Florida’s Rollins College suspends student for disagreeing with Muslim instructor who said Jesus’ crucifixion was a hoax

The liberal arts are those subjects or skills that in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free person to know in order to take an active part in civic life that, in Ancient Greece, included participating in public debate and defending oneself in court.

Rollins College is a private liberal arts college in Winter Park, Florida, which is anything but liberal in the classical sense. Rather, Rollins College is the antithesis of liberal arts in its intolerance for dissenting views, suppression of public debate, and hostility toward Christianity.

Marshall Polston, a 21-year-old conservative Christian sophomore at Rollins College, was suspended after speaking out when his Muslim instructor, Areej Zufari, told her class that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax, and after one of his classmates voiced approval of Sharia law by saying that homosexuals should be punished by having their body parts chopped off.

Note: The news media reported several inaccuracies:

  1. Areej Zufari’s first name is Areej, not Areeje. (In the news accounts below, I use the correct name “Areej” instead of Areeje.)
  2. Academic titles and degrees do mean something: Zufari is not a professor; she is an Adjunct Instructor of Humanities at Rollins College, with an MLS degree (source: Rollins Evening Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017). That means:
    1. Zufari is not a ladder tenure-track faculty, but is appointed on a temporary basis.
    2. Zufari does not have a Ph.D., so she should not be called “Dr.” which is how Rollins College’s letter to Polston addresses her. Her degree is MLS, Master of Library Science. The letter also erroneously calls Zufari “Areeje,” which goes to show Rollins College can’t even get right its faculty’s name and academic degree.

Polston told Central Florida Post that Areej Zufari, who teaches a “Muslim Humanities” course at Rollins, said the crucifixion of Jesus was a hoax and that his disciples did not believe he was God.

Polston said he challenged Zufari on this point during a class discussion, after which she failed him on a major essay. Polston said, “I was upset, understandably. I’ve never gotten anything less than straight A’s, so I was really interested in figuring out how to possibly improve or at least understand the grade.”

But Zufari refused to explain why she gave a 52% grade for the essay. She then reported Polston to the Dean of Safety at Rollins and cancelled class, claiming Polston was making her feel “unsafe.”

When classes resumed, Zufari decided to focus on a hot-button issue, the application of Sharia Law. During the discussion, according to Polston, another student made a shocking statement.

As recounted by Polston, the Muslim male student, who had demonstrated a very strict adherence to the Quaran in previous group talks, “stated that a good punishment for gays, adulterers, and thieves was the removal of a certain body part, as determined by Sharia law. It took a few seconds for me to realize that he actually said that, especially after what this community has faced with the tragic loss of life at Pulse” nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Several students, of both Islamic and Christian backgrounds, thought Zufari should have reported what the male Muslim said, but their request fell on deaf ears. One student, who asked to remain anonymous, even reported the incident to the FBI, thinking it was better to say something than just ignore it.

That’s when Polston was summoned to the Dean of Safety’s office to discuss his probable suspension and how he was making Rollins College “unsafe” because of his difference of opinion with Zufari and the hard-line Muslim student.

Polston said:

“They made it clear that they had not gotten a report about what the [Muslim] student said, and were more concerned about the danger I was causing to the campus. What danger? A difference of opinion in a college classroom is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not dangerous. It was surreal and degrading. The bad grade was upsetting, but they were literally refusing to acknowledge the dangers posed by someone who advocated chopping off body parts on campus.”

On March 25, 2017, Polston received a letter from Rollins College’s Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, informing him that he is summarily suspended from the college for behaviors that “constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community”.

During the period of summary suspension, Polston is barred from attending classes or participating in college activities or privileges. The letter continues:

In addition to the summary suspension, I am mandating that you refrain from contacting Dr. [sic] Areeje [sic] Zufari until the end of academic year 2016-2017. This No Contact Order will be automatically renewed each academic year until you are no longer enrolled at the College.

To add injury upon injury, Zufari filed a police report with the Winter Park Police Department, claiming Polston violated the order by showing up to class to harass her.

But Central Florida Post points out Zufari had made a false claim because during the hours the class was held, Polston was with his elderly grandfather traveling to Daytona Beach for the opening of Embry Riddle College’s MicaPlex. Polston even provided a receipt from a Chipolte restaurant in Orlando’s Dr. Phillips area, and stills of video surveillance showing him purchasing food during the time of the class. Polston said:

“I will be releasing witness statements shortly proving I could not have been where Professor [sic] Zufari said I was Thursday night. It’s shameful that she lied to the police.”

