United Airlines made woman change seat because Pakistani men wouldn’t sit next to her

The cucking of Americans continues.

Stacey Butler reports for CBS2 Los Angeles that Mary Campos — an Orange County mom, a million-mile flier, and a senior consultant in the oil and gas industry — said United Airlines discriminated against her by changing her pre-assigned seat because two Muslim men refused to sit next to a female.

On September 26, 2016, just before Campos got on her pre-booked flight to Houston, a gate agent handed her a new boarding pass, saying, “This is your new seat.”

Campos said, “Excuse me?”.

The agent said, “I don’t know how to tell you this. The two gentlemen seated next to you have cultural beliefs that prevent them from sitting next to, or talking to or communicating with females.”

Campos was shocked. She told CBS LA: “I thought I lived in a culture [America] where women were equal to men. We can’t discriminate against half the population for a belief from another nation.”

Campos was told the two men in long orange shirts were Pakistani “monks” and that the female UA flight crew were not allowed to serve the men.

Campos said she had no choice but to take her new seat assignment. Then she wrote a letter to the CEO of United Airlines, which said, in part:

“What if I were handicapped, or transgender?  What if your entire crew were female? Any belief that prevents individuals from interacting with females should not travel on commercial aircraft.”

She got a reply that said United would look into it, but she didn’t hear from them again.

CBS2 made inquiries and received this communication from UA spokesman Jonathan Guerin:

“We regret that Ms. Campos was unhappy with the handling of the seat assignments on her flight. United holds its employees to the highest standards of professionalism and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

Campos said she wants two things from United:

  1. Apologize to every female who was on that plane, including United Airlines’ employees.
  2.  Change their policy.

If UA is not forthcoming, Campos said she would do whatever she had to do to protect women’s rights.

On October 11, 2017, Orange County supervisors announced it will not award additional flights for next year to United Airlines or any airlines at John Wayne Airport until they promise to follow federal laws that prohibit gender, race and age discrimination.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett asked:

“What would happen if you had an all-female flight attendant crew? What if there were female pilots and co-pilots? This goes way beyond discrimination of passengers. We’re talking about personnel on the flights.”

Supervisor Todd Spitzer said he and the other supervisors “were very offended” when they found out about Mary Campos being reassigned her seat because she’s a woman “like Rosa Parks was during the civil rights movement.” Spitzer said he had asked United to attend the supervisor meeting on October 11. Instead, the airline issued another canned statement:

“We regret that our handling of the seat assignments has caused concern. We have zero tolerance for discrimination against any protected characteristics including gender. We have reached out to Ms. Campos to discuss her concerns. Our goal is to provide safe and comfortable travel for all of our customers and we regret that Ms. Campos was unhappy with the handling of the seat assignments on her flight. United holds our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and has zero tolerance for discrimination.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Campos told CBS2 she applauded the Orange County Board of Supervisor for making a stance that “all airports need to take to make sure that airlines are enforcing the same kind of policy.” But she said United still had not reached out to her to apologize; neither had UA said anything about changing its policy:

“The toughest part is that to date, United still hasn’t had anything more than canned responses. I’m not going to let it go because our daughters and other females deserve that.”

The county’s contracts with airlines do ban discrimination, but do not include all of the classes of people covered by federal law. So Supervisor Michelle Steel moved to include all of the federal law’s protected classes, including women, in the county’s contracts.

At its Oct. 25 meeting, the board would get an update on renegotiated contracts and consider passenger load allocations for the airlines.

I searched on the Internet for follow-up news on this incident, but found nothing.

Not a word from the National Organization for Women (NOW).

I did find that on March 10, 2017, an Illinois Muslim family filed a lawsuit against United Airlines alleging discrimination after they were escorted off a flight from Chicago to Washington D.C. The airline eventually booked them on another flight the same day.

Mohamad and Eaman Shebley‘s lawyer Phil Robertson claims that airline staff humiliated and disrespected the Shebleys “with hostility and arbitrary and unreasonable reactions” when they inquired about one of their kids using a booster seat. Another Shebley lawyer Maaria Mozaffar said the family wants some measure of justice in the form of  “compensation” and a change in UA policies regarding how “minority” passengers are treated.

Therein lies at least one explanation for why businesses bend over to appease Muslims: Muslims have learned to exploit the system and are aggressive in pursuit of their interests, whether via lawsuits or violence.

