Fear For Profit

marketing fear

Question. What do the following headlines have in common? 

  • “Three Words: ‘WE’RE IN TROUBLE!'”
  • “BANG: Off The WALL and Caught OFF GUARD–The Real TRUTH & Nothing But The…”
  • “The Last Election?! Clinton Insider Spills Secrets About What’s To Come! It’ll…”
  • “This Needs To Happen Now Before You Can No Longer Do It_Must See Interview…”
  • “PROOF Literal Maniacs Are Running The World–Warning You May Go NUTZ After…”
  • “UH-OH WAR? Russia Probe Erupts Into Warfare–Patriots Be Ready…”

Here’s a hint: notice the sales of survival food.

Answer. Profit

Any Questions?


13 responses to “Fear For Profit

  1. That’s it! Follow the MONEY!

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  2. Keep-em scared to death with fabricated FEARs – and they will continue to Need Big Government’s Protections & their lap-dog Politicians promising us “relief” from our “Enemies..”

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  3. Yep, I have had to stop watching videos like that. I realized after watching a lot of them, that I had already heard the stories they were hyping up, and they weren’t nearly as dire as they were claiming. A lot of it is just hearsay. I’ve also had to learn my lesson about those Youtube video makers who use click-bait titles, and then never even mention a word about the subject in the title.

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    The oceans are going to rise and drown us all!!!

    The sun is going to roast us alive!!!

    We’re going to have a massive nuclear war!!!

    The commies are taking over!!!

    We are all going to starve to death!!!

    Animals are going to eat us!!!

    I have been hearing this crap my entire life.

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  5. Today’s headline…..
    “Chicken Little Was Right”
    Scientists’ say ‘Sky is Falling’
    Must abandon green energy plans to avoid human extinction.
    Tin hats isssued to all earth’s inhabitants.

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  6. Yep. They scare us, the control us. When I get an email with anything like this in the title, I delete. I don’t even give them the satisfaction of opening them. Then they want a donation. Yeah, I like tossing out hard earned money for something we are already paying Congress to get done.

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  7. Steven Broiles

    “God has not given us a Spirit of Fear,” so Scripture tells us. But nature has, and Old Nick downstairs is ready to whip it up into a frenzy.
    Fear is a horrible feeling that makes my flesh CRAWL. Be that as it may, fear, believe it or not, has a certain judicious use. Think about it: Don’t you fear your wife? Your children? Certainly you fear your boss. This is so de trop we don’t even think about it. But certainly it is true, functionally, at the least: There can be no love without FEAR. There can be no mutual respect without FEAR. The question is, WHAT KIND of fear?

    Certainly I fear a gun in my face: This is a survival fear. Then again, one can fear his boss: This is an obsequious fear. There is also a natural fear of death, a fear which God Himself will RARELY REMOVE from anyone. The two exceptions I can think of are St. Paul and St. Theresa of Lisieux. (Actually, St. Joan of Arc may have well been relieved of her fear of death as well). But there is also a FILIAL FEAR, the fear of which we dwell upon the least. And that fear has one Credo: “Why would you want to offend the one who loves you?” Why would one WANT to offend God? His wife? His friends? And yet, how often we do!
    Yes, we can agree on this much: Both the FAKESTREAM MEDIA and the Alt-Right sell FEAR! The $64,000 Question is, What Kind of fear? The fakestream media is the Bully Boy of the Establishment, goading us into SUBMISSION. (After all, Islam and Liberalism both mean “submission”!) But the Alt-Right, of which FOTM, Alex Jones, Dr. Henry Makow and others market and sell a different kind of fear: The fear of losing our Nation, our Society, our very Civilization Itself! The fear of losing our identity, our integrity, our Heritage, our very self-respect itself. This is a most SALUBRIOUS fear, for it preaches the fear of Hell, of the Eternal Loss of God Himself!

    And, YES, I believe in prepping. My 5′ x 8′ storage room contains enough food and supplies for me for TWO YEARS. I have always been the grasshopper with my money, but as far as prepping goes, I am always the ant! Prep! Prep! Prep!
    Prepping: Another NECESSARY SKILL they REFUSE to teach in schools!

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    • Steven, you’re correct; this may help when you speak to others about it:
      F = false
      E = evidence
      A = appearing
      R = real

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    • traildustfotm

      Good points Steven. Fear is not a simple subject. There is good fear, and there is prudence in preparedness. What I object to is the way some people spin up fear to awful proportions, and do so relentlessly. But the same people often have products to sell to their terror struck viewers. And one guy (unnamed) will even threaten his critics with the wrath of God for speaking against one of God’s “watchmen.” World Net Daily is a news source I look to. But they sometimes have a humorous line up of news stories. They will have one or two terrifying stories about imminent catastrophe, followed by an article urging the reader to buy tickets to next year’s trip to Israel.

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      • Steven Broiles

        I don’t know whom you’re referring to, Trail Dust, but Glenn Beck (the Judas Goat) came to mind. At any rate, isn’t it true that the Fakestream Media is doing its best to peddle fear and loathing of Russia? Good points one and all.

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        • traildustfotm

          Steven, I completely agree. They’re playing the Russian card like it was the early 1960s. And I stopped listening to Glenn Beck a while ago, just after he left Fox. I still like Alex/Bill Jones/Hicks, but don’t take him as seriously as before.


  8. Richard Raymond

    Lisa Haven may be capitalizing on the fear of the present circumstances
    many are doing that but the fear is more than justified. In fact I don’t think people are nearly fearful enough and endlessly looking to rationalize and justify the continued careless, casual and/or corrupt lifestyle.The Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible Philippians 2:12 exhorts us to work out our Salvation
    with fear and trembling. Given the overall times and the immense
    corruption worldwide but especially in the West it’s amazing the undue pride, conceit and presumption of so many regarding our eternal fate. And this why the fear is appropriate for all, me included:http://www.olrl.org/snt_docs/fewness.shtml

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    • Richard, I agree about how bad the state of society is at this moment, and that fear is appropriate.
      Here’s the issue for me. A number of people have honed the fear topic to a fine art. When I would listen to Glenn Beck or Alex Jones, if they got my ear for ten minutes, they would own me for hours. They would create a sense of impending doom so severe it would steal time I needed for work or family. Jim Bakker periodically has “prophets” on his new show predicting immediate doom, and selling special deals on survival food. And I am not questioning Lisa’s walk with the Lord, but would like to make an adjustment in tactics.
      Here’s the correction I would urge. Don’t fear the one who can kill the body, but afterward can not touch the soul. Instead, fear Him who after killing the body has the power to cast the soul into hell. The fear of God has a way of freeing one from the fears of war and cataclysm.


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