‘Pope’ Francis joked about Christ’s crucifixion

On March 13, 2013, Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope. The next month, in April 2013, G. P. Putnam’s Sons published the book Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words.

The book was well received, and currently has an impressive rating on Amazon, of 4.6 out of 5 stars, from 74 customer reviews. 74% of the reviews gave the book a maximum 5-stars rating.

The book is actually an English translation of a Spanish-language book that was published in 2010, titled El Jesuita: Conversaciones con el Cardenal Jorge Bergoglio, SJ (The Jesuit: Conversations with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, SJ), which was jointly authored by Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti.

What readers of the English-language Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words don’t know is that the editor(s) deliberately left out a passage contained in the original Spanish-language El Jesuita.

On pages 26-27 of the English-language Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words, Bergoglio’s interviewer said: “But the main emblem of Catholicism is a Crucified Christ dripping blood . . .”, to which Bergoglio replied:

“The exaltation of suffering in the Church depends a great deal on the era and culture. The Church has represented Christ according to the cultural environment of the time. If you look at Eastern icons, Russian, for example, you realize they have very few images of a sorrowful crucifixion. It’s more common to see the resurrection. On the other hands, if we look at the Spanish Baroque period or the icons of Cuzco, Peru, we find images of Christ with His patience torn to shreds, because the Baroque era emphasized Jesus’ passion. White Crucifixion, by Marc Chagall, who was a Jewish believer, is not cruel but hopeful. Pain is depicted there with serenity. To my mind, it’s one of the most beautiful things he painted.”

Below are scans of pp. 26-27 of Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words, provided by Call Me Jorge blog. You can verify this by seeing pp. 26-27 on Amazon, here. I painted the red squares around the relevant passage.

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Note that in the English-language Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words, Bergoglio’s comments on the subject (the main emblem of Catholicism is a Crucified Christ dripping blood) ended with the sentence “To my mind, it’s one of the most beautiful things he painted.”

Not so in the original Spanish-language El Jesuita. There, Bergoglio continued by laughingly telling a story about how a Catholic priest succeeded in getting an unruly Jewish boy to behave. Pointing at the crucifix, the priest tells the boy if he doesn’t behave, “the same thing” will happen to him as the Jew who was crucified.

Here’s the story told by Bergoglio, on page 42 of the Spanish-language El Jesuita:

Trata acerca de un chico judio a quien echaban de todas las escuelas por indisciplinado hasta que otro judio le recomienda al padre un “buen colegio de curas”. Y lo anima diciendole que, seguramente, alli lo van a enderezar. El padre acepta el consejo. Es asi como pasa el primer mes y el chico se comporta muy bien, no tiene ninguna amonestacion. Tampoco tiene problemas de conducta en los siguientes meses. El padre, ganado por la curiosidad, va a ver al rector para saber como habia logrado encarrilarlo. “Fue muy sencillo”, le responde el sacerdote. “El primer dia lo tome de una oreja y le dije senalandole el crucifico: ‘Ese era judio como vos; si te portas mal, te va a pasar lo mismo.'”

Below is Google Translate‘s translation of the above passage into English:

It is about a Jewish boy who was thrown out of all the schools by undisciplined until another Jew recommends the father a “good school of cures”. And he encourages him to say that, surely, there they will straighten him out. Father accepts advice. This is how the first month goes by and the boy behaves very well, he has no admonition. He also has no behavior problems in the following months. The father, won by curiosity, goes to see the rector to know how he had managed to put him in charge. “It was very simple,” the priest replied. “On the first day I took him by the ear and I said pointing to the crucifix: ‘That was a Jew like you; If you behave badly, the same thing will happen to you.'”

Below are scans of pp. 41-42 of El Jesuita (provided by Call Me Jorge blog). I painted a red box around the passage that is in both Call Me Jorge and Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words, and a blue box around the passage that is in Call Me Jorge but deliberately left out of Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words.

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Anyone who would make our Lord’s suffering and death on the cross a butt of jokes is neither Catholic nor Christian, and most certainly not the Pope of the Catholic Church. Jorge Bergoglio is an anti-pope and a despicable man.

H/t John Molloy

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32 responses to “‘Pope’ Francis joked about Christ’s crucifixion

  1. I am not at all surprised. He may say Christ was gay because he never married or Christ was having a secret affair with Mary Magdala. This pope is a globalist, and for that matter he belongs to “the new world order” He is blasphemous, a cynic, deceiving and misrepresents the Catholic Church. He is not the true vicar of the church. We believe in Jesus Christ who takes away the sins of the world, the Son of God the Almighty, I believe in THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLLY SPIRIT, AMEN.

