Crisis actors dressed up like witches put hex on President Trump in California park

Sandy Coronilla reports for ABC10 that on Saturday, April Fool’s Day, a group of “a dozen or so” self-described witches gathered at noon in Balboa Park, San Diego, to put a hex or curse on President Trump.

They call the event “Fire the Fool San Diego!”.

Dressed up like witches with green face paint, the participants raised brooms above their heads and danced around a cauldron. They also marched through the park, chanting “Trump is a fool, Trump is a clown, we are here to shut him down.” One participant held up a sign that read, “I hex DT to protect America”; another wore a red “Make America Native Again” hat.

Participant Mary Lou Finley said, presumably referring to Trump, “It’s incredible that anyone could be so stupid as to do so many things that are hurtful to the American people.”

Note: I found, on Spokeo, a Mary L. Finley who lives in San Diego. She is 72 years old.

The event was organized by Ground Zero Players. Participants were required to attend a rehearsal and “witch curtain call.”

Ground Zero Players is a street theater group, est. 1987, in San Diego.

Why would witches need to be “organized” by a street theater group, much less attend a rehearsal for a supposedly spontaneous hex-gathering?

I call this bunk. This was a FAKE news of a FAKE protest by FAKE witches.

See also “New breed of crisis actors: Fake political protesters”.


18 responses to “Crisis actors dressed up like witches put hex on President Trump in California park

  1. How much did George Soros pay them to do this?

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  2. Ask God and His angels to reverse their evil energy of curses and hexes upon this group. Their energy is just that – their’s and it should remain with them. Picture the impenetrable White Light of God around Trump, his family, administration, all associates to protect them from this.

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  3. This only shows that Californication especially Sassy Deago is the ones full of Fools and not our president. Those that support the group pushing to make America Native again are to dumb to realize that would mean to send everybody that isn’t 100% Native American Packing! These people must be living off the tax payers tax money as everybody else is at work working for a living. Come on San Andreas Fault !!

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  4. The aroma of Satan’s Eau de Sulfur and aftershave S16 has wafted to me through the internet, I have to open windows and turn on fans. I know that believers in witchcraft like many other people don’t believe there is a Satan. Further, there are white witches who mean well, but, often we all unknowingly follow plots schemed by wicked powers. Until his time runs out, Satan has much authority. Just was it was in the book of Job.

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  5. Hi,

    My Pop goes to Balboa Park each Sunday and rides around on his adult-sized trike. He’s 88. I join him every few months and ride my bike, as well. I’d go more often but it is a 2 hour drive for me – each way. The latest was a week ago. The weather is heating up and a lot more people are in the park. As the weather warms up and the people mill about, the Kooks start to show up. The fagots; the religious nuts; The Politicals; the dressed weirds – and so on. Most of us just ignore them. For my Dad’s sake I am friendly to all I meet (he is very well known there as you might imagine). Even last week I said not a disparaging word one to a black 20 year old college student who was showing off a picture of Obama like he was a god. I mention all of this to just add background as to why I think you sorted it all out and got it correct in your final deduced statement. Yep, all fake; just some folks having a laugh, putting the President down, and in a way that other folks might give a moment to listen to – of which they would completely ignore otherwise. If they were just walking around yelling what it was they were reported to have said, no one would really pay them any attention. But put a witches brew to it and instant attraction, and most important, NEWS COVERAGE!! TV NEWS EVEN!! Home Run!

    But they can’t fool my friend, Dr. Eowyn!

    Thank you.


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  6. it’s a shame those fools received news coverage…only in the USA after having obummer as POTUS…evil feels free to stay out of the shadows.
    any other time, they would’ve been locked up in a psyche ward

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  7. just so the witches know, islam is not “native” to the USA

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  8. So, we have a group of fake witches with no powers, dancing around a fake cauldron, with green face paint on and they call President Trump the clown.

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  9. Sounds like another major project for a mental health professional!

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  10. San Diego has always been an enclave of stupid.

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  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Suicide hexers dealing with spiritual explosives of which they know little. But will find out.


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