Fake News: Duct tape antifa

Antifa, the abbreviation of antifascist, is the word that radical anti-Trumpers call themselves.

Antifas are the masked punks, dressed in all black, who committed violence in inauguration demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and on the U.C. Berkeley campus on the night of February 1, 2017.

Although they are the ones who attack Trump supporters, antifas have started a new meme in social media, portraying themselves as victims of duct taping.

The fake victimization began with a tweet from Beverly Hills Antifa @BevHillsAntifa on March 30, 2017, claiming that a fellow antifa in Laguna Beach was duct taped to a stop sign by “fascists”.

The only problem is the alleged duct-taped antifa is actually a man in Houston, Texas, who was duct-taped to a sign-post because he lost a bet to his friends. As reported by CBS News on March 30, 2017, “the duct-taped man, who was identified as 17-year-old Miguel Chavez,” told police “he was taped to the pole after losing a bet on Tuesday’s Rockets vs. Warriors game.”

The next day, March 31, 2017, Fifth Avenue Antifa @FifthAveAntiFa continued the fake duct-tape victimization with a tweet of another alleged antifa duct-taped by “Nazis” to a concrete trash bin:

On April 1, 2017, responding to tweeter @llivill1 who observed that the pic looks fake, Fifth Avenue Antifa insisted:

It’s not fake. Trump people literally taped him there after saying racist stuff at us.

And . . .

But we never tried true communism. This time it could work.

Trump supporters aren’t buying duct tape antifa. Here’s a sample of responses to Fifth Avenue Antifa’s tweet:

“OOH! What a cool performance art project! The dildo on his head really speaks to me!” -Artemis

“do people teach you in liberal school to call all of your enemies Nazis? Try a new argument” -Kenny Perrin

“Funny, nice try. All these pics u keep doing are transparent” -BrentD

“Nice fake propaganda.” -Squirrel_Hound 2.0

“Duct tape is more useful than I thought!” -Scott Miller

“hahahahahahaha the pussy hat resistance” -NYC 4 TRUMP

My favorite:

“ANTIFA sounds like the name of a laxative or an old-people nutrients drink.” -Bryan Black

That hasn’t stopped a dorky effete from Boston Antifa from believing their own lies. Here is his unintentionally funny advice to fellow antifa on how to avoid being duct-taped.


“Hello, it’s 727 with Boston Antifa. I’ve taken a little bit more time to look into the duct taping incidents that have been going on, and it is truly fucked up. We feel deeply bad for Antifa members who happen to be a victim to this. Now, things that can be done to prevent such an attack: We recommend some of the same types of defenses that we use against pepper spray, and things of that nature. So vegetable oil is something that I could recommend that you use. Does work for the skin when it comes to prevent the irritation of pepper spray. I believe that if you were to put a lot of this on parts of your clothing before you go out to a demonstration, then this could help prevent the adhesive [of duct tape] from sticking. Now, there are some other ways that you could easily stop this kind of attack, and I think maybe there are many other comrades who will chime in on this. Shaving your body hair would help, especially your arms and things of that nature. We have to do all we can because I’ve also heard some other reports that they’re going to start bringing high-powered magnets to attach to any private piercings that some of our comrades may have. This is all news to me, but is some scary stuff. So everybody, continue to be safe out there and if it be, fight back!”


We should expect oily, pierced, shaved-of-body-hair antifa commies at the next anti-Trump demonstration.



36 responses to “Fake News: Duct tape antifa

  1. That bloviating guy is certainly a nut job. I’m all for the high powered magnets . . .gosh does anyone have one big enough to lift a car– wouldn’t that just be the most exciting spectacle imaginable??????????

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    • I’m kinda disappointed Trump supporters aren’t duct-taping annoying Antifa types to fixed objects– that would be both cool and individually embarrassing to the various annoying (and ineffectual) Antifa punks.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I’d suggest duct taping them to substantial things,like ocean liners headed to Europe. Now THAT would be FUNNY.