Central Florida Post reached out to Rollins College’s media relations team and Zuhari, but both refused to respond.

Central Florida Post concludes that:

Given the evidence we have gathered, and the refusal of either the professor or Rollins College to address this matter, we believe that Rollins College should immediately suspend Professor [sic] Zufari and open an investigation into what actually happened.

 Christian Post points out that this is not the first time Rollins College has been in the news for actions it has taken against Christian students:

  • In 2013, the college kicked InterVarsity Christian Fellowship off campus because the student group does not allow non-Christian students to become leaders in the organization, which is a violation of the college’s anti-discrimination policy.
  • Later in 2013, four members of InterVarsity were told they could no longer hold informal Bible studies in the common area of their dorm suite. (FoxNews)

Here’s contact info. for Rollins College:

Grant H. Cornwell
President of Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. – 2711
Ph: 407.646.2120
Fax: 407.646.1501
Email: president@rollins.edu

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV and CP.

UPDATE (March 31, 2017):

Last night, Marshall Polston was reinstated at Rollins College. The administration conducted a thorough investigation and found no wrongdoing on the part of the student, who was wrongfully slandered by radical Islamic professor Areeje Zufari.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that – because of you – Rollins College’s President, its trustees, and deans received over 10,000 emails!

We won this battle!




34 responses to “Florida’s Rollins College suspends student for disagreeing with Muslim instructor who said Jesus’ crucifixion was a hoax

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  2. Rollins must have come a long way if even its sophomores study Muslim Humanities, presumably having studied as a prerequisite classical Latin and Greek literature as well as the philosophy, literature, art, architecture, music and history of their own Western Civilization. That must be one heck of a freshman curriculum at Rollins. Muslim Humanities is apparently so worthy of study–presumably contrasting Muslim backwardness with Western superiority across all fields of endeavor save barbarity–that Rollins had to hire an unemployable bigot and would-be librarian to teach it.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    What the heck do muslims know??!!…They weren’t even there!!

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    • GREAT POINT, Kevin: Taught World History many past yrs…& if you read Mohammad–he did NOT even begin to interject himself into great religions of the WORLD until 700 yrs after death of Christ–which was untold yrs after Judaism or Buddhism, etc ..In fact, he made his most “conversions” w/ lapsed Christians (Catholics–all there was then) or of cult-followers of other not-long-lived charismatics of the day. To give himself “legitimacy” after coming so late to the “game,” (please ask me abt how he invaded Mecca fr Medina —to where he’d been exiled fr his family as a FREAK— w/his cult followers, militarily…& beheaded his foes—EVEN his own tribal relatives….) he did a stint in Jerusalem &”high-jacked” some Judeo-Christian sites into his own brand of “Moslemism,” like,” Dome of the Rock” (ruins of Jewish Solomon’s Temple) to ANCHOR himself & his followers in the “mainstream of Judeo-Christian ethic.” (For those who don’t know: he claimed to have meditated upon ruins of Solomon’s Temple & then, was supposedly “raptured” w/o having to die….like ancient Judeo/Christian Elijah–copy cat—taken up into Heaven ….ALIVE,…& had a chat w/God & received the “truth” once again, of his establishment of Mohammadism —curiously, named after HIM—-fr GOD himself. Apparently this claim/basis for legitimacy has worked for ALMOST 2000 yrs amongt his 21st Century followers b/c….here they are, all UP IN OUR FACES all these THOUSANDS of years later….)

      PLEASE—I IMPLORE YOU….when your school district publishes in the paper a tiny notice abt adopting new social studies or history texts for WHATEVER grade….you get to REVIEW these texts at the district offices. It is the LAW. You can sit all DAY and read/review them. You can go to the back or the front for “publisher and editors”…and if you see SAN FRANCISCO credentials for the editors of chapters…..or MUSLIM names as the editors of chapters….BLOCK THESE TEXTS from your district adoptions!!!!…You get a SAY in what is taught through these texts in your locale to your children—-IT DOESN’T even matter if you DON’T have children using these books….If your kids are all grown up….go and review ANYWAY….The kids who HAVE to use these texts are our future……these are the kids who go on to accept the corrupt/politically “correct’ platitutdes of their far left college professors…IT ALL STARTS way down in the pipeline. PLEASE PLEASE REJECT or register objections to those books published by TCI ( Teacher’s Curriculm Institute…..has NOTHING to do with TEACHERS…..but just named so…LIKE: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND…….so that you automatically THINK it is something banal or mainstream, or something “NICE.” that will help everyone into a wonderful world of learning without fail)……