We are in a war of civilizations, but most of us are blind and oblivious.

American non-Muslims, including Christians, must fight back by asserting ourselves. Mary Campos should have sued United Airlines because lawsuits seem to be the only language UA and other businesses understand.

If we don’t fight back, we’ll become another Sweden where their cucked men advertise their surrender with pink pussyhats. (See “Welcome to Sweden! – where men wear pink pussies”)

Board of directors of Byggnads, Swedish construction workers trade union



34 responses to “United Airlines made woman change seat because Pakistani men wouldn’t sit next to her

  1. A tolerant religion!

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  2. It’s not as simple as “Muslims have learned to exploit the system.”
    They are represented by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations),
    a powerful, aggressive lobby, which rabidly supports virtually any
    Muslim behavior or opinion with impunity. CAIR rivals AIPAC and
    is financed by Soros (launders money from Fed) and other sources.
    Was backed 24/7 without reservations by President Obama.

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    • Right, but it’s more like Soros and a handful of others at Goldman Sachs, JPM, etc know what the Fed will do before the Fed does because they and not pointy headed economists at the Fed determine its policies.


    • Gary,
      You are correct, CAIR had unlimited access to our White House under Obama and they have been empowered to use it against US citizens.
      If we don’t push back now, our country will soon look like France.

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  3. I’m a 2 Million miler on United Airlines and was told on a flight last month that the company no longer recognizes their most loyal passengers. For many years I was greeted by name when boarding because of the miles I flew and the money I spent with United. No longer! But, if I were Muslim I would be special, deserving every consideration that I wanted. I have flow Malaysian Air, Pakistani Air, Garuda, all Islamic Countries and none of them treated me like they did Mary Campos. Nor did they treat female passengers with whom I traveled that way. This used to be the United States, Home of the Free.

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  4. true to form, supremacistic, satanistic, misogynistic, narcissistic islam discriminates against everyone….yet, they are the first ones to cry “victim” in the western world when their needs/wants/demands aren’t met…islam is incompatible with civilization…just like liberalism is incompatible with common sense.

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  5. For as long as the MSM controls the public forum and scripts the narrative this sort of poorly recognized overt warfare against us will go on, Trump or not. The MSM, meaning those who own and therefore control it, are the greatest enemy we’ll ever face because their power and immunity–that alien and venomously anti-American influence warned against by the Founders–is absurdly justified by the First Amendment.

    The New American recounts an “immigrant resettlement” whistleblower’s revelations that the so-called refugees, as in Europe, are not only nearly all military age Muslim men, but intentionally brought in with AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy and other cummiunicable diseases as live vectors who’re then given US passports, cash, and put on longterm Social Security disability so they can comfortably go about their business, first and foremost conquering America, and without doing a day’s work for the rest of their lives, be given cover by our own government agencies as paramilitary sleepers whose dream is to die killing us in the name of Islam. This isn’t just Feds doing this but as much state agencies, sanctuary cities, and radical leftists operating under cover of Christian churches. The proof that the last thing in the world our government agencies, sanctuary cities, or leftist churches care about is humanitarian aid is the fact that the cost of just one of these flown-in “refugees” could relieve the human misery of some fifty people back where the sleeper came from.

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  6. If the airlines was going to change her seat because some pathetic excuses for men were to AFRAID to sit next to a female, they should have moved her to FIRST CLASS at no additional cost WITH all the amenities that first class would provides to any first class passenger. The person that needs to be schooled on AMERICAN Laws “and” personally apologize to Ms. Campos is the supervisor that decided to make the seat changes. Why weren’t the seats of the men changed instead, as it was them who refused to sit next to a woman? What if the seat mate had been a Gay man? Americans are not allowed to discriminate any one yet foreigners have no problem doing it and out corporations and government BOW to them!!!!!

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    • David . . . I whole heartedly agree, she should have been offered a seat in First Class. Yet, the question remains . . . why were the men not moved to accommodations that were to their liking? Americans had better wake up and start asserting their rights . . . you know the same rights all these “minority” folks are demanding.

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    • SapphireSunday

      Obviously. That this simple solution was not obvious to the staff says much. She should have been given the option, not ordered to move. It was insulting in and of itself that they didn’t give her a choice, just made the decision for her, treating her as a non-person. She chose that seat, most likely. Why should she give it up?

