Seattle wants $1M legal-defense fund for immigrants facing deportation

Council member and illegal alien lover, Tim Burgess

Seattle has a MAJOR homelessness problem and they want to use tax payer dollars to protect illegals. Keep it up proggies…

From Seattle Times: A day after suing President Donald Trump over his executive order on so-called “sanctuary cities,” Seattle officials said the city plans to set up a $1 million legal-defense fund for immigrants the federal government attempts to deport.

Pending City Council approval, the money would be allocated through a competitive process to nonprofit organizations that provide legal representation to people with cases in immigration court, Councilmembers M. Lorena González and Tim Burgess said at a news conference Thursday.

Immigration-court cases are civil proceedings because living in the country illegally is a civil violation rather than a criminal one, the council member said. Unlike in criminal cases, people of modest means facing immigration charges aren’t guaranteed a public defender.

“This legal-defense fund means that when our immigrant and refugee families, friends and neighbors go to immigration court, they will not be alone,” González said.

“We will stand hand in hand with these families as they defend their right to remain in this country.”

The organizations receiving money would be expected to use it to serve immigrants with limited financial resources — people unable to hire their own attorneys.

People represented by legal counsel in immigration-court proceedings are 10 times more likely to win the right to remain in the country, González said, citing a national American Immigration Council study.

But more than one-third of people with immigration-court cases in Seattle and more than 90 percent of those with cases in Tacoma lack legal representation, the council member said.

“Compare that to the government, who is represented by an experienced immigration attorney 100 percent of the time,” she said, noting that even children appear in immigration court without representation. “This is patently unfair.”

Trump’s “mass deportation plan” is targeting “virtually all undocumented persons living and working in this country, even if they are doing so peacefully,” she said.

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5 responses to “Seattle wants $1M legal-defense fund for immigrants facing deportation

  1. What right to remain in this country? They have broke the law getting here. And he lied when he said President Trump is going after all of them. The President has repeatedly said, they are going after the criminals.
    As grandma used to say, “it doesn’t hurt to want.” What guarantee that the money will be spent like they said

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    • If the Mayor wants to TAX the residents to protect Criminals,that’s his choice. But he needs to remember that the decision is HIS. Federal funds will STOP,and though he MIGHT be able to get some State funding,for awhile,if THEY help him out,the STATE”S Federal funding will STOP too. Math isn’t these idiots’ wheel house,is it?

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  2. The endless invasion of masses of Third World unskilled, uneducated, hostile people (mostly military-age men overflowing with hormones) is genocide to the European-American gentiles who founded and built country.
    The Cultural Marxists in Seattle are zealously promoting their own suicide and betraying their country and their race.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Starting to sound more like a scam, on par with ambulance chasing lawyers.

    There is no question as to what the law is on illegal aliens. One would think any honest judge, or lawyer, would find this all too frivolous; and their ethics stink.

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  4. If they really cared about illegal immigrants, why not spend the money on getting them legal, rather than fighting current law and the courts? They expose their real agenda by their actions… buying votes by supporting those who break the law. It’s the Democrat way. “You don’t like rules & laws? Don’t want to submit to authority? Hate responsibility and accountability? Hate God and God’s creation? We’re your party! Vote for us and we’ll protect you from the nasty GOP!” Idiots.

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