      12 years ago….I walked away from a History teaching assignment and into a single subject art job for which I was equally qualified (same district…I was very lucky it was available when I wanted to exit history….) b/c the district adopted a text ((TCI) that was heavily written and edited by Muslims. (Please remember that, 12 years ago, we were ONLY 5 years out of 9-11. And….we were “given” in our district, these new texts to consider for adoption the year before, thus, only FOUR years out from 9-11). EVEN the wife of the publisher was Muslim. It was/is a HORRIBLE TEXT….which, once adopted, we RUED over and over again….it had/has NO language development, esp. for 2nd language learneres….it has NO MAIN QUESTION FOCUS for each chapter…it has NO REVIEW for each chapter….it is a LAME and LIGHT overveiw of each and every historical era or period that it purports to review. it is very LIGHT on historical context….it is HEAVY on “political correctness” in the 7th and 10th grade texts….The publisher is TCI….the editors are heavily out of San Francisco and with many Musli names…..

      PLEASE PLEASE…if your school district is adopting new social studies or history texts this year…..keep abreast of it….keep in contact with your school board…EVEN IF you don’t have kids in school at this time …..PLEASE PLEASE…REFUSE to accept an adoption of the TCI texts into your school district!!!!! GO with a McGraw Hill or other…or Glencoe (my favorite—-and I EVEN field-edited a China chapt. in a 7th grade text for another publisher!!!!)…..but NOT TCI.!!!!!!!!

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  4. WOW. There’s a LOT of rot a’happening in this Denmark of failed academia [IMO, of course]. I’m moved to do as requested above and at least write to the idiots in charge [IiC] of this formerly respectable institution of higher learning, now that it’s shown its true colours.

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  5. Why is that Muslim female dog not being charged with filing a false report???!! It just slays me how these backwards Neanderthals adapt and adopt so easily to this countries feminist BS and yet hang on to the religion of apes.

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    • Lana . . . Your point is well taken! She should be brought up on charges of filing a false police report. It is disheartening to me that so many universities are willing to split asunder our nation and way of life in order to ensure that Progressivism will dominate. There needs to be a law suit brought against this school,

      All parents of, and prospective students need to take heed of the way the leaders of this school conduct themselves. They need to remember the old adage . . . “Buyer Beware!” The fact that this school is also responsible for misrepresenting the credentials of this particular teacher, by assigning her the title of “Dr.”

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      • I accompanied my daughter on a tour there just last week. She was ready to commit, but had an unfortunate interaction with an athletic coach that turned her off. I think we really dodged a bullet. I don’t know what happened in the classroom but falsifying credentials is a big deal to me, and huge red flag.

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  6. I notice in their banner Rollins is ranked #1-by whom? Muslim Brotherhood?

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  7. This poor excuse for a college suspends a student for disagreeing with his teacher about a JESUS that taught us to LOVE everyone and to obey the government yet does nothing about a vile violence homophobic spouting
    mutilation for someone whose lifestyle HE disagrees with. As far as the “teacher” filing a FALSE report accusing the one student of violating a court order by showing up in her class when he can prove he wasn’t even on campus, she needs to be arrested and prosecuted for filing a false report. She is so full of HATE maybe it ought to be bumped up to a HATE Crime!

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  8. Eric Bolling on Fox News graduated from Rollins.
    Someone should get his reaction to this development.

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  9. In listening to Hannity on the radio . . . it seems that this woman and her boyfriend are on the FBI’s “watch list.” Why would any school be offering employment to her, and thus endangering their students.

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  11. Why do people even go to these colleges? Do they not yet know they are cesspools? Find another one, or choose the School of Hard Knocks instead.

    That fake “Dr.” has learned the libtard/feminist lingo well: “He made me feel UNSAFE.” Pfffff! What, in a classroom with dozens of others, she felt unsafe because he asked her a question? What garbage. It’s her own people who will throw acid in her face & call it an “honor.”

    Since Polston lives in Central Florida & is a Christian, he should already be aware of Liberty Counsel. Their main pro-bono services are for FREEDOM OF RELIGION cases in schools, etc. He should give them a ring, at least just to get some advice. One letter from Liberty Counsel http://lc.org has set many a school straight on the First Amendment. Others have had to proceed to lawsuits, depending on how pig-headed the admins are & when the commie-ACLU gets involved, etc.

