Merkel: Migrants and Germans can learn from each other

merkel muslim

This womyn is delusional.

From ABC News: Chancellor Angela Merkel says newcomers to Germany must learn the country’s values and customs, but that Germans can also learn from them.

More than 1 million asylum seekers have arrived in the past two years, and Germany’s been working hard on integration.

Speaking in her weekly podcast this Saturday, in a question-and-answer form with a Syrian journalist who arrived as a refugee in 2015, Merkel emphasized migrants need to respect Germany’s values of “tolerance, openness, freedom of religion and freedom of expression” and also “be a little curious about our way of life.”

On the flipside, Merkel says Germans should be open, and “seize upon it as a possibility to learn and experience more.”

Merkel meets with three organizations next week to thank them for their help with migrants.


25 responses to “Merkel: Migrants and Germans can learn from each other

  1. If the German’s vote this insane woman back into office in the next election . . . then we must assume that everyone in Germany is crazy.

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  2. Amen to that…..crazy or brain washed!

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  3. She is right! Germans and Europeans, and Americans will learn from Muslim refugees, no doubt! They will learn (those who are smart enough will have learned already) that Muslim culture should stay home, in their own countries; that if they don’t like it there, they should change it there, by force, or through elections (fat chance!) and that the only alternative to live in another country is to integrate and live by that country’s laws, and customs, not try to change it into their own and import Sharia; they must learn that “fundamentalist” Muslims and “moderate” Muslims are the same thing, because actions speak louder than words, and no one has ever seen “moderate” Muslim deny the actions of “fundamentalist” Muslims, and demonstrate on the streets of their own countries, or countries they have moved to, condemning the actions of IS, or any other “extremist, fundamentalist” group. They will learn that by the time they wake up, and stop acting like PC zombies, their countries will have been taken over by Muslims, and Sharia: and they aren’t even trying to hide it! They shout that it is a fact that the UK and Europe will be mostly Muslim and Muslim controlled by 2050 – if they need that long. They will have learned that the likes of Merkel and her ilk are criminals that should face a firing squad, but they won’t have to bother, because their Muslim friends will have turned them into minced meat, or sex slaves, and will have cut their heads off when done playing with them. Useful idiots!

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  4. theboldcorsicanflame

    What can they learn from migrants? How to rape women and children? Destroy their culture? Decapitate the non muslims? How to throw acid ? 1500 in 6 years just in london are totally destroyed. Merkel is a traitor and a very dangerous woman, she has destroyed this continent. Karma will get you, it’s a bitch merkel

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  5. I have to wonder about all these western politicians coddling jihad. Are they closet muslims themselves helping jihad along, or just run of the mill satanists using islam to do their dirty work? I can’t imagine they’re actually so stupid they can’t see the harm islam does.

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  6. what is there to “learn” from islam?

    -how to glorify a false god?
    -how to practice pre-civilization sanitation habits?
    -how to bully others?
    -how to be a cave dweller?
    -how to be a neck chopper?
    -how to be a rapist of women, children, and animals?
    -how to need a male chaperone in order to walk the streets or risk getting raped because you were outside?
    -how to walk in public wearing a black sheet that covers your entire body?
    -how to be illiterate?
    -how to learn to stone people to death?
    -how to build an explosive device?
    -how to get money from corrupt govt organizations to buy/receive arms?
    -how to store money in private banks after money has been stolen from raided countries?
    merkel needs to emigrate to the middle east where she can “learn” first hand how wonderfully tolerant they are and all they have to offer to “seize upon it as a possibility to learn and experience more.”

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  7. Germany is still traumatized by the enforced holoaust narrarive. No country in the EU tolerates any serious nationalistic sentiment, not for long at least.

    “Multiculturalism” means the end of Western Civilization.

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  9. The last news I saw, Merkel’s political party is going strong. 😦

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  10. So Frau Merkel tells us the Islam & Germany can learn from each other, & then she goes on to mention some things that the Muslims can learn from Germasn, but she doesn’t mention anything that Germans can learn from Islam.

