March for Science Organizers Don’t Want Bill Nye as Leader Because He’s a ‘White Male’

Bill Nye: Not a real scientist yet indeed too white.

Never mind that Nye isn’t a real scientist. It’s the color of his skin that makes him unqualified to speak.

From HeatStreet: The March for Science is having a tough time deciding whether the march should focus on “diversity and inclusion” or health and climate policy.

They were supposed to have gotten their internal issues under control, but this fight broke out over whether Bill Nye the Science Guy, the former children’s television host who considers himself the leader of the “pro-science movement” should lead the protest. The problem? Nye is a “white male.”

Nye, who is not, in fact, a scientist, except on television (he’s an engineer by trade), was slated to be the March’s chair, and an announcement was made last week. But organizers quickly panicked that having Nye at the forefront of the event meant they might be substantiating the idea that scientists are only old white men.

Again, Nye actually isn’t a scientist, but whatever.

“I love Bill Nye,” said Stephani Page, a member of the March’s board, who was critical of what she considered the March’s lack of diversity. “But I do feel comfortable saying to you what I said to the steering committee: He is a white male, and in that way he does represent the status quo of science, of what it is to be a scientist.”

To round out the March’s public face, then, the people in charge were forced to add two women of color as Nye’s co-chairs, “to put up a picture of science that did not just fit the white male image.”

For his part, Nye just seemed sort of confused about the whole thing, telling BuzzFeed, “I was born a dorky white guy who became an engineer. I’m playing the hand I was dealt. We can’t—this march can’t solve every problem all at once.”

Organizers insist that “intersectionality” and “diversity” must be part of the march because science seeks to “improve communities” and one way to do that is to advocate for the marginalized and oppressed.

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19 responses to “March for Science Organizers Don’t Want Bill Nye as Leader Because He’s a ‘White Male’

  1. it must be a difficult task to decide whether to entertain “science” with facts, political correctness or “feelings”. Oh, how perplexing…(as we laugh).

    Safe spaces, everyone! Quickly, get your assigned spaces and blankies….

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  2. It’s 2017. People should start acting like it. Don’t know for sure, but the coming generation will eventually look back at what made media headlines and shake their heads at the stuff we still stress over.

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  3. traildustfotm

    So the politically correct science guy gets booted because he’s not politically correct enough! 😀

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  4. Well, if everyone would just simply accept what Mr. Nye believes, that all of our great, great, great, great, great, great grand-pappies was a ROCK, then there would be no need for all of this racial malarkey. 🐒

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  5. Patrick Cornell

    Bill Nye the political activist guy !

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  6. David Cameron

    He looks dorky enough with his gay looking bow ties to be diverse enough but his condemnation of anyone who disagrees with him on the global warming scam disqualifies him as a scientist which he’s not. Any alleged scientific organization that determines it’s leadership based om melanin levels disqualifies itself as scientific. It’d be great if it was a huge parade and no one came.

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  7. Bill Nye is not white and does not view himself as a white. He is a homosexual Jew who married a lesbian for three weeks. He is a caricature of a red-blooded American male. Most Jews pretend to be white when it suits them. Nye is still stuck in a double closet.


  8. Kevin J Lankford

    So, what they want is a black lesbian that really does not have to be smart. That aught to be easy.

    Another example of “strength in diversity” nonsense.

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  9. nye isn’t even a scientist, these “geniuses” who appointed him to chair do not need a racial/”diversity” excuse….not being an actual scientist should exclude him from the position…period.
    It is a shame these “geniuses” are so focused on “diversity” that they cannot simply look for someone who is a “qualified” scientist, they must create “criteria” that aren’t even necessary for being a scientist in the first place.

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    • See-the thing is,he would be just a figurehead-he doesn’t HAVE to know anything about Science or do anything Scientific. All they need him to do is encourage people to get interested in Science. Even Ronald McDonald could do it. (And,if you take an AVERAGE on “Color”,HE’S mostly yellow and red-BOTH Politically Correct colors.


  10. Nye was chosen for his role as “science guy” not in spite of his self-described “dorkiness,” but precisely because of it, in order to psychologically undermine manly virtue in America by creating in the minds of impressionable schoolchildren the belief that science, and hence ultimate power in a materialist world, is in the hands of puerile and emasculated narcisstic dorks like himself. If anything, Nye is living proof that the application of scientific powers must never be left to scientists themselves.

    Ironically, Nye and the other clowns organizing this “science” event are blissfully ignorant of Hume’s dictum that no ethical “ought” can be derived from a factual “is”; that is, their sexual politics, dripping with emasculo-feminista “oughts,” cannot possibly be logically derived from the plain facts of the natural world discovered by science. No evidence need apply, however, when arguing that the predominance of white males in science has little to do with innate ability and almost everything to do with the intentional suppression by white males of women and various minorities du jour. That’s true, you see, because the feelings of a fruitcake atheist like Nye and the others make it so, and that’s the newest finding of science by just yesterday’s “values free” science establishment.

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    • Update regarding the rank politicizing of science by the likes of Nye and the shadow state’s subtle revelation of the method regarding its intention to use science to create a new human-kind of sexless, racially homogenized drones:

      Check out the Google Doodle Number 4 of March 31, 2017–the “US Winner,”whatever that means. It depicts children (i.e., the future of the US) wearing “coexist” bumper sticker symbols on their T-Shirts, adding transgenderism in a place of prominence. OK, but notice that the black boy who’s arm in arm with the white Christian girl oddly has “e =” on his T-shirt, implying that in the near future science will be enlisted to achieve the politicized racial objectives of the nation’s real future leaders, who in turn are clearly suggested by the Jewish girl front and center. This is obviously more or less what the march is all about.

      It’s also worth noting that of the three white males in the doodle one proclaims his homosexuality with the rainbow “G” on his T-shirt while the only other white males are handicapped and marginalized, looking on fecklessly from the periphery of this future America.

      To make it perfectly clear this remaking of the very essence of mankind in cooperation with the science establishment will not be left to chance or choice, the Satanic forces operating behind the scenes are represented by the shadow figures in back making the “devil’s horns” with their hands over America’s “future.” Science can be so much fun.


  11. Is Bill Nye Really White?
    “Bill Nye the Meth Guy”


  12. He has been spooky for as long as I can remember. He majors in spreading propaganda. I would call him an opportunist that just happens to ride a fake scientific horse.

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  13. The reason there aren’t more “minorities” (or women, for that matter) represented in the sciences is that they aren’t going to college and beyond in science (or math, or medical, or tech) fields in the numbers that white males (or Asians of both genders) are. It requires a fierce dedication to studies. And I am a scientist & technologist and professor & researcher of both.
    The same could be said for those pursuing degrees in law, although more women are attending law school (and fewer Asians, at least when I went to law school… on sabbatical from teaching… and quit in disgust at what passed for Law education a semester later).
    We pursue what we value… Some value glamor, entertainment, and sports. Others work for a living. If only our salaries were commensurate with the degree of intellectual exhaustion and social isolation it takes to actually work at solving society’s real problems. We’d earn $tens of millions per year instead of $tens of thousands. And the endorsements… and fan adulation.. and media coverage. Nope, not for me. Let Nye grab the spotlight. He needs it.


  14. A clip of Bill Nye’s latest television show promotes transgenderism and other gender identities as hard science…

    Bill Nye’s Bizarre Video On Transgenderism Bombs On YouTube [VIDEO]

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