Intruder dies after breaking into Marine vet’s home

Perp picked the wrong residence. Taxpayer relief shot delivered.

From Salt Lake Tribune: Police have identified a man who was shot and killed early Thursday after kicking in the door of a Salt Lake City apartment.

Puleaga Danny Tupu, 33, of West Valley City, died in the living room of the apartment at 731 S. 300 East, police said Friday.

Tupu has a long history of mostly misdemeanor convictions for petty crimes dating back to 2002, according to a search of Utah court records. 

Tupu was one of two men — dressed in black, with hoods — who rushed into the apartment at about 3 a.m.

The second man who entered the apartment also was shot, and apparently made it outside to the apartment building’s lawn before collapsing. He was initially listed as critical condition, but later upgraded to serious condition.

Brian Sant, who lives at the apartment, told The Tribune that after working a late shift, he was still awake in the living room at about 3 a.m. Thursday, while his brother and 29-year-old son had long since gone to bed.

There were suddenly loud bangs on his third-story door, he said, like someone trying to kick it in. “I jumped up and yelled, ‘What the hell?’ ” said Sant, who has lived at the Park Place at City Centre Apartments for about three years.

The door gave way, he said, and two men entered, one holding a two-foot-long metal pipe.

A Marine veteran, Sant said he began scuffling with the men in the living room.

Sant fought with the men until his 29-year-old son emerged from a back room and shot both suspects. Tupu died at the scene, and the second suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police have said a 911 “shots fired” call came in at 3:13 a.m. 

Salt Lake City police Detective Keith Horrocks said Friday that the case had been turned over to homicide investigator and that the department was not immediately releasing any new information beyond naming Tupu.

Asked about additional arrests, including that of any of the apartment’s residents, Horrocks said Salt Lake City police had not arrested anyone else.

A search of Salt Lake County Jail records, however, shows that an occupant of the home who was on probation for forgery and drug possession convictions was booked into jail Thursday on a probation violation.

h/t Breitbart



10 responses to “Intruder dies after breaking into Marine vet’s home

  1. This is why we need a strong 2nd Amendment Right and why you MUST preserve citizen gun rights-imagine how this would turn out in Australia or England
    “Taxpayer relief shot” got to love it:)

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  2. Tupu must have went poo-poo in his pants , ergo , shit happens .
    Tupu , you picked the wrong door to knock down . Actions have consequences ,,,,,,Marines can be a pain in the ass , can’t they ??? Too bad you can’t answer that question though ….bye bye idiot

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  3. Outlaw guns????? How about outlawing two foot pieces of pipe.

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  4. Steven Broiles

    Sant and his son were within their rights, and now we have one less POS to deal with. Thank God this did not happen in New York City, otherwise the NYPD would have to arrest him if the gun was illegal or not properly registered, and a Grand Jury full of liberal jackwagons would have indicted them for that!

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  5. He saved the taxpayers a ton of money.

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  6. If Tupu had a beef with one of the residents, all three could have ended up dead. Sounds like he came equipped to do great harm.
    Thank goodness the son was there and had his gun, legal or not. This wasn’t exactly a legal entry.

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  7. Why was this specific apartment invaded?


    • Zorro . . . What difference does that actually make? Justice was served! What a pity the second joker is still alive. Only when the occupation of “burglar,” “thief,” “robber” becomes so dangerous that those in these occupations become extinct will the rest of us truly be safe. Furthermore, to heck with the taxpayers being burdened with housing, feeding, medication, etc. those who wish to earn their living in these kinds of occupations.

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  8. Sigh. SO…those who think the 2nd ammendmenet has been weakened, made almost inacessable to “the common folk” these days by our own government….in FAVOR of those who would take ‘advantage,”….


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