Animated Guide To Snopes

TomoNews US has provided a humorous romp through Facebook’s Ministry Of Truth.

Facebook fact-checker Snopes co-founder accused of embezzlement, blowing money on prostitutes

Thank you, TomoNews US, for the laughs.

See also Dr. Eowyn’s much more scholarly expose of Snopes:


12 responses to “Animated Guide To Snopes

  1. Don’t criticize, who among us hasn’t done all these things? Oops, sorry folks, I forgot, I left the party the Clintons were having an hour ago.

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  2. People I know and love dearly, who are very smart otherwise, will still run every odd news story through Snopes to see if it is true. Shaking my head…..

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    • That’s what prompted me to put this up. When I would cite something conservative on Facebook, one or another friend would hit me with Snopes. Snipes has become a lazy person’s reference manual for Liberals.

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  3. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:

    An embezzler, a hooker and a sadomasochist pervert walk into a bar.

    “Hello Snopes,” the bartender says.

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  4. Brought to you by the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, downtown Little Rock! Remember, the Democrat Party for all your perverted needs. Democrat. When it absolutely has to be deranged!

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  5. …When PERVERSE just isn’t enough…

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  6. In all seriousness…

    Many years ago, well before the revelations about Snopes’ staff by Eowyn et al, I read their discussion of George Washington’s three visions of the United States in the future–which they dubbed a hoax. Why is it fake? Because, Snopes said, it didn’t surface until many, many years after GW’s death, so it can’t possibly be authentic.

    THIS really floored me. As a classicist, I deal with ancient texts, much older than anything of Washington’s era. And the notion that a text must be fake, simply because the copy you’ve got is a lot newer than the original would be, is just beyond stupid. By that logic, EVERY SINGLE WRITTEN WORK WE HAVE from ancient Greece is fake–therefore there really was no Socrates, Aristotle, Sophocles, Euripedes, Herodotus, you get the idea. The oldest copies we have of many ancient Greek works are from around 500 AD, which is roughly 1000 years after they were written.

    My point is, any historian whose training is worth the paper his diploma was printed on can tell you this. And yet oh-so-expert-Snopes doesn’t seem to get it. Has it not occurred to them that MAYBE somebody COPIED GW’s original writing, and then the original was lost and we only have the copy? Newsflash! This happens all the time. We call it “history.”

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  7. it is very sad that liberals have so much hatred for the truth that they will accept lies as its replacement.

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