    My first thoughts on this matter, was that there was not much of value in Islam,that I would care to learn. But then it occurred to me that there is one lessen, that Germany & western civilization, as a whole, can learn from Islam, & that lesson is, that Islam does not hesitate to,.. attack,.. anyone that they consider to be their enemy.,.

    And so maybe Europe & the White race world wide, should, wake up to the fact, that Islam, & MUSLIMS are their enemy, & then remove them [all] from Europe & from all Western lands,.. by ANY means necessary.

    And then, then perhaps, Western Civilization should turn it’s attention, to the Zionist/Jews, who have used their control of the media, to infect western civilization, with the soul sickness, & self hate, that has made this Muslim invasion, of the western world possible ,

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  11. Sharia Law SUCKS. Any Western culture that doesn’t realize and understand that is asking for a life of subjection to it. I’m not saying all muslims are bad, but I find it strange that I tolerate their beliefs in their god while most of them, if given a chance, would cut my throat for my beliefs in MY GOD JESUS CHRIST! It is my firm belief that if ALL CHRISTians , Catholics and all Protestant denominations, don’t stop their infighting about who’s right and join together to fight and stop a common enemy we will all become slaves or be killed

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    • A point of interest if you will. Sharia is arabic for law, whenever you see sharia think islamic. A more accurate term is “islamic law” rather than sharia. When they get to define the terms – and here they mislead us by saying sharia (law) instead of islamic law, you are forced to imply sharia (meaning islamic) law is legitimate law or the equivalent to.

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  12. She has got to be one of the slowest learners I have ever seen. Her country is being destroyed, her people are being raped and pillaging is rampant, and yet, she is wanting another million to enter.
    The German people could oust her, but they have done nothing but a little complaining. Looks like it is time to demand protection from those they put into office.
    Germany used to be a beautiful country with lots of pride and cleanliness and in almost every home. The landscaping and traditions were outstanding. Now most people live in fear. Is that a way to finish out your lives?
    Sadly, we have lots of the same pathetic liberals here. They just don’t get it,

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  13. Merkel is an insane global elitist who knows exactly what she is doing, and that is to completely destroy Germany and people. Bringing in these degenerates into Germany is her way of taking the people down into a submissive and totally negative, evil consciousness in order to bring in a one world. That’s what this fake migrant issue is all about. It hasn’t worked to the level she wants, so she’ll bring in more of them. All of us must come to realization that we the people are the power, not the globalists. There are many more of us than them. Remember: the Italians rose up against Mussilini and hung him. That’s how they solved his tyranny. Even though we might not want to be violent, sometimes that the only answer to eradicate evil. America claimed her freedom by fighting the English king. In order to protect freedom, we must be willing to fight for it. If we don’t, there is always someone who will take it away, and being a pacifist won’t give freedom is not the answer!

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  14. Perhaps this is what Frau Merkel has in mind when speaking about lessons to learn from illegal aliens:

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    • Good grief, this is Dispicable. Those poor old people. If there was ever a time for the German people to ignore those in charge and take charge themselves, this is it.

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  15. Okay, so the migrants can learn to make beer and nifty cars, and the Germans can learn to make suicide vests.

    LOL – Sounds like a fair trade to me. 😉

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  16. We keep hearing all these world leaders want to destroy their country and the people for a NWO.
    Okay, if they reach that point, what do they hope to achieve? Do they think they will be safe from the billions of people around the world? Will they be happy to see what they have destroyed and people they have killed?
    Who do they think will be the world leader, cause I see some egos and problems here. Will they eat their own?
    And why? What is so wrong with having separate countries and languages and cultures? I enjoy to travel and experience all of these.
    Is this just a big game to them? Do they seriously think they out number the rest of us? Will good beat evil?
    Have they truly thought this through? Do they think a few thousand will rule and the rest of us will be slaves?

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    • Berzerkinski pointed out in one of his books that in the olde days it was impossible to easily kill off a large number of people with the technology available then, today it is very easy via a number of ways to kill off a large number of people so now it’s quite feasible for the nwo. The nwo has no use for us drones as they will employ robots for labor. All they need to do now is start a big enough war or some kind of epidemic requiring fema camps and other attrocities and then it’ll be like that deagel place says, America will lose most of its population by 2025.


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