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    • I did not finish college, BUT when I went we were being taught to have open minds and to think for ourselves. When you question a teacher your are not being rebellious you are trying to learn and understand. It is that questioning of our teachers that led Martin Luther and John Calvin to leave the Catholic Church and starting the Protestant Churches where we learned that we could pray to GOD through JESUS HIS SON and not have to pray to a statue or through a priest. Today’s teachers and professors want to indoctrinate our children to think only what they want them to think. We were taught how to become leaders and not sheep. This new teaching way is the first step of the New World Order where we will be made to think, eat, sleep and do as they only want us to do! It will even lead to people that are not useful to the Order being killed off.


      • This is post isn’t about Catholics, but you feel compelled to drag in your gratuitous anti-Catholic bigotry. Catholics don’t pray to a statue or through priest.

        I don’t ever ever trash Protestants, believing that all Christians are my brothers & sisters in Christ. If you continue with your ignorant anti-Catholic bigotry, you will be banned from further commenting.


  12. Hmmm,..
    So a student was ,..suspended,.. from this college, for disagreeing with a Muslim professor who said that the crucifixion of Christ was a hoax,

    So that leave me wondering what would happen to a student who disagreed with a Jewish professor who said that the,..’Holocaust’,..was a real historic event,…

    I am just guessing, but I am thinking, that, any student who denied the Holocaust, would not be, just, suspended, from this college but rather they would be permanently, ,..EXPELLED,…

    Ya Think,.?

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    • If you have been keeping up with the muslim’s teaching you will find that muslim’s are already saying that the Holocaust never happened and is a Jewish lie to elicit sympathy from Christians. That is exactly General Eisenhower had his soldiers take thousands of pictures at the German Death Camps. He said to do this because one day people will try to say it never happened. Also Hitler had a large group of muslim soldiers who’s main duty was to hunt down and exterminate Jewish people.

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      • I think you got that totally wrong, having studied the holocaust for numerous years now, I’m totally convinced as are 1000″s of historians more qualified in this field than me, that the holocaust never happened. No gas chambers have ever been properly identified scientifically. I’m not protecting Hitler, my grandfather went to war in 1939 and came back in 1946, all I’m saying is that it is physically impossible to burn 6million bodies in 3 years. Even nowadays it would take over 15-20 years.


        • So you are saying that General ( 5 star) then President Dwight D.Eisenhower is a liar? He had pictures of the camps, ovens, bodies, mass graves taken to preserve the fact for history. The Nazis had about 12,000 concentration camps, 11 of them death camps. Auschuitz alone had 52 ovens . All prisoners were not burned. Tens of thousands were taken out into the woods and shot to death and buried in mass graves. Don’t buy into the crap that the Holocaust never happened. The USA would not have had any reason to help perpetrate this kind of lie!


  13. I just sent an email to this alleged college Rollins which should come as no surprise that no one has ever heard of. My message was … As a Canadian, I am often flabbergasted by the endless stupidity that seems to be coming out of American academia and the case of your alleged “professor” and alleged Doctor which she’s not, Zafari and her treatment of a student for questioning the truth of the crucifixion of Jesus is a case in point. Her only proof of course, can come only from the koran which I’m, sure she believes is the perfect and true word and message from God even though the koran is full of known historical and scientific falsehoods and contradictions which alone disproves her argument not to mention the overwhelming non-biblical historical evidence that the crucifixion is a proven fact. It is obvious that your alleged college is more concerned with political correction than truth. My point is that your office defends this unqualified teacher and defends her attitude and then lowers the mark and subsequently expels the student concerned for addressing her lie reminds me of the thought control of the old and now failed and dead Soviet Union. No wonder no one has ever heard of your college. As a principal you are nothing less than a total disgrace.

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  15. Last night, Marshall Polston was reinstated at Rollins College. The administration conducted a thorough investigation and found no wrongdoing on the part of the student, who was wrongfully slandered by radical Islamic professor Areeje Zufari.

    The Orlando Sentinel reported that – because of you – Rollins College’s President, its trustees, and deans received over 10,000 emails!

    Read more below…

    Rollins reinstates student who battled with Muslim teacher, lawyer says


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  17. “Muslim professor at center of Christ-hoax controversy resigns”


    • Good!
      But Rollins College refuses to admit and apologize to the student. Instead, Rollins College President Grant Cornwell portrays the instructor Areej Zufari as the victim. Cornwell told the Orlando Sentinel that Zufari “resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phones messages she was getting. I think it’s a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision.”


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