Fort Hood terrorist says he’s going on ‘hunger strike’


Fine by me. Let him waste away.

From Fox News: Writing from his cell on death row at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan has declared he is going on a “99 pound hunger strike,” according to a letter reviewed by Fox News.

The former Army psychiatrist, who opened fire on unarmed fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, killed 13 people and injured 31 that day. Hasan was sentenced to death in 2013 and continues to declare himself an SoA, “soldier of Allah.”

Hasan stated in the handwritten letter that by going on a hunger strike, he will “reduce and then maintain a total body weight of 99 pounds” while protesting “America’s hatred for [Shariah] Laws.”

On March 27, Lt. Gen. Sean B. MacFarland, the commanding general at Fort Hood, issued a statement effectively saying Hasan will not be dismissed by the U.S. Army until he is executed. “In the case of Major Nidal M. Hasan (redacted) … the sentence  is approved and, except for that portion of the sentence pertaining to a Dismissal from the Service and being put to death, will be executed,” he wrote.

Hasan’s civilian attorney John Galligan told Fox News they are looking at a “very lengthy appellate process — initially via the military appellate courts … then on to the Supreme Court and thereafter through the tangled web of federal courts.

Retired Staff Sgt, Shawn Manning, who was shot six times by Hasan, told Fox News senior executive producer Pamela Browne, “The fact that this guy who has no regard for human life still thinks he still has the right to make a statement is tragic.”

Nearly eight years after the attack, Manning is still mired in the military’s appeal process to receive combat-related benefits for his injuries. Manning’s next hearing is scheduled for April 11 at Fort Lewis, Wash. Manning and 41 of his fellow soldiers injured and killed at  Fort Hood were finally awarded Purple Hearts in 2015.

Hasan’s 2009 massacre finally ended when he was shot by civilian police officer Sgt. Kimberly Munley. Hasan, now partially paralyzed, is one of six inmates on military death row at Fort Leavenworth.

Galligan maintains the trial was not fair. “If Major Hasan dies while the mandatory appellate process is pending, the findings and sentence will be set aside,” Galligan said. “Millions of dollars were wasted on this show trial but as I said repeatedly, he did not receive a fair trial at Fort Hood.”



31 responses to “Fort Hood terrorist says he’s going on ‘hunger strike’

  1. Who is going to lose a minutes of sleep , worrying about this p.o.s. and his hunger strike , not me !

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  2. Feed him PORK slurry through an anal cavity absorption system.

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  3. Why hasn’t he been sent to alla yet?

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    • I am not a radical, but this sand flea should have been done away a long time ago, I said before, there goes my tax money to keep IT dressed, hair cut, fed, doctors and meds. Send him to hell that is where ALL of THEM belong. They are like a computer virus once they infest the system the only way to get rid of it is kill it!

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  4. Good, he could lose some weight… or save the taxpayers some money, if he keeps it up long enough.

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  5. What an attention whore. First, he said he wants taxpayers to pay for his “sex reassignment” surgery; now, he “threatens” a hunger strike.

    Earth to Hasan: Nobody cares!

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  6. LOL – Imagine my distress. 😉

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  7. What ever happened to hanging. or firing squad? If he’s got nothing more to offer in terms of intelligence on terrorists on our soil or elsewhere, or into the depravity of his own mind that made him turn murderous traitor, why keep him alive?
    Let him starve. But place 7-course meals just out of reach of his cell 3 times daily to help him along in his misery… maybe even host a feast among his co-prisoners and force him to watch, listen, and smell. Every day. Then water and milk toast for Hassan. Bon Appetit!

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  8. Heck, that will save the Army some money!! If this man was so into Shariah Law then why did he join The US Army and why waste time studying to be a psychiatrist. Neither of which is any good under Shariah Law.

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  10. My vote is 5 lbs. The weight of his ashes.

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  11. I would love to stand in front of him during his so-called ‘hunger strike’ and cook some bacon with the fan blowing the bacon aroma straight into his cell, then make it into a BLT sandwich and slowly bite, chew, swallow ….MMMMMMM bacon!.

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  12. Are we ALL sufficiently surprised that his beloved Allah hasn’t provided a means for him to be freed from Prison?

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  13. Cool

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  14. Before IT gets fried bring IT a Priest, then let him drag a wooden cross!


  15. Funny, he doesn’t look like a Mohammedan to me. He looks more like Murray Rothstein from the Hebrew Deli.

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  16. Hassan is yet another insult to swift justice.

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  17. He is under the misconception that anyone has any sympathy for this loser.
    Go for it big guy, die we don’t care.
    What upsets me, the Army did wrong with this guy. They knew he had problems and instead of discharging him, they chose to move him around to different bases, passing on the problems.
    And for his attorney to even mention this worthless piece of crap had an unfair trial is insulting. 44 people were shot or killed that day, what about the fairness for them?

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    • He got moved around more than a catholic priest. That’s what political correctness gets ya. wouldn’t want to hurt HIS feelings. Never mind EVERYBODY else.

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    • I for one think that he did not get a “fair trial.” A “fair trial” would mandate that he be executed within three days of the sentence being pronounced! I can only hope that this absurd “hunger strike” will bring on such horrible malnutrition that he bones start breaking of their own accord, his teeth break off due to calcium loss, and that his organs begin to fail one after another! That would be just great!!!!!!!!

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  18. Sigh. Finally. Let the Death Penalty seek it’s own “water level.” If we can not legally send him to an allah (intentional LOWER CASE on “allah”)….then… sincere prayers are that he takes himself to his allah through this intention to starve himself…..Saves we others untold millions of dollars heaped upon an unworthy person….as well as….saves us, period, from dedicating millions of dollars toward an unworthy person or cause, while our school children, for instance, get less than a PENNY a day toward their arts educations….or for that matter, other subjects……

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    • Conservatives are dedicated patriots, BUT we first ask: How is it that we have tens & hundreds of billions for infinitely flawed weapons such as the F-35, but no funds for minimal child care, development, and schooling? Is the military’s goal to create a nation of ill-fed, ignorant & ill-informed students, unable to reason their way to worthwhile conclusions?

      Didn’t Eisenhower say that the wealth given to a handful of rich military industries was money taken from building schools and hospitals?


  19. Love your comments Joseph…..hasn”t it always been thus—–competing for the same dollars are our present and future in educated children…..and our present and future in defense? How will Solomon cleave/split the baby??


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