      The men had the problem, not Ms. Campos. They should have been given the choice to stay where they were or move anywhere else on the plane (but not to a better seat) that was acceptable to them but didn’t disrupt other passengers. Otherwise, get off the plane.

      Imagine someone saying he or she didn’t want to sit next to a black person or even those men themselves! You think the airline would have moved the black person or these bigoted men? What if the person claimed his or her religion forbade the mixing of the races? What if someone doesn’t want to sit next to a transgendered person? Will the airline make the transgendered person move? Hardly.

      Did they move her because she’s a woman? Yes. Did they prefer males over females? Yes. It’s illegal discrimination.

      I truly admire Ms. Campos for standing up for what’s right, to set an example for her children. It’s not only sexist, it’s just downright rude. You don’t inconvenience other people when you’re the one with the problem or discomfort. An airline should not favor one class of people over another. That’s discrimination. I’m outraged over this. It has to stop.

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      • SapphireSunday . . . you have pointed out most eloquently the complete ins and outs of this situation. This was indeed discrimination. I wonder if it is too late to bring a suit in court, I would love to sit on that jury!

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        • SapphireSunday

          Thanks. I’ve thought about it a little more and watched a TV report about it. It seems they claimed to be “monks” but were probably Buddhists, as they wear orange. However, the story said it was a “cultural” belief, which makes it even worse. They didn’t accommodate the men’s wishes based on religion, but only a “cultural belief,” which anybody could claim. So they discriminated against multiple women (the flight crew and the passenger) to accommodate something that’s not even protected, is it? If a cultural belief is protected and has to be accommodated, then what about sexists or racists who were raised in misogynistic or racist cultures? What if a black supremacist objected to sitting next to white people? Would they accommodate that “cultural belief?”


    • what do you do when a woman is already in first class and muslim men demand she not be next to them?
      all I can say is the muslims should either buy multiple seats to guarantee no female is beside them, take another flight, drive, or realize their “religion” is incompatible with western civilization and leave the country.
      it is definitely not a thrill for a woman to sit next to those males who regard her as trash and chattel.

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  7. When a nation leaves Christ, the enemy comes in and, among other things, attempts to impose sharia. If the two men “offended” we’re Christian monks, they would be loudly laughed at. By the way, the Koran approves, even encourages, copulation with non-Muslim women; those women are offered as a delight to men who capture them in jihad, and intimacy with our women is not a problem, even in public, in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Great (but not as it used to be) Britain …

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    This is the kind of ‘psycho-babble’ that is being poured into our children’s brains every day in public schools across our nation. Every institution is being ‘weaponized’ against our prevailing culture in order to upend and destroy centuries of common cultural acceptance.

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    • For the life of me, I don’t understand why almost every institution in American society (DeepStateMedia, schools, universities, Hollywood, pop culture) insists on appeasing, accommodating and actually promoting Muslims and other groups whose beliefs and values are diametrically opposed to western civilization. It is nothing other than insanity.

      Can someone explain this?

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      • IMHO Dr. Eowyn, I believe islam is being catered to by the PC world because it is not Christian and the backbone of islam is control….they must control everything and everyone, even though, ironically, they are the ones being controlled.
        TPTB (satanists) have an ultimate goal of control and use muslims to teach the citizenry about accepting their authority (heading towards a fascist state), they are allowing muslims to do their ‘dirty work’.
        The majority of muslim refugees are illiterate and only know what the state tells them and they rely on the state for support. They are allowed to do what they want as long as they push the agenda for the state which is anti-Christianity, and people who choose to follow islam are empowered by the state.
        There is absolutely nothing about islam that is remotely similar to Christianity (complete polar opposites)..and the more people embrace the authoritarian tenets of islam the further away they are from Christ.

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        • Thanks, MomOfIV.
          Certainly, the only thing the Left and Islam have in common is their hatred of Christianity. If your thesis is correct, only satanism can explain the PC Left’s profound hatred of Christianity.

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          • This brings to mind, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Followers of Islam, Marxism, globalism, secularism, … have, in their souls, no greater enemy than Christians. We have read the book and have learned of the past, present, and future. It is not to be kept a secret, God’s side wins.


