Bullet-Proof Vests Suggested For Children in Chiraq

child in bullet proof vest

Is this what it takes to protect children in Chicago?

All those gun control laws in Chiraq and gun violence is still out of control. Good job demorats!

From CBS Chicago: After a violent day in the South Shore neighborhood, a longtime resident questioned why there is no the outrage from black activists. “I see them coming out always downtown protesting against the police. But never do I see them inside the black community,” activist Tio Hardiman said.

Hardiman of Violence Interrupters visited the South Shore neighborhood after seven people were killed in three separate shootings less than 12 hours apart on Thursday.

Hardiman said he wasn’t joking when he suggested that “young people in the South and West Sides of Chicago be equipped with helmets and bullet-proof vests.”

Doc. Matt Harrington, CEO of Ammo Coding Systems, was with Hardiman. He’s behind legislation that would require ammunition manufacturers to make bullets traceable. “Bullets just don’t come from a bullet fairy.”

Chicago’s 9-1-1 operators are supporting this legislation. There has been a heavy police presence in this neighborhood.



9 responses to “Bullet-Proof Vests Suggested For Children in Chiraq

  1. What a testament to the utter failure of Democrat mayor Emanuel and Democrats’ gun control policy!

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  2. Blame bullets; blame guns; blame unemployment; blame the wind. Blame everything but the criminals, themselves, right?
    No one is responsible for anything they do. It’s always someone else’s fault.

    Now, let’s get REAL and start shooting criminals, on the spot. I’ll bet you a quiet picnic dinner on the front steps of a tenement house that the crime will drop to near zero in a month.


    • If they can’t rule a city of humbled peasants then they’ll settle for a city of the dead. Chicago pols wouldn’t piss on their people if they were on fire. This is about power to a few people and a couple of their friends.

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      • This crap is nothing but “population elimination” at the expense of the innocent. An undeclared war on the civilians who choose not to kiss ass for their well being or next morsel of food and just want to be left alone.
        Like any other war, civilians bear the worst casualties.


  3. If they zapped a few of these punks in the electric lounge chair there might be a decline but since it’s a revolving door system there’s no reason to stop because a few over the hill hippies believe peace and love magically appear when they hold a love fest. Let’s wait until a geriatric peaceniks grandkid gets the lethal lead injection. That ought to change their tune real fast!


  4. Hey, Democrats– encourage something different there, not just treat the symptoms, please…

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  5. How do they expect change without addressing the culture these acts of violence are bred by?

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