Tina Fey slams college-educated white women who voted for Trump

tina fey

College-educated white woman who can create drama…

Tina Fey is a college-educated white woman with a BA in drama.

From USA Today: Tina Fey has a message for the college-educated white women who helped elect Donald Trump: “You can’t look away.”

The comedian spoke during an American Civil Liberties Union fundraiser that also featured Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Tituss Burgess on Friday, and chatted about politics and the president from the stage. But later, she took a more serious tone, calling out a specific group of women who voted for the president.

She opened her segment of the live stream, talking about what she and Trump have in common: “One, neither of us has any business wearing khakis with the shirt tucked in. And two, we’re both very upset with the amount of fake news out in the world right now.”

Then, she dug into Trump for announcing what’s “surely an April Fools’ joke: “that next month will be national sexual assault awareness and prevention month. … So now we know what he gave up for Lent ― that’s good.”

And she made quips about the gender gap, saying how “women still only make one Ghostbusters movie to every two made by men” and “men average Oceans 11 for every Oceans 8 that goes to women.” Maybe, with your donation, she said, the ACLU can help break the “ultimate glass ceiling”: produce an “all-lady ‘Woman-tourage’ … or ‘Entour-vag,'” as she called it.

But Fey wasn’t building toward a punchline when she sat down to chat with ACLU lawyers about reproductive rights.

“The thing that I keep, I keep focusing on is the idea that we sort of need to hold the edges, that it’s sort of like a lot of this election was turned by kinda white college-educated women who would now maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV.” She said during the group discussion, “I would want to urge them to like, ‘You can’t look away, because it doesn’t affect you this minute, but it’s going to affect you eventually’.”

The entire Facebook Live stream is available here.



23 responses to “Tina Fey slams college-educated white women who voted for Trump

  1. She has the right B.A because she is a Drama Queen as I see it. If acting is the best thing your education is good for, leave the real educated women alone as they are busy WORKING!

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  2. Who is “Tina Fey”, and why would anyone care what she says?Just another idiot. Ditto “Alec” Baldwin… Two obviously-transgendered wanna-be’s.

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  3. These Hollywood stars are a dying breed as more and more of us are refusing to tie into their insanity, and are no longer giving them our money by not watching their manipulative movies. The white race is being demonized in order to make us feel unworthy of high self-esteem, prosperity and good life. Then, and only then, will the globalists get what they want: world control! Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and the rest are nothing more than frauds from the idealogy they are putting out to us. They are white, wealthy, have high esteem for themselves – frauds, frauds, frauds! Get over yourselves because it’s not working.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    We know she was not mocking Sara Palin just for the laughs. No doubt she would love to be able to destroy Trump the way she did her; alec just ain’t got it.

    College is no longer a place for the wise, or of the wise.

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  6. Tina, you ignorant slut.

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  7. And that’s why I hate SNL.

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  8. With her lack of proper grammar, she should be embarrassed to admit she had a college education.

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  9. Well, when you consider history, at a certain point in time. Men did rule the world. They were the breadwinners, they were in politics, the made all the big decisions considering everything to do with our survival and the woman stayed home doing the most important job of all, caring for and keeping the family together. Her job should never be minimized.
    Then women decided they wanted what the men had. They worked hard to achieve their dreams. As exciting as it was, I am not sure it was all for the good. We have seen the shrinking of family content and an overseer of a father. Women are taken away from family duties, and the children suffer.
    So, naturally, if you want to make a movie about or up to a certain time, men will dominate.
    Now single parent family is the norm and she is forced to work. Have we really moved forward?
    Tina Fey and her kind are doing nothing to further they agenda except to make fools of themselves and to divide the country.
    When you have women acting out like Code Pink and similar groups, would you want to make a movie of them?
    To repeatedly attack our President accomplishes nothing. It hurts everyone and turns off others.
    And attacking those that think differently than you takes us back to the original dreams, equality and freedom. Everyone has different dreams and to negate them is a crime.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . God Bless you for your words of wisdom. You are right on the money. What a tragedy when women left their homes to earn money to try to prosper their own families, when they ended up with was a necessity . . . due to the fact that some of us have to pay the taxes so that some single Mom’s can have a “living.” The expenditure of monies on Welfare families which started back in the mid 1960’s has in part caused Mother’s to abandon their children all in the effort of “chasing greater monies for her own family.” I am so glad I had a stay at home Mama, and in looking back . . . it was wonderful. I am so sad for many of today’s children . . . to never know what that was like.

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      • Thanks you Auntie. Usually you beat me to the comment section and say exactly what I am feeling. Makes my job easier.
        I remember when all of my classmates mothers were all stay at home mothers. Then one by one they succumbed to the lure of the money.
        Mine lasted until I was a freshman.

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        • And I ditto here what I wrote in your other posting: you did it so well it saves me hugely! Many thanks.

          WHO is this person? I don’t find her funny at all, only posturing, and thus annoying, same as my EX-wife, another fraud.

          Well, maybe she lives up to her family name. Fey, “a. Overrefined, exaggerated, or affected: ‘She said the word in a deliberately fey and pretentious manner, striking a pose” (Jenefer Shute).’ Well, that seems as good a definitive explanation as any, IMO. [http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fey]

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          • I find her obnoxious. She is on SNL, which we no longer watch, and is in several commercials. She loves to hate Sarah Palin and loves to make fun of her in skits, but loves the money she makes to do it. I call her a hypocrite.

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  10. This moronic slut achieved fame by pretending to be Sarah Palin. That ship has sailed, and Fey is trying to find new waters. My advice? Depth charges of truth; the bottom percentile she feeds from won’t last.

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  11. cool)


    • Since your IP address is Kiev, Ukraine, I can only assume that you are white (Caucasian); since you call yourself cheryll, I assume you are female — which means you are a white woman. That makes your applause of Tina Fey slamming white women (who’d voted for Trump) a case of self-loathing. Please look up the definition of “useful idiot”. Cheers!


  12. Tina Fey is just another Zionist Ashkenazi Jew that hates America, it’s Constitution, & it’s patriotic citizens. These people are no different than Muslims who infiltrate Western Countries to become a majority and replace the laws of said countries with the installation of Sharia Law. Muslims destroy countries with the enforcement of Sharia Laws, & these false Jews destroy America through the MSM, Hollywood, the music industry, liberal political Democratic agendas, and running the pornography industry.


  13. She is a comedian and afraid to be forgotten when she she runs out of “jokes”.

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  14. Wait, isn’t that actually John Oliver in a dress and wig?

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  15. Knock, Knock, Tina…reality calling:: In California, the “entertainment capital of the world,” most schools don’t even TEACH drama classes—YOUR major and specialty…due to the fecklesss, socialist Dem party candidates/elected officials that run this “sancturary state,”and our entitlement society here; NO MONEY left….starting many moons ago…Tina Dear….. you and your ilk are not being educated here much. Even in the “”entertainment capital of the world” you are not important enough to spend state money on for our future In short,, .YOUR politics and that of your cohorts in the “biz” PULLED THE LADDER UP BEHIND YOU.

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  16. Sad that she discounts the good hearts and opinions of women who disagree with her.

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