Cats ring bell for treats

You’re heard the expression “as difficult as herding cats”.

That’s because unlike dogs, cats notoriously are resistant to being trained.

For those who say it is well-nigh impossible to train a cat, here are two cats who have been trained to ring a bell to get a morsel of tasty treat.

Here are other cats who also ring bells for treats:


We got it all wrong.

It’s actually the very clever cats who Pavlov-trained humans to give them a treat every time a bell rings!



7 responses to “Cats ring bell for treats

  1. too cute! 🙂

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  2. Cuteness overload. These kitties are beyond lovable.

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  3. ManCavePatriot

    Reminds me of my congressional representative during a meeting with lobbyists.

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  4. Thanks for these great videos!

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  5. Thanks! This made for a happy Tuesday!

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  6. My Sister couldn’t use that particular term since she was the property of several Cats;HER term was…”like herding Drunks”,which fit well as she’d worked for some time as a bartender.

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