Illegal immigrant (with a criminal background) in controversial arrest pleads guilty to unlawful reentry


I don’t see what’s “controversial” about arresting this illegal alien. She/he (it’s a transgender woman) has an extensive criminal background.

Bye bye.

From Fox News: The illegal immigrant who was arrested in February after seeking a protective order from her boyfriend pled guilty to illegal reentry Friday, according to an agreement with United States attorney Richard Durbin.

“In this case, removal from the United States is presumptively mandatory,” reads the agreement, a copy of which was obtained by KFOX. A new hearing will be held on April 13th.

Interest in Irvin Gonzalez’s case hit the national level nearly overnight when she was arrested on Feb. 9 while walking into a courthouse to get a protective order.

It prompted local and federal lawmakers to ask the question: Even if she is an illegal immigrant, is it appropriate to arrest someone when they’re walking out of a courthouse to get a protective order from an abusive boyfriend?

Lawmakers were also concerned about the fact that the affidavit didn’t appear to match what happened. The original affidavit said she was arrested outside the courthouse. But security footage emerged which appeared to show a federal agent confront her inside and escort her out.

An amended affidavit was filed on Feb. 28 stating that she was confronted and escorted in the building but arrested outside.

Gonzalez has a criminal history in the United States. She has been deported six times and spent over a year in jail for crimes including domestic battery, illegal entry, and possession of stolen mail. The criminal history may have been extended had it not been for her illegal entry arrest, authorities say.

On Jan. 13, during a police interrogation, she admitted to a money order washing scheme. Gonzalez told police she and her boyfriend stole money orders from mailboxes, washed the names off with transmission fluid, added her boyfriend’s name and deposited the money into his bank account.

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8 responses to “Illegal immigrant (with a criminal background) in controversial arrest pleads guilty to unlawful reentry

  1. Once you see the word ‘illegal’ you know enough.
    The Left want to add degrees of legality and illegality to immigrants;

    you know, the same system they apply to their politicians.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    It would be appropriate to arrest any illegal, at any opportunity. Then if they have a legal case against another they should certainly be held until adjudication of any criminal action of the one or the other, their own crimes being priority.

    Seeking justice in spite of ones own indifference to law is a mockery; as much as defying or denying ones on gender.

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  3. Just the fact that she is a criminal via entering the US illegally, together with the fact that she participated in stealing other people’s mail (money orders, etc) . . . . deport this creature already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no problems in federal agent’s garnering a criminal any time, any place . . . . what I don’t understand is why we have so many folks who cannot understand the concept of “I-L-E-G-A-L” Immigrant!

    To those who would throw away this nation on the thrown of PC crap . . . . . may you spend Eternity with the flames of Hell licking at your heels.

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    • Deportation hasn’t worked-SIX times. Firing Squad-and video-tape it,send copies to the Mexican News Stations and the Mexican President. Make them understand there’s NO MORE leniency-these illegals have always known what COULD happen,they were just betting it WOULDN’T.

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  4. Why don’t we have a place in the desert with tents, cots, no television, no phones, no air conditioning, the bible to read, and a very high well-guarded fence to give people like this a place to stay until we can actually get them out of the country?

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  5. Have lived in CA for many years. Sooooooo many times, year after year, esp. on election cycles for anything State or Federal….we get unsolicited phone calls ad nauseum from focus groups, pollsters…etc etc…who want to know what I think about “illegal aliens,” or more recently, “undocumented immigrants…et al…” My answer is ALWAYS short and sweet…..”DAH…..I think they are illegal.” Pretty much I can “tell” about the mission of the calling party by the response on the other end…..either a “gasp” and not much more to say…..OR….”Tell me more….” Most of them gasp.

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  6. That person is a criminal and if arrest was warranted then so be it. I don’t see any problem…

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  7. “Transgender woman sentenced to ‘time served’ on illegal re-entry charge”

    “Gonzalez was facing 37 months in prison, a $100,000 fine, and three years of supervised release.
    The judge and prosecutor called this a “special case” and said Gonzalez will not have to pay a fine and will not be supervised release.”

    time served…not even a fine….that “judge” should be disbarred and “prosecutor” should be fired

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