Gender Pronoun Tyranny: Professor downgrades student’s paper for using the word ‘mankind’

When will this madness end?

Shanna Nelson reports for Campus Reform, March 28, 2017, that Cailin Jeffers, an English major at Northern Arizona University, lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind” instead of a gender-neutral alternative.

Jeffers said she received an email from her professor, Dr. Anne Scott, that she had been docked one point out of a possible 50 on a recent paper for “problems with diction (word choice)” related to her use of the word “mankind” as a synonym for “humanity.”

Scott wrote:

“I would be negligent, as a professor who is running a class about the human condition and the assumptions we make about being ‘human,’ if I did not also raise this issue of gendered language and ask my students to respect the need for gender-neutral language. The words we use matter very much, or else teachers would not be making an issue of this at all, and the MLA would not be making recommendations for gender-neutral language at the national level.”

After offering Jeffers the opportunity to revise her paper, Scott warned that if Jeffers refuses to change “mankind” to a gender-neutral synonym, “I will still need to subtract a point because your choice will not be made in the letter or spirit of this particular class, which is all about having you and other students looking beneath your assumptions and understanding that ‘mankind’ does not mean ‘all people’ to all people. It positively does not.”

Jeffers told Campus Reform that after the first essay assignment, Scott had given the class “a list of ‘do’s and don’ts” that Scott had found in the student essays. Jeffers said:

“Most of them make sense, just things like ‘make sure you’re numbering your pages’ and ‘cite in proper MLA format,’ but she said we had to be sure to use ‘gender-neutral language’. Included with this rule were several examples of what was and wasn’t okay to use. In one of these examples she stated that we could not use the word ‘mankind.’ Instead, we should use ‘humankind.’ I thought this was absurd, and I wasn’t sure if she was serious.”

So Jeffers decided to test the policy on her next paper by twice writing the word “mankind”. When Jeffer’s paper was docked for using the word “mankind,” she  requested a meeting with Scott. As recounted my Jeffers:

“I stated that I agree with everything she said about my paper except my use of ‘mankind.’ She proceeded to tell me that the NAU English department, as well as the Modern Language Association, are pushing for gender-neutral language, and all students must abide by this. She told me that ‘mankind’ does not refer to all people, only males. I refuted, stating that it DOES refer to all people, [but] she proceeded to tell me that I was wrong, ‘mankind’ is sexist, and I should make an effort to look beyond my preset positions and ideologies, as is the focus of the class.”

Following the meeting with Jeffers, Scott sent an email to the entire class in which she vehemently denied that gender-neutral language is merely a question of “political correctness,” pointing out that both the Modern Language Association and the American Psychological Association have put out guidelines promoting gender-neutral language:

“The issue goes beyond ‘political correctness,’ for my colleagues and I recognize that words help to create our reality, power dynamics, and relationships among people. You are welcome to make a statement about your politics, or conscience, or beliefs by using gender-specific language in your papers, and in many cases gender-specific language is called for, when you can discern with certainty the gender of the characters and author you’re discussing. However, I’ll still have to subtract a point or two for any kind of language that refers to all people as ‘mankind’ or readers as ‘him/he’, for the reasons I’ve outlined carefully above.”

Campus Reform has reached out to Dr. Scott, as well as the Dean of the College that houses the English Department and the English Department Chair, but none had responded by press time.

Here are some student reviews of Anne Scott on Rate My Professors:

“For Prof Scott, political correctness is more important than learning. She’s all about viewpoint discrimination. If you want the grade you deserve, you have to read her mind and reflect what’s in there. And it’s a narrow mind. A definite avoid.”

“Way too liberal even for me. Way too ‘politically correct’ for me. Should focus on Chaucer and forget trying to change the world to her utopian fantasy. The point of college is to train people to think, not tell them what to think.”

“You must be ‘politically correct’ and ‘gender neutral’ at all times or your grades will suffer! Run away!”

