjoy a lighter subject for a moment. Smiles to all ~ TD

Now that we’ve stirred up the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones connection, it’s time to move on to something more fun.

Did Elvis fake his death to go under some kind of witness protection?

I’ve always thought “Elvis Sightings” were for people “of very little brain.” But perhaps after too many trips into too many rabbit holes, I’ve become more susceptible to the possibility that one of the “good guys” has been around doing good all these years we thought he was dead.

Here’s one more video for your entertainment:

Just leave a trail of bread crumbs so you can find our way back to the surface. 


18 responses to “Elvis Presley 2017

  1. Haha, somehow I missed the Elvis Resurrection “conspiracy theory.” 🙂

    Another one is Paul McCartney. Supposedly the original Paul was killed early on in a car crash & a fake Paul has taken his place ever since.

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    • Miles Mathis has a fairly recent article about John Lennon, and he believes John’s death was faked. I’ve read quite a few of Miles’ articles, and he usually makes a pretty good case, although I don’t necessarily come to the same conclusions that he does. My favorite is the article he wrote about Charles Lindberg, and his fake historic flight to Paris.

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    • traildustfotm

      TPR, you must be from my era to remember the Abbey Road “Paul is dead” theory. If Paul’s dead, then his replacement is possible more talented than the original.


      • Haha! I was a Beatlemaniac as a young teen but I only learned about Paul Is Dead since Internet Years (probably via a YouTube video, or maybe the sadly-now-deceased Dave MacGowan site(?), can’t remember >> ha, yes “over the hill”! 🙂

        (Saw The Beatles in person [circa 63-64], if you can call it that >> huge stadium, zillions of people; the Beatles were like tiny specks on the stage we were so far away at the other end of the stadium. No jumbotrons that I recall. 🙂

        Was Paul already “dead” before Twist & Shout on Ed Sullivan? That was the great Paul voice. Haha, funny memories!


  2. Elvis is taking the eternal dirt nap. He popped one too many on the pooper and it caught up with him. People hang onto to conspiracies like that because they can’t come to grips with talented, wealthy and beloved figures actually being human and making fatal mistakes.

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    • traildustfotm

      Youghn, I know what you are saying. For me, it’s the spot-on likeness of the white haired bearded man. His features are exact, and his voice identical. His guitar strumming style is the same. And he’s preaching the humble gospel he was raised on and that Elvis embraced more than most of us knew. I am not certain, but the likeness is fascinating.

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  3. I don’t think it’s a far stretch at all that Elvis might still be alive. If he was involved in some kind of intel operation, or if he just didn’t want to be in the limelight anymore, he certainly had the money and connections to fake his death and disappear. It wouldn’t even be difficult for him to do.

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    • Agree. Like a “Celeb Witness Protection Program” (for Burnout or other End-of-Psy-Op Retirement). It wouldn’t be that difficult. Feds do it all the time.

      Supposedly Hitler left Germany & lived out his days in Argentina.

      Supposedly Jim Jones (another false flag psy op CIA/Mossad stooge) left Guyana alive & well & could be your elderly neighbor. 🙂 (Peter David Beter had that info in 1980s, archived online now.)

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      • traildustfotm

        TPR, are you kidding? The possibility that Jim Jones is alive and well after forcing suicide on hundreds of followers chills me to the core. If any of my elderly neighbors offered me Kool-Aide this summer I’ll have to pass. 🙂


        • Haha, no more kool-aid for sure! 🙂 Check out PeterDavidBeter.com. His Issue #40 was re the 1978 Guyana Massacre. Dr. Peter died in 1987 but in prior years did “audio newsletters” exposing the NWO until his family was threatened.

          JFK had appointed Beter (a Lebanese-American) to a position at the Import/Export Bank in JFK’s day. Beter also wrote a book re the Dollar, I forget the title.

          Re Guyana, supposedly there was a Russian missile plant near Jonestown. Israel wanted it GONE, so CIA+Mossad set up Jonestown murders as a Distraction for the World Media while they blew up the missile plant. Jim Jones was their spook to set up the Distraction. Supposedly they flew him out alive when it was all over.

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  4. Everyone knows Elvis lives down by the river in a van with Salmon Rushdie and Jim Morrison.


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  5. OK….so I interject: How about this one—-Evis’ twin brother did not die at birth…but was given away by his impoverished parents because they could not raise TWO children at once, hardly being able to raise ONE. This guy is Elvis’ grown twin brother. Just thought I’d throw in something “new” to the “Elvis lives” theories. 🙂 This is all tongue in cheek….but, stranger things have happened in real life……

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  7. Wow! If dead Elvis’ liver autopsy results indeed are different from Elvis’ liver biopsy, then that certainly is compelling evidence that Evis didn’t really die that day.


  8. FYI There’s also a ‘Dale Earnhardt, Sr. didn’t die at Daytona’ theory! https://youtu.be/CluvHsKWED8


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