Berkeley city government calls for impeaching President Trump

This is what the city government of the People’s Republic of Berkeley does, instead of tending to actual governing.

Berkeleyside reports that on March 29, 2017, the Berkeley City Council became the third, and largest, Bay Area city to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The other cities are Richmond and Alameda.

The resolution that was sponsored by Mayor Jesse Arreguín and co-sponsored by three Council members, called for the federal investigation into Trump, citing concerns about how the president has undermined freedom of the press, and had “conspicuous connections with Russian officials,” as some of the reasons the House of Representatives should launch an investigation into the possible impeachment of the president.

Berkeley officials say they believe the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution could be an appropriate basis for impeachment proceedings because it prevents companies owned by an elected official from “making deals with foreign governments.” Emoluments could include any financial benefit, ranging from monetary payments to the purchase of goods or services, or tax breaks.

The resolution was approved unanimously. Council will now send a copy of the resolution to Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who represents California’s 13th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The mayor’s statement congratulates Berkeley as “an epicenter of resistance against the Trump administration.” Two weeks ago, Berkeley, a sanctuary city, divested from all companies that help build the president’s proposed border wall, reportedly the first city in the nation to do so. The mayor also said that Trump’s “attempts to threaten extortion on Sanctuary Cities and create a Muslim Ban defies American values.”

Here are some Berkeleyside reader comments:

Jeramiah Styers: “Sad Berkeley has a city council that 1 has no authority to begin impeachment proceedings, 2 Doesn’t know enough about government and how it works to understand they have no authority or how impeachment actually works. You will never get a 2/3 majority with a republican house and senate. Not to mention you have to establish he has actually done something illegal. Which you cannot, because he has not.”

Sherry: “The Constitution defines impeachable acts as: treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors. Depending on how each word is defined, the grounds are either very narrow or very broad. Berkeley’s action just strengthens the commitment of the Trumpet’s base. (“Berkeley? Of course, Berkeley!”)”

Megan: “What an embarrassment. How about instead of this waste of time the council instead passed a resolution that said “although we have deep disagreements, we remain ready willing and able to work with the president and the federal government to find common ground.” How about a statement like that, instead of the idiocy they passed?”

love_berkeley: “Yo Council. As I read about how you are spending your time supporting an Impeach Trump movement, I was reminded about how my car hit a 4″ deep pothole on the street today. Time to stop playing activists and focus on the nuts and bolts of fixing our city.”

How come the Berkeley City Council never called for the impeachment, or even criticized Barack Obama, despite his continuation of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, Gitmo, and allowing four Americans, including an ambassador, to be slaughtered in Benghazi?

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17 responses to “Berkeley city government calls for impeaching President Trump

  1. WHAT has President Trump done that deserves for him to be impeached? Is it the fact that he puts AMERICA First. The fact that He’s a conservative instead of a a bleeding heart liberal DUMBocrat that is wasting taxpayers money trying to figure out how to change a legal election? Do these morons not have enough city problems to solve IE Homelessness, crime, schools, racial problems or FBI investigations of the city?

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    • David, I lived in the East Bay Area in 1964-66, and life then was just as nutso. At the time I commented to one of my clients that it was far more hectic & clamouring than what I was used to in Bellevue, WA, which I left several months before. He laughed and asked me if I knew that Berkeley was the only municipality in the USA to have a Communist Party majority Council. How true that was I don’t know, BUT: this civic strife looks to have gone on forever. It’s not just student uproars either, as the lines were drawn a long time ago by many factions.

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  2. Excommunicate Bezerkley

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  3. Russia, Russia, Russia…Trump has connections to Russia…that’s all we hear now. Has anyone else seen this?

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    • Maryaha . . . Wow! That was priceless. It would seem that “they” are always doing exactly what they condemn the Republicans for!

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      • They are doing exactly that. Libs are sociopaths; they are so twisted in their own minds that they assume everyone else is guilty of the same twisted deeds they are guilty of. They are masters of deception.

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      • I wonder what page that’s on in Alinsky’s rule-book for Liberals;I’ve been noticing that for years. It HAS to be somewhere in their Charter….

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        • Truck…right on…my husband and I have been reading/comparing the Alinsky “rules” for nearly the last decade to the Obama 2-term ‘reign” and have found it most sobering…..most comparable….

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    If being a foreign born, illegitimate child, of a teenaged tramp, who clearly did not meet the simple standard of “Natural Born” U.S. citizen, and whose legacy is the most criminal and unConstitional acts of destruction and chaos openly and with out conscience perpetrated, could not get one removed from an office to which he did not belong; then I just can not understand their problem with Trump.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,….referred to obama as president.

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    • Kevin . . . Every time I hear of someone who wants to impeach Trump, I just have to think of Obummer, and Slick Willie with his cigar! Then you have that traitorous cow Killary who sold off immense United States uranium to the Russians. I still cannot see who legal proceedings were not taken against each of these individuals, and even today they continue in their questionable practice.

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  5. “…had “conspicuous connections with Russian officials,” Prove it or shut up.

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  6. Of COURSE we know they’ll do neither-there is no proof for something that didn’t happen,and they’re hanging onto threads-if THIS is the best they have to throw,they’re SO screwed.

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  7. I am not sure they know this, but if the Globalists were to gain power and the Georgia Guidestones Declaration of Tyranny becomes law, the would-be impeachers will fall quickly in standing from useful to useless eaters. If their objectives are reached and their misery takes place, they will have the company of more than six and one half billion others with whom to enjoy it.

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  8. Poor Berkeley, they are so lost. What they failed to realize is Trump is only enforcing laws that have a long standing on the books and it is them that is breaking the laws.
    Berkeley the city that turned their heads, and denied a speaker his rights of protection to give a speech. They should look at their own failures before pointing fingers.

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  9. Trump undermined the freedom of the press? First, the press today should be locked up, not free. And second, I believe it was Abe Lincoln, the hero of the left, who was the one who actually did imprison the press, without a writ of habeus corpus, and also many other civilians, during the Civil War. Trump is hated by the left because he is doing what he said he would. And also, the Rino’s hate him as well.

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  10. What law(s) has/have Trump broken?


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