“Watch your politics in this class. I had to pretend I believed in the nonsense she spouts. Felt like 1984 in there with all the ivory tower liberal type indoctrination.”

“She’s a proponent of ‘gender neutral language’ going so far as to knock points off of other students’ grades if they do not acquiesce to her brand of politically correct nonsense.”

“This complete joke of a professor goes out of her way to get offended and makes her students suffer for it. She will deduct points unless you agree with her about her left wing social justice warrior viewpoints. Don’t take this professor. She deserves to be fired.”

It is noteworthy that rave reviews of Scott got plenty of thumbs down.

I feel so sorry for our college students . . . .

The President of Northern Arizona University is Rita Hartung Cheng. Here’s her contact info.:

Phone: 928-523-3232


29 responses to “Gender Pronoun Tyranny: Professor downgrades student’s paper for using the word ‘mankind’

  1. Once again, progressive left/liberals:

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  2. But, if we use the word “humankind” to refer to all people, won’t the subset that identifies as non-human animals (such as that one woman in Europe) be offended? Lol, where does it end?

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    • Lol just the ones that don’t self identify as human. Like there’s that guy in the news recently who had his nards removed to become a sexless alien entity or something.


  3. Techniucally,even HuMANity and Humankind would be “wrong”-it’d have to be HuPERSONity and PERSONkind. THERE! THAT simplifies it,right?
    Actually,even THOSE are wrong,since SON refers to a male offspring.
    Has there EVER been a time in History when people quibbled SO MUCH over SO LITTLE? Let’s see–How can the Liberals screw up the English language even WORSE.

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    • They themselves are screwed up so it makes no difference if everything else is screwed up, take a good look at IT, unknown gender, what is it?

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    • truckjunkie . . . I am thrilled that you brought up that little pesky problem with “MAN” being a part of the word huMANity. Methinks this woman may be a D _ _ e, and is severely confused. My heart goes out to today’s young people, first they get screwed over by grade school teachers, then high school teachers (then you think that’s the end of them getting screwed over) but no, you have the Progressive university teachers, professors, doctors, etc. doing their best to screw over these young adults.

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  4. traildustfotm

    Academia these days seems as bad as the old red light districts. Why such teacher are tolerated is beyond me. The son of some friends just began his semester at Bunker Hill Community College in Greater Boston. He walked into his first class and found the teacher had told all the students to write on the black board who they would vote for. Everyone but him obediently wrote Sanders or Clinton. My friend’s son wrote Carson. He was instantly ostracized, and subjected to abuse in the classroom.

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    • Your friends, as parents, should bring this matter to the attention of the president of Bunker Hill Community College. Remind them of the famous quote by Edmund Burke about evil thriving when good men do nothing.

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    • Conform or be cast out!
      (think Rush song)

      Such tolerance, such diversity!
      Such open mindedness!
      Such progress!

      Actually, everything they espouse they do the exact opposite to.

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  5. Mankind to me has always meant inclusive of all people. This person is so steeped in her ideaology, she has lost her common sense.
    Again, we are dealing with so few trying to control the thinking of so many.
    I hope the student keep standing up to her.
    From her looks and dress, I would think she is a charter member of code pink and that would explain plenty.

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  6. Unfortunately, the dykes will not stop until the USA abandons political correcteness.

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  7. How does a student make a word choice in the letter of a class, as Dr. Scott’s sentence above logically parses. She’s an illiterate imbecile who apparently somewhere remembers hearing the expression “letter and spirit of the law” and thought it’d lend a tone of seriousness to the gibberish issuing from her troubled mind. Anyone signing up for her classes deserves what they get.

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  8. Ze looks like David Bowie. I KNEW he faked his own death! Please David, quit torturing college students and come back to the real world!

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  10. George Orwell told us this day would come. SMH

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  11. They should have changed seats. Or boarded another plane. Or be told, well, sh|t!, this is America, don’t like it? Walk! Or, Ms. Campos should have been upgraded to business class, for the inconvenience. Will have to start choosing some other airline when flying. Vote with my wallet is the minimum I can do. Feel like I am gonna puke!