        Liked by 2 people

        • How about this truck ? …….If they really want to show their suffering , why don’t they strip down , butt-ass naked ? Then let themselves be taped to whatever ……no pain , no gain !!!
          The removal of the creep from what he was taped on would be awfully funny to watch . Especially if he was rather hairy !!!

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    • Auntie….besides bloviating…doesn’t this nut job sound like those 20-30-somethings (without brains, completed educations, jobs) who drift around to various and sundry Sci-Fi conventions or those conventions where they show up as anime or other cartoon characters….and ACT OUT the part (stay in character) the whole convention……??????? Livin’ Large in a Tiny Off-Beat World of Make-Believe and Illusions…………


  2. Hey, use some of that K-Y to make yourselves slippery! (Jeez.)

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    • How ’bout this? Beat us at our own game and buy up ALL the duct tape in the US. (Me,trying to think like a Liberal Idiot.)


  3. Best laugh I’ve had today. Where do these morons get these hairbrained ideas? These “comrades” must be meeting each other in mental institutions.

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  4. hvgarvey@comcast.net


    And they’re all PAID by Soros to do this; or they wouldn’t do it. It’s a job, since they have none, with salary , healthcare, etc. Really!!


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  5. Great follow up Dr. Lots of information.
    They are proving just how pathetic and desperate they are.
    They made a big error in their sick antics. Trump supporters are people with jobs, we don’t have time driving the country in hopes of finding one of these dorks and or spending the money for a dozen rolls of duct tape.
    We are depended and loyal to our people. These people are just sick and this won’t go far.

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  6. And someone should inform these asses that a ‘black shirt’ was the definitive emblam of a Mussolini supporter in Fascist Italy; far from being anti-Fascists they are strikingly parallel to what people their age were like in Fascist Italy. I know on the best authority: my father had to flee a lynch mob come to get him –a pacifist anarchist for God’s sake!– when he was 22.

    Luckily a friend warned him about this murderous crowd [they were very common at the time, never prosecuted by ‘the authorities’ of course]. An uncle gave him 500 lire, enough to get a last train to Rome & a dirigible to England, etc. There were no large long distance common carrier planes in 1922. And that was how I made my way to be born in Mother Cabrini Hospital, Chicago, 1943! Yes, it was exhausting, but I felt it worth the effort….

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  7. He gave himself away at the end there talking about how they’ve heard Trump supporters are going to be bringing high powered magnets to stick to ppl’s genital piercings??? I’m so freakin sure. Who would even think of such an idea? Big hint….not your typical Trump supporter. Sounds like an idea from the mind of a debaucherous pervert….aka a liberal/commie

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  8. It’s a parody account you goofballs.

    Actually look at the posts. They’re CLEARLY having a laugh at antifa’s expense.

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  9. I think we need to re-name ’em. How about Igprocoms? IGnorant PRO COMmunists. I’m sure we can all come up with more fitting names,many of which we can’t say in mixed company.

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  10. Just when you think you’ve heard it all!

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  11. They do like to use the ” comrade ” term , don’t they ?

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  12. Not knowing their “comrade” was taped to a Yield sign, not a Stop sign should destroy credibility. Thanks Donald Trump for ruining these good commies edumacasion. It’s all his fault!

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  13. traildustfotm

    What a great idea!!! I think it’s time to invest in Duct Tape Futures!!!

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  14. ManCavePatriot

    Looks like a great way to get rid of ‘unwanted hairballs’.

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  15. ” I’ve also heard some other reports that they’re going to start bringing high-powered magnets to attach to any private piercings that some of our comrades may have. “


  16. And just what is it that these people do to support themselves or improve society? If it was my son he’d not be getting any subsidies from me. Stupid is as stupid does.


  17. I dont think this is ANTIFA putting this info out. I believe its people mocking them. Its hilarious.


  18. It’s not FAKE NEWS it’s a parody/joke account which should be pretty obvious. They are mocking Antifa. Several jokes are made about them being spoiled rich kids wearing $1000 shirts and Italian loafers to their “riots”, which many of them have.


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