Big Bad Wolf Threatens America


EU could BREAK UP the US: Juncker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit


EUROPEAN Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.

In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU…

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And now let’s end with with some “cringe-worthy” kissing:

TD here – I had to ask myself,
“How can this EuroToad presume success in his threat to America? How can he dream that he had the potency to split up the states of our nation?” 

Then I realized it was because things like Obama’s Apology Tours had given an incorrect reading of what makes Americans tick. After 8 long years of watching our (mis)representatives like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, what could he conclude except that America had lost both its honor and its courage. And with our government controlled media telling lie upon lie about the last election, how could he know that our resolve was made of steel.

Perhaps Mr. Juncker and Mr. Obama spent too much time making out during Obama’s 8 year golfing vacation, and missed news of the sea change in America.

But why give Juncker that much credit. He’s clearly a globalist who doesn’t shed a single tear for either the Europeans or the refugees in this humanitarian crisis.

Mr. Juncker, you can huff and puff all you want, but our house is made of brick.

28 responses to “Big Bad Wolf Threatens America

  1. Looks to me as if Junker has finally achieved his life’s ambition: To resemble a mutant-looking Alan Dulles!

    I have tried to pass on a number of sites and You Tube channels to people to wake up to the New World Order. Those who say yes are like visits from an angel—few and far between. (I would imagine those who actually follow up are even fewer). I give up.

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  2. Senators McCain n and Graham, drop everything at once and investigate this attack on our democratic process.

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  3. I know your intention is to be vengeful and unhelpful, but, thank you, Juncker. The Texas Nationalist Movement, a dedicated secessionist movement, can use all the help it can get.

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  4. I think we can expect China, Iran, and Russia to foment and aid such efforts at balkanising the USA. Starting with calexit.

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  5. What does Trump have to do with Brexit? Jean-Claude Juncker proves that, once again, the Left are severely mentally ill.

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    • I think he linked it to Trump just because the name Trump grabs attention

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      • Trump Derangement Syndrome (definition):

        We blame EVERYTHING on Donald Trump, including impending human extinction (Michael Moore), eating more and getting fat (Lena Dunham), insomnia, and Brexit!

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    • Yes. Don’t blame the gross corruption of killary klinton, or her wars where hundreds of thousands have lost homes and lives for Trumps epic win, no. Blame Trump for people around the world being sickened by globalism voting for political leadership opposed to the crime against humanity known as globalism. Also, don’t mention that eu parliamentarians are mere rubber stamps for the draconian, anti-sovereignty legislation dictated to them by unelected upper level eu tyrants.


  6. These are dangerously intemperate words from Juncker, inadvertently spilling the beans that the two-tiered NWO envisioned by the likes of Juncker and McCain will require the break up of the United States and destruction of Russia, preferably in their view by war between the two. He stupidly let out that this wouldn’t be Trump’s doing but accomplished by NWOers like himself and McCain here and over there operating behind the scenes.

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  7. This clown resembles Artie Johnson from Laugh-In.
    He should work on some new jokes and make a grab for California with its illegals / degenerates / parasites.

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  9. Listen to my lips: didn’t happen in 1776…..didn’t happen in 1861…..not gonna happen NOW, you (already) junked and provincially-minded (ie, politically motivated) Juncker. You gotta read that old book “Who Took My Cheese” and run with it…if only to save yourself from extinction. Otherwise, we don’t care about you anyway “over here.”

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  10. He sure has his panties in a wad over a few comments. They did it to themselves. He is treading on thin ice and I think when he gets here, he may be surprised at the resistance he gets. He thinks because Obama said it, it is the way of the land. How stupid on his part.

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  11. Bring. It. On.

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  12. Just another big-mouth globalist snake who needs his tail kicked (or bit off)…

    Allow another Jean-Claude to do the honors…

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    • If that doesn’t shut Jean-Claude Juncker’s trap, Next Step…


      • LOL, that cracked me up. Perfect! Die you snake Juncker!