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    • Alma . . . I’m with you on this one! “The Father. The Son, and The Holy Spirit” I wish this particular Pope would just go away . . . . . he brings confusion and causes doubting among those who seek the Salvation that Christ offers via his Atonement for our sins! It’s just remarkable to me that he was ever put in . . . this seems more like the dealings of men, rather than men carrying out the spiritual directions they receive from the Heavens.

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  2. “‘That was a Jew like you; If you behave badly, the same thing will happen to you.’”
    pretty satanic to refer to Jesus as “a Jew like you” and to correlate bad behavior with our Lord and Savior’s crucifixion and I also seriously doubt that boy was a descendant from the tribe of Judah as Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, House of David.

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    • “to correlate bad behavior with our Lord and Savior’s crucifixion”

      Good point, MomOfIV. Bergoglio was implying that Jesus was crucified because He did something bad (“behave badly”). Demonic.

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  3. I will accept any corrections or additions to the following: – – –
    Back in the days when tribal leader Mahomet was expanding his tribal territory by conquest, conversion, & killing of all other nomadic desert tribes, – every nomadic tribe had their own personal god – – one of three Hundred & Sixty gods – one god for each day of the year.. Mahomet noticed that all inter-tribal warfare was over trading insults between tribal’s gods.. Mahomet also notice that the many Israelite tribes scattered across North Africa were always at peace with just their One God, = so Mahomet forced all conquered desert tribes to adopt, submit and surrender to the one god of His tribe.. The Point I am making is – that the god of Islam is the favored tribal god of Mahomet – and NOT the God of the Israelites.. Had Mahomet chosen the God of the Israelites, – Mahomet would surely have been Killed by members of His own tribe.. Mahomet did a copycat version of the Jewish Holy Book – The Talmud by forcing captured Israelite Scholars to do an Arab translation version from the Talmud before killing the Scholars.

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  5. He is the little beast.

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  6. What troubles me more than the scandalous joke is the pope’s claim, if I understand the gist of it correctly, that in the past Church dogma regarding Christ’s suffering on the cross has conformed to the spirit of the times, portraying Christ varyingly according to the religious needs of the times, and not as settled dogma imposed upon Catholics for all times for the salvation of their souls in spite of the times. I get a whiff of relativism in what he’s saying, which is the end of dogma, and hope I couldn’t be more wrong.

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    • He is all for a one world religion, which makes him an excellent candidate for the False Prophet the Scriptures speaks of. The F.P will work hand in hand with the beast which is nation and a leader of that nation, who is known as the Antichrist.


  7. God is the same from beginning to end. The only “one(s)” that have moved are us humans . . . God remains firmly planted. It’s high time for us to move back to God’s commands, not try to come up with commands that please us.

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  10. Steven Broiles

    Well, Dr. Eowyn, I’m afraid you and I and others are preaching to the choir, because those Catholics who still think that Vatican II is the best thing to happen to the Church won’t let go of their adulation of FRANKENPOPE.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly that this man is not a Christian; In fact, I don’t believe he is a believer. (Others have opined that he is not even a validly ordained priest, but that may be another matter, dependent upon whom you read and their understanding of doctrine, rites, etc.)

    We must understand the History of the Church from the dawn of Freemasonry to date. The Freemasons promised to infiltrate the Church and subvert it from within, and they published their program. With the Election of Roncalli to the Papacy in 1958, they succeeded in putting one of their own on the Throne of Peter. What we have seen since is the steady and incremental unfolding of a program, a DIABOLICAL program, which has seen the Church consistently devolve after time—at least this has to be admitted of the Vatican bureaucratic apparatus and of the Liturgy.
    What has happened IS NO ACCIDENT: It has been PLANNED. We also know, from Alex Jones and others, that the CIA and other intelligence agencies of the U.S., Great Britain and perhaps the former Soviet Union have spied upon papal conclaves and have kept a keen gimlet eye on what has been happening in the Vatican.
    I believe we have been and are in that period that Our Lady of Quito (Our Lady of Good Success) predicted and informed Mother Mariana of Ecuador from the late 1500’s to the early 1600’s, that the entire history of the Church from Roncalli to date has constituted the Great Apostasy foretold from Revelation onward, at least in part.
    I believe that Frankenpope, as I call him, may well prove himself to be the False Prophet of Revelation. He certainly seems to be intent on pushing the envelope on it. I have also stated my suspicion that the Anti-Christ of Revelation may be alive now; John XXIII had connections with Masonic forces in Turkey prior to and after his Election, and we should stay informed on the announcements and actions of President Erdogan of Turkey, as they seem to be scripted—and quite antagonistic toward the West.
    Whatever the outcome happens to be, and whatever happens to the execrable mental midget Bergoglio, we must Pray to Our Lady of Quito. She has foreseen this, and she sees that the outcome of this War has already been decided. We must focus on these things, and I, for one, am done talking to those Catholics who will not be swayed on either V-2 or this Pretender.

