Hillary Clinton still has access to classified State Dept information

Hillary Clinton stopped being U. S. secretary of state more than four years ago.

Hillary Clinton stopped being a federal government employee more than four years ago.

Hillary Clinton stopped being a presidential candidate five months ago.

And yet, Hillary Clinton — a civilian like you and me — still has access to classified State Department information because her security clearance has not been revoked. Worse still, it’s not just Hillary, six of her staff also have access to classified information because their security clearance hasn’t been revoked either.

That’s what Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) discovered, and he’s asking why that is so, especially in view of FBI Director Comey’s conclusion that Hillary and her aides had been “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

ZeroHedge reports, March 31, 2017, that after sending numerous requests to John Kerry’s State Department which fell on deaf ears, Grassley has sent a letter to Secretary of State Tillerson asking why Hillary’s security clearance hasn’t yet been revoked given that “any other government workers who engaged in such serious offenses would, at a minimum, have their clearances suspended pending an investigation.” Grassley writes:

I have repeatedly asked the State Department whether Secretary Clinton and her associates had their clearances suspended or revoked to which the Obama Administration refused to respond. Recently, the State Department informed the Committee that six additional Secretary Clinton staff at State were designated as her research assistants which allowed them to retain their clearances after leaving the Department.

Director Comey stated that Secretary Clinton and staff were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information” and “there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…”

Any other government workers who engaged in such serious offenses would, at a minimum, have their clearances suspended pending an investigation. The failure to do so has given the public the impression that Secretary Clinton and her associates received special treatment.

According to Fox News, the assumption on Capitol Hill is that Hillary is writing her memoirs and justifies her and her staff’s continuing access to classified State Department information because she needs the information for her memoirs.



28 responses to “Hillary Clinton still has access to classified State Dept information

  1. Meaning that she is still as deadly as a rattle snake.

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  2. I am so angry over this I could spit! The Dems H-O-W-L over their perceived grievance of the Republicans, and now this comes out. Heads need to roll! Some type of audit needs to be made that would show if Killary, or any of the six aides have accessed top secret information since leaving the service of our government. I just don’t understand why under Obummer’s rule, that the rule of law was not followed.

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    • Great article Dr Eowyn!

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    • Since I’m sure she knows how WRONG it is for her to STILL have access to High Security info after FOUR FRICKIN’ YEARS,Imagine what TREASONOUS acts she could be accused of,and however she responds to the accusations,she’s Prison Bound.
      “I didn’t do anything wrong! ”
      Yeah,Killary,you DID.
      “Okay,I took advantage of still having my security Clearance,but it was the Secretary of State’s fault.”
      You KNEW!! THAT makes it YOUR fault

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  3. Hint to our President-Tell the current Sec. of State,”Get this fixed in 24 Hours,or I’LL do it and YOU’LL be unemployed.”

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  4. The Deep State is revealed as it comes to the surface of the Swamp being drained.

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  5. Let them eat cake; only the little people pay taxes – Hillary Rotten Clinton, probably. Somebody needs to be humbled.

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  7. Sorry, but she is nothing but a low class deplorable citizen like us. She does not have those rights.
    Her writing her own book my rear.

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  8. WHY would ANYBODY be surprised? This crap is so deep that if we dig our way to the bottom of it we’re going to come out on the other side of the planet.

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  9. Trump needs to clean house ASAP.
    Makes me wonder, if clinton still maintains security status, what about obama, kerry, lynch, holder, et al?
    hillary, obama and his ilk, should be in prison.
    corruption (evil) is so embedded in our govt. that to remove it would cause our govt. to cease to function at all.

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  10. It goes to show the system is B R O K E N. The concerned Americans are not heard. Although some things have changed, the judicial system is corrupt at all levels, and we see no changes in Congress, things have remained the same. I don’t sound very optimistic but reality is that the majority of us are fed up, and the generations to come will accept and adapt, they know no better, I cry for this United States of America for what it was and for it is going to be.

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    • Well,we still have at least 4 years to work on the Country,getting things back on the track,so we can’t give up now. I'[m CHEERING for the US’s future,for the first time in many years.
      The secret is in EDUCATION. One of America’s FIRST jobs is to rid ourselves of the current system of indoctrination-I mean “education”,and get back to teaching the IMPORTANT stuff to America’s kids,the stuff they’ll NEED to know when they start to vote,build careers,buy homes and raise families. They need to have it drummed into their heads that if they follow everybody else,they’ll get just what everybody else gets in life,and they deserve MORE than that. Adapt and Comply can’t be their lifelong rules of behavior. Set a goal and innovate to reach it. THAT is what made America as great a Country as it (still) is.