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  10. Anyone with some degree of common sense would realize that a Muslim CAN NOT travel the world and adhere completely to his “Religion” at the disruption and inconvenience of others of differing Religions. Travel often requires ALL passengers to temporarily “marginalize” their beliefs for the sake of everyone’s comfort or safety. Regardless of the Entity you pray yo,I believe they all understand there are times when you need to concede,against your beliefs,in order to get to your destination. I think there particular Muslims should have asked for seats surrounded by men,or at least offered to move,since it was THEIR beliefs that were causing the problem. Or maybe United should just go public with their Religious Segregation. (dragging (hupeople rights) backwards through a knot-hole…)

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    • truckjunkie . . . Amen to that! This certainly shows some wrong-headedness on the part of United Airlines. I think it’s about time they pull their head out of the sand (or where ever it’s buried!)

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  11. This is such BS, if those two “monks” wanted to be alone, they should have booked two seats in first class, there are usually two seats side by side.
    I think this is another case of them feeling us out and pushing their agenda. They wanted to see how easy it was to make us fold.
    With all the mosques, schools any Muslim colleges going up in our country
    We will soon be like Germany and France. Think it can’t happen? It already is.
    They have been placed strategically around the country into small communities, where they soon will be the majority. Many were Republican areas.
    For this woman to be the one to have to give in was wrong of the airlines to make her move. Those “guys” knew when they booked that flight what the chances were of being around women.
    This country better learn quickly, we don’t sacrifice our women over the needs of others.

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  12. The Executive Branch Brotherhood was in our W.H. throughout Barry’s administration. The Muslim Brotherhood is implanted deep and wide within the Federal Government. The first 100 days clock is ticking, and until organizations like CAIR and their affiliates are banned from operating within the United States, the rot will continue.

    When we have the military brass appointing a muslim Imam as chaplain for 14K U.S. soldiers, we’re losing. The time for ending the stupidity of “political correctness” is now. I will not fly United again, and every patriotic American should push back on United’s pathetic response. At a minimum, this passenger should have been given a first class seat, and a voucher for future travel. The insane behavior of so many U.S. companies is nothing more than cowardice.

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  13. From now on, EVERYONE should fly with a BLT in a ziplock in their carry-on bag. If EVERYONE opened their BLT when a muzzie starts to complain, it would make for a very interesting flight.

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  14. Boil the frog. Let the temperature of the water slowly rise. When the frog realizes it’s too hot, well, it’s too late to jump out. All that is in place today, seems to be just like the cauldron, the water, and the frog; and the cook. Most people are so politically correct they do not want to see what the cook is up to; or that the water is warming up and will get to a boil. Too stupid? Too ignorant? Too much sense of guilt for the “injustices of the world” and living is easier when they can think “I have done my bit to fix it” kind of attitude? It does not matter. What matters is that we are allowing the cooks in, letting them poke the fire, get the water to a boiling point. I believe we have crossed the line and reached the point of no return. Those who can see, see, those who can hear, know what is going on and cannot be fooled. We are headed for hard times ahead, and on a collision course that is no longer avoidable. It does not matter if it is illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, airplane seats, what is taught in schools, CAIR, Soros, Obama, or liberals, RINOS, Republicans or Democrats. Evil has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, America and Europe, places where common sense used to prevail, and solid principles were the norm, are under attack. Christians are under attack everywhere, because they recognize that God’s Laws are higher that most of man’s perverted, politically correct laws. I say, be ready, because the day of reckoning is coming, but before it, be prepared for triage: lock and load; I hope it does not get to that, but my feeling is that it will get ugly.

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  15. These bass-ackward 7th Century illiterate camel-washers want us all dead.

    Fork them, sideways, along with the camels they rode in on.

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  16. Actually,SPARE the Camels-THEY wish us no ill will.


  17. The two men on the flight were not Muslims but Bhutanese Buddhist monks. There are no monastic orders in Islam nor do Muslims wear orange robes (not “shirts” as you claim). Bhutanese Buddhists relocated to the Swat Valley of Pakistan and, among other things, take an oath of chastity. While they should not have the right to dictate who sits next to them, you also need get your facts straight before making claims about accommodations to Muslims when this is not an example of such behavior.


    • “you also need get your facts straight before making claims about accommodations to Muslims when this is not an example of such behavior.”

      unfortunately, there ARE more examples of “such behavior” than not…where have you been, under a rock?

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