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  11. Ditto and Amen to all Steven said above. The pope is a fraud, a real wolf in sheeps clothing. For more detailed and hair raising info about Francis and his love for Chagalls White Crucifiction see these two sites. Maurice Pinay blogspot has done an amazing job….


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  12. Frankly, Pope or not, I am tired of people trashing Jesus Christ, our savior.
    Jesus is the one I turn to for so many things in my life and he is the only one that makes me feel comforted.
    I don’t like this Pope and never have. There were previous ones that I like a lot. I am not Catholic, but a Christian none the less, for a supposedly religious man, he does plenty of trash talking.

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  13. Guns N Rosaries

    Francis IS an Anti-pope, whom I believe will soon become the Wounded Head.

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  14. Over the centuries there have been “duds”; Francis appears to fit the bill. As a “fruit” of Vatican11 are we truly surprised? Mercy is great but what is mercy combined with error?


  15. This should remove all doubt concerning the role of the Catholic church.


  16. The best part is the pope is guarded by a troop of men carrying 9mm mp5 submachine guns and lives behind 30ft fortress walls that protect him from isis, yet this same pope extols mass immigration and decries “islamophobia”. Also don’t forget the armored popemobile he needs to protect him from all the downtrodden unfortunates.

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  17. Read the ex cathedra papal bull of Pope Paul IV, “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio.” That explains what and who is Mr. Bergoglio.


  18. The 7th king of Revelation 17 will probably turn out to be Bergoglio, when the manifestation begins. The 1st beast/man of sin. The composite of the 7th and the “8th”, a possession by the angel of the bottomless pit, which is defined by “of” the 7. The rebirth of Osiris, which the Vatican exalts, as “Horus”, a composite of the two souls in one body, “right eye the sun, left eye the moon”. Google images of “REBIS” to see a clearer picture of this evil.


  19. How awful!

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  20. I’m confused I though Obama was the anti-Christ.


  21. If someone told me fifty years ago that this would be happening in the Catholic Church, I would have told them they are crazy!


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  23. I have read through the article and successive comments. And I find no peace of mind nor heart here.
    Yes, the anti-christ IS here. Of that I am certain.
    His influence is apparent, and his progress frightening.
    His words spill from the mouths of several of whom are furthering his dominion during the little time he has left.
    What is frightening are those, who cry out with glee and joy, that the time of Yeshua’s return is upon us.
    Wake up.
    For Yeshua spoke, “pray thee, therefor, that ye are found worthy to escape these things,,,,,and to stand with the Lord,,,,,”.
    FAR to many Christians, of ALL various aspects, are displaying an ignorance of the Word of the Lord Yeshua.
    He did not come to Baptize with water, but with fire. As silver is purified, by being passed through fire.
    We ARE NOT in the Tribulation. YET.
    There is a final sign, yet to appear.
    One final sign.
    And THEN shall come the great, and terrible Day of the Lord.
    And should you SEE that sign, then you can be assured the Tribulation has begun.
    And life will be more terrible then it ever has been before. For those that are to live through such times, will wish they were dead.
    From out of the carnage and destruction and madness, shall arise a voice. Speaking with such sweetness, and seduction of ideas seemingly so simple, as to astound people as to how no one had ever uttered them before.
    And to those who cling to the Word of Christ, shall persecution be aimed.
    Merciless, maddening persecution.
    And madness afflict all.
    Famine. Thirst. Cold. Lack of Security. Hope will be a distant memory. A mere thread.
    Berogoglio is NOT the Pope!!!!
    Obama was NOT the President!!!!(But. Will he be, again?)
    The confusion is here.
    The chaos is coming. And it will NOT be seen until it hits you.


    • The anti-christ spirit is here, but THE Anti-christ is not here yet.
      Of course you won’t find peace of mind or heart here, because I far as I can tell, the only one who holds the faith of Jesus Christ here is me.
      Most Holy Family Monastery dot com can illustrate better about what I am referring to.


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