5-year-old girl suspended from kindergarten for playing with ‘stick gun’

From Fox5DC: HOKE COUNTY, NC- A 5-year-old girl in North Carolina was suspended from school after playing with a stick resembling a gun.

Outraged, her mother, Brandy Miller, is demanding an apology.

It all started Friday when Miller got a phone call from the principal about a playground incident, according to WTVD.

“One minute she’s playing with her friends and the next her teachers are dragging her to the principal’s office. She’s confused, nobody explained anything to her,” Miller explained.

Her daughter explains that she and her two friends were using their imagination playing “king and queen.”

In this case, she was the guard protecting the royals and picked up the “gun” to imitate shooting an intruder in the kingdom.

Hoke County Schools says the 5-year-old posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion, thus violating policy.

“I mean, we know why it’s bad because we watch the news, but then I have to tell my kid you’re not allowed to play like that in school because people do bad things to kids your age,” Miller added, “I just want them to apologize to her and tell her that it’s OK. You can be five and have an imagination.”

The five-year-old returned to school Tuesday after her one-day suspension.



19 responses to “5-year-old girl suspended from kindergarten for playing with ‘stick gun’

  1. And Americans have to rely on those blithering idiot academics to educate their kids. No wonder the U.S. is now rated among third world countries for academic achievement and Americans are known around the world for their ignorance. At least American teachers get to retire early for their huge contribution to humankind.

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  2. I am so sick to death of the harassment that teachers and school systems heap upon little children. How in the world can a five year old understand that you cannot mimic the very same things you see on TV every day? How can a little one really “endanger” other children by picking up a stick and mimicking shooting the “bad guys?” This is beyond me.

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    • You make an excellent point. The same leftist educationists responsible for these ineffective but mind-controlling, brainwashing school policies owe much of their monetary clout from the crass productions on kids’ TV, in video games, in kids’ movies, and in the vile music videos kids watch that all glamorize not just guns but lethal weapons of every sort as the surest means of gaining power over others and wreaking vengeance on adversaries–the leftist dream come true. So-called Zero Tolerance policies mask the leftist agenda of indoctrinating the smallest of children into accepting zero tolerance for any trace of resistance or self-defense on the part of citizens in the face of totalitarian repression.

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    • These same “teachers” aren’t giving a second of thought to the damage THEY do to these kids by demonizing the simple act of playing these playground games.I’d go to the School board and tell them they need to have the “teacher, and officials who support this behavior by “adults”,apologize to the girl AND her Parents for their over-zealous acts. If they have a history of anti-gun brainwashing,she should demand resignation or face a lawsuit,with all the Media coverage THAT would entail.

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  3. But it’s okay for Dallas schoolteacher Payal Modi to ‘shoot’ President Trump with a toy gun, screaming “Die! Die”. Friggin’ hypocrites.


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    • ManCavePatriot

      Where is the ‘faux outrage’ towards Hollywood where every other movie sinks to a deeper level of depravity and violence, but gets nominated for an award?

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  4. It’s a stick and it’s sick. This a result of these gutless liberal do gooders being brainwashed by a politically correct totalitarian agenda. For crying out loud, let kids be kids. They are already controlled enough. What happened to the days when little Johnny could bring his silver Bronco Lane 45’s for show and tell get praise from the teacher?

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  5. Beyond pathetic😨

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  6. I remember playing cops and robbers, cowboy and indians with cap guns. Every kid had a toy cap gun. No person or kid ever got hurt or felt threatened by one. Stupid people don’t have brains.

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  7. When I was in grade 8 in northern Ontario Canada in the 50s every kid in grade 8 had a .22

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  8. When I was in grade school most boys carried pocket knives, & there was never any problem with that.

    And when I was in junior high, & high school, the schools actually owned guns, & had shooting matches with other schools, & you could win a varsity letter for being on the rifle team.,.

    But, that was back in the ‘good old days’ when the schools were still segregated,& all the students were White,.So, of coarse, the possession of ‘weapons’ at school was never a problem..

    Hmmm,.. I wonder if the Boy Scouts still give out merit badges for ‘marksmanship’, like the once did,..back in the good old days,…

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  9. Part of the Globalist plan to take our children, make all children “wards of the state.” The statist’s use of the word “state” is what they really mean when they say “village.” Rockefeller Education Foundation and others and the NEA are being paid with our money to kidnap our children.

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  10. Thank goodness some do gooder teacher took it upon themselves and had this threat to all of humanity removed and chastised and probably scarred forever instead of using common sense and explaining things to her. A verbal would have worked just fine.
    In my humble opinion sitting in a classroom trying to achieve an education while being taught with common core is much more dangerous to our young people, holding them back in all areas that truly count. CC was designed to divide the family.
    Sadly the liberals have contaminated every walk of our lives. We will see the damaged being done for decades.
    I will pray for this little girl and hopefully she can be transferred.

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  11. Just think about it. If you could protect ( she posed a threat to the other students) your home with a stick that looked like a gun you could save a bunch of money by not having to buy real guns. Using stick guns you could afford a gun in every room in your house and would not even have to have permit to carry one. At this rate they will probably stop teaching history because there were a lot of guns used in the making of our history. You couldn’t even teach about any war that ever used guns!

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  12. Globalists sobalists. The people in charge of education (political appointees and beauracrats) are so busy social engineering they’ve lost sight of their primary objective: education. Not only are they abysimal failures at their mission, they are expensive failures sucking the tax system dry! Gov’t has no business in education!

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  13. If she were role playing as an abortion doctor for the King and Queen, liberals would be calling her an icon of women’s empowerment.

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  14. private school or home school (where it’s allowed)…
    public schools (which politicians don’t even use) are indoctrination warehouses.

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  15. I bet if that girl said she want to be a boy the teacher will fully support and praised her ‘bravery’ to come out of the closet. 😂


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