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  12. Obviously, it is an abuse of power for a professor to grade a student, according to that student’s conformity to & agreement with the professor’s world view..

    I mean if the thinking of this professor is allowed to become commonplace, [as if it weren’t already commonplace] student’s could be graded on their personal views, on such things as abortion, or affirmative action, or, Black Lives Matter, or, on who they may have voted for in the last election.

    I have special concerns, about the actions of this,..particular,.. professor, in this ,..particular,.. matter,.. because this matter concerns,..’gender’,.. issues, & from looking at the picture of this,..particular,..professor who has a wo-MAN’s name, I am not, at all, sure that this,..’ person’,.. is equipped, with..female,..’private’,.. body parts

    If you follow my drift.

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  13. Larry A. Singleton

    I’ve come to hate and despise the Internet and the half-assed nature that is websites. Try looking for a decent copy of these emails from “teacher/professor” Anne Scott. Real nice to have that Campus Reform blocking the microscopic vague print on these documents I can’t find.

    Most websites have no decent print function. Campus Watch doesn’t have a “contact us”. At least any that I can find. No print function. The comments is Fakebooks, so if you’re blocked on Fakebook you can’t comment even if you leave the “Post to Facebook” box unchecked.

    Google is a liberal fascist “Search” engine that is geared towards steering people to liberal/fascist websites and “news” sources.

    I was really expecting a lot when the Internet first came out. Especially someone like me who’s an info-junkie.

    I also study the issues and finding essays and reports is next to impossible…..I won’t go into that. Just one big mess.


  14. Read The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers. You’ll kick yourself in the ass for not having read it sooner.

    Same with Taken Into Custody by Stephen Baskerville.

    Read the excerpts at Amazon Books. Watch the War Against Boys You Tube video.

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  15. Would I get downgraded for commenting that I think she looks like a dyke? I thought she was a he at first. Please forgive me. I’m in a foul mood. Trump is looking like a big disappointment in the Middle East area. Read Jihad Watch and writers like Hugh Fitzgerald. Trump is choking like Schwarzenneger did in California as governor.

    Plus I’m blocked on Fakebook. Via their Thought Police “Community Standards”. Campus Reform uses it’s comment function. Too bad most people can’t see the irony of sites like this that supposedly fight for free speech yet use Pubic Enemy Number One when it comes to free speech: Mark Zuckerberg’s Fakebook comments feature. I’ve written to dozens of the leading websites that use Fakebook and have never gotten a response. Thus I get a little cranky sometimes. Especially since I think people should spread the word on the issues as much as possible.

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  16. Professors such as Mr./Ms. Scott – or should we say They Scott – have become the dis-ease contaminating universities across the nation. At first, this Neut says gender neutral terms are “recommended”…then she says gender terms are “pushed” on students. Key word push or forced. She reveals her true bias as she spews. I attend a liberal arts university in the Midwest. This is a tremendous problem with Literature profs – if you do not agree with their hatred of Christianity and our current President, your grade will be lowered. The only difference is this he-she admits to it. It is never a professor’s job to tell students that their personal interpretations of literature are “wrong,” or that their individual style of writing is incorrect, because it fails to promote the gay and trans lifestyles…this is the opposite of creating a positive learning environment. It’s also hypocritical of the equality the anti-gender few spew.

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  17. Kevin J Lankford

    Personally, I think some one just needs to bang this anne scott dingbat over the head with a Webster’s Dictionary till she comes to her senses.


  18. Women have no problem with the words menopause and menstruation. Why do they always blame their problems on mankind?


  19. It is the student’s paper and her words, she should be able to use them as she intended.
    The change them gives,the paper a whole different meaning.


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  21. Well, I think all of this hoopla is what comes of no longer teaching Latin and Latin roots in school these days.


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