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  11. The NWO creatures want the system broken and are in the process of bringing the chaos from which they plan to bring what they believe to be order that will delight them. “As for me and my house …” Joshua was a real man.

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    • Hit it RIGHT ON the Head, marblenecltr! It’s the New World Order, the NWO, in the mix of all things Hillary-Obama-Reid-Schumer, and all the rest of the ilks in Washington, D.C. Not only do we need to “educate” our children, we need to really EDUCATE the mindless, low-information adult voters! Start with looking into the Bilderberg Group, whom had their meeting last June, 2016 in Dresden, Germany – you can see a list of last year’s members “final list of participants” on BilderbergMeetings(dot)org. My (unfortunately) US Senator of SC, Lindsay Graham, is listed, but also so is Peggy Noonan (Author, columnist of the Wall Street Journal) – so when you see any of her articles or is a “guest” on one of the MSMs channel or Fox News, you know where she’s coming from. There’s conflicting stories and “theories” on the NWO, but most of all, its clear as to what it really is….a totalitarian world government – no matter what Google says it is a “theory”, you can’t actually have a “world government” being anything else BUT totalitarian rule – as in our Declaration of Independence states that we are a “Republic” form of government (founded by our Founders who signed it), that can only be in the United States, but not in the entire world. If that can ever happen, why would they call it a “New World Order”? Plus all the other countries who are ruled by either totalitarian or by tyranny, won’t accept a “republic” form of government, and we’re not a “democracy” either, so you have to know the difference between a democracy gov’t and a republic form of gov’t before you go ranting that we are a “democracy”. Obama and the democrats, and Hillary as well, all think we are a “democracy”, that’s why they never ever said we are a “republic” – they always mentioned somehow in their speeches, the word “democracy” – which we are not, nor never was. That is what they were wanting to form. Once they were able to do that, we would go from a democracy to totalitarian or worse scenario, tyranny. That is why they kept slamming and still do, President Trump now, before he was elected and after. They all have an advanced financial gain to lose should they lose their voters to someone with a “Republic” form of government in mind. Hence, they’ll keep their dirty hands into classified documents as long as possible, as long as it takes to spill out the blurbs they’re spitting in distorting and miscommunicating classified material to the public so that we get all confused about the real matter……their new world agenda. Keep that thought alive, and never let go until we are really out of the woods. We’re not there, yet. And I agree that we need to hammer hard at the White House, and to Pres. Trump, that he and his DOJ (now Sen. Sessions) to revoke Hillary’s clearance and all the previous administration’s staffers who have clearances revoked as well. The excuse for Hillary writing her “memoirs” to keep her clearance is nothing but HOGWASH and unacceptable, IOW (in other words) “never BS a BS-er”! I know, I had a Top Secret clearance in the US Army because I handled TS documents and I also processed all military personnel requests for clearances while stationed in Germany for 3 years. You think I don’t know what the scope and outlines of having a military security clearance is all about? Ask me. I’ll tell you.

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  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    The motto of the destroyer of God’s work when seeing something good and functioning well is, “If it ain’t broke, break it.”

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  13. ManCavePatriot

    The Clinton’s have a ‘life history’ of peddling in stolen or illegal documents. The ONLY access I would give her would be the front gate of Leavenworth Prison.

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  14. ….and WHY is Koskinen STILL IRS commissioner?

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  15. These are the things that make me suspect Trump is a shill for the nwo. I mean it’s not like he wasn’t a life long nyc dem (who even had killary come to his wedding) till he suddenly decides to run for president as a republican or anything. Why haven’t any of 0bamas eos been rescinded yet? Why didn’t Trump and Ryan repeal 0bamacare instead of make it worse and rename it trump/Ryancare? His ban on jihadists has been overturned by a judge in 0bama’s home state. He’s friends with Jeff Epstein and has flown on lolita express, and has been sued by women claiming he abused them. I can’t ignore all the history, and what kind of person even wants to be friends with the klintons?


  16. We’re at war with these people, it simply hasn’t escalated into open conflict as of yet. That’s still in the horizon.


  17. Dr. Eowyn, I want to commend you on your reportage of this very important info last Friday. Like everyone else that has commented, it made me so angry I couldn’t see straight. Since reading it on Friday evening, I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else was going to report the same. Finally, just today, I have noticed a couple of Youtube videos about this, Gary Franchi did one. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for keeping your readers so well informed. You beat the other guys by five days on this one!


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