4 responses to “California newborns would get state-seeded college savings accounts under bill

  1. This asshole politician is more interested in vote pandering than dealing with the reality that California is broke, money doesn’t grow on trees, everything that glitters isn’t gold and allowing politicians to make sound financial investments is like using a drunken sailor as your investment advisor. Your close to bankruptcy social security and 120 trillion dollar debt including unfunded liabilities tells you all you need to know about that idea.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder just how many college administrators are lobbying for this bill.

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  3. DCG . . . this is a great article!

    I am left pondering over the statement . . . “we can jump-start our children’s financial independence.” I would say that hanging this albatross around the neck’s of California taxpayer’s—ensures that the taxpayers will remain in “financial slavery” in order to pay for this kind of cockamamie feel good nonsense! People who wish to have financial independence need to exit the State of California. It just amazes me that the legislature of California has such a high percentage of morons . . . I guess that must be a prerequisite to serving in that capacity.

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  4. I think California’s State Politics “inherits” all the stooges who can’t get a job at any of the fast food joints.

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