Watch this police dog move with the speed of lightning

Good dog!



18 responses to “Watch this police dog move with the speed of lightning

  1. Every police officer needs one of these.

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  2. only idiots challenge a well trained K-9.

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  3. May the almighty bless our good officers and make them spectacular, and take our bad officers and make them good. Also more snacks for the k9 officers.

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  4. If I was this officer I would buy that K9 officer a steak ASAP! Good work puppy!

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  5. Was the perp doing something with his right hand while the Officer was downing the Dog?

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  6. The dog was barking from the start of his being told to lie down and wait. It’s like he knew something was up. Astounding work; good dog, you get a steak indeed!

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  7. Wow!

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  8. Dogs read people’s aura’s. That K9 knew from the start that guy was gonna be trouble,and was telling his Human,”Be careful-watch this guy. He’s gonna do something…” That’s why,if my Dog doesn’t like someone,they’re not allowed onto my property. No questions asked.

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    • truck….AGREE BIG TIME! I learned the hard way to TRUST MY DOG.

      We started out as a young married couple living in a not-so safe older “slum” apt. section of our MD town right out of college. But, some of our college grad friends followed us/moved into same old (cheap) apt. complex. One night, my dog would NOT stop growling/barking….as he heard footsteps in the downstairs mail box hall area…..Our single, female college friend, who lived in the apt. above us, had told us that her boyfriend was coming to her apt. after his late night shift (as he’d done many times before.)

      Our dog had NEVER seen any of her visitors…& had never raised an “alarm” before….but this night…upon hearing certain footsteps that night at the mail boxes downstairs, he went NUTS!!! We could not control him (he was just a little beagle/daschound mix). I put him onto a leash beside my bed & “chastised” him…I was abed & wanted to sleep b/f work the next AM…FINALLY, our upstairs friend screamed & I heard great thumps….so, I released the DOG into the public space….who chased a would-be rapist into the streets below, & cornered him in a bush in a nearby churchyard, where police intercepted him. It turns out that this “perp” had beaten/raped many others before this…..& my little 15 lb beagle mix had run him off, cornered him…held him at bay, so the cops could haul him in,…….

      From that point on in my life….so many years ago….I understood that my dogs could smell EVIL…and….I’ve NEVER EVER doubted a dog since then who tries to tell me something…ANYTHING…whether it be minor or major…I pay attention!!!!

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      • Goodness what a dog you had. Dog are so,intelligent, people have no idea. And it was great you were home that night and did decide to turn him loose.

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  9. I’d let the K-9 Patriot chew on this criminal for a few minutes while I rest & smoke a cig..

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  10. Great police work from the dog. He knew something was up.
    And how stupid do you have to be to actually try anything with a police dog watching your every move? He deserves any tooth marks he got.

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  11. I’ll just bet that perp felt rather stupid after bringing down the wrath of that very good dog. I am glad that officer has such a talented “side kick.”

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  12. What an idiot to try and make a move with the barking police dog ready to go. Good doggie!

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  13. I had to watch it twice. And will watch it again. It was that fast! Always good to have a positive “story” to start the day!! Makes me smile, thinking about this K9 dog “helping.” Thankful I’m a dog lover. Nothing against cats – we’ve had cats, also. But dogs? They ARE the best!! Only one 4-legged fur baby right now, and she is my shadow. Next to me constantly. Doesn’t like for me to be out of her sight. Stands on a stool in the laundry room watching out the window and waiting for me to return if I go to the store, or wherever. DH says she can hear my truck pulling into the neighborhood – I’m sure she can – and she has never failed to excitedly greet me, usually with a toy in her mouth!

    As posted, above, hope this awesome K9 got a nice steak or a really good treat as a reward!! Such a Good Dog…

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  14. P.S. I did watch again, a couple times. You can see the officer at just about the 44 – 46 second mark reach over and pet his Partner. Awesome!!

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