        As an aside, Van Damme is Belgian; can’t find anywhere that he ever became an American citizen on his own (he moved to USA in 1982), except via marriage to an American lady, a fellow martial arts or boxer, whatever. They divorced at one point but remarried later. Then a year or two ago she was going to divorce him again, but never did.
        –He’s been married 5 times (twice to same lady, so 4 wives), has 3 kids.
        –He’s only currently 56 but looks much older in the face.
        –In the 1990’s he had a cocaine habit worth $10k per week. Failed rehab. Tried again cold turkey. I guess he succeeded.
        –He takes Rx’s for Bipolar Disorder, dx’d later in life but says he was very depressed as a kid.
        –During the US Prez Campaign, he was on French TV saying the Rothchilds & Rockefellers rule the world &, therefore, neither Ted Cruz nor Trump could ever win. He said Trump was the only one who was not a globalist.


  13. In case you missed it…

    Jean-Claude Juncker profile: ‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’

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  14. Juncker the Drunker dribbles in meetings, says former Foreign Office man amid claims he downed a Campari, three glasses of wine and three Sambucas in two hours

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  15. The picture of him and Obongo cheek to cheek is just adorable!😆

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  16. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    To Michael Moore and others of his ilk (globalists, etc.), Pres. Trump is not a danger to America, he is a danger to the achievement of your goals, including the destruction of America. His goals and our include making America great again. We have neither forgotten nor abandoned our Pledge of Allegiance. MAGA.

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  17. We Americans can fight like cats and dogs,but nothing unites us faster than an outsider who threatens us. Bugger off Juncker. And my advice to Brussels is to muzzle this guy.before he causes you harm.

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  18. I’m going to go out on a limb, but a limb based on history. Junker, is a name of significance in Europe. Not sure, but it is likely, that if this man carries the name, he is of the bloodline of landed aristocracy, Jung Herrn, of the young aristocracy, found in Dutch and German-speaking countries, particularly old Prussia.

    If he is of such decent, it seems to fit, since such folk have been at the top of the societal pyramid, running, or ruining the show for the peasantry for hundreds of years. These people are possibly more intensely arrogant than the American generational elite, feeling a keen entitlement to rule by blood. Americans abolished aristocratic titles within our Constitution, but in Europe the prohibition of aristocratic title took much longer and still seems to persist in the form of generational wealth and influence.

    In practical terms, this Junker is lashing out, as the inevitable consolidation of power into the hands of the few is dissolving before their eyes. Expect a strong and sustained countermovement to wreck Brexit and the Rise of the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Wilders.

    But we should take note. Southern California has already been making noises for succession, and oddly enough, by herding all like-minded Leftists into Southern California, and granting the newly-founded country of Mexifornia full independence, the rest of the USA would nearly guarantee the return of Normal America to greatness. A win-win scenario.

    For those familiar with historical events likes the Destructions of Sodom and Port Royal, Southwest coastal California is both the hotbed of the Ultra-Left in the USA and West of the San Andreas fault.

    Perhaps Herr Junkers’ effort can be turned to benefit the rest of America.

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  19. traildustfotm

    Rogziel, that is an interesting observation. I don’t think CA would be allowed to leave the union peacefully. Losing our Pacific access and some of our most important military bases to a few fanatical Leftists and La Raza would be national suicide. And California is not just the nuts, but also a great number of very good people. Some parts of the state bear a resemblance to Sodom, or more accurately to Port Royal, but the people of CA are misrepresented by nuts like Pelosi, the same way the people of MA and NY are misrepresented by their (often fraudulently) elected officials, and all of us were misrepresented by the Obamas. Anyway, I’m praying you’re not right about the fate of California.


  20. Arrogant globalist Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the unelected European Commission, lectured Donald Trump and said that America would not be allowed to pull out of the Paris climate agreement in a stunning attempt to control American domestic policy…


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