Washington state Democrats willing to exempt Boeing from higher business taxes


Some businesses in Washington state aren’t going to be as lucky as Boeing.

From MyNorthwest.com:  Democrats hope to rely partly on higher business taxes to comply with a court ruling on state education funding. But The Boeing Co. would be exempt.

In announcing their budget plan Monday, House Democrats didn’t explain why Boeing wouldn’t be included, other than to say it was a compromise made to ensure their plan would move forward.

The aerospace company has benefited much from tax breaks in recent history. Just last year, for example, The Seattle Times reported tax breaks saved Boeing about $500 million over the past two years. In 2014, Boeing saved $217 million. In 2015, it saw a savings of $305.

More tax breaks would come as Boeing trims its workforce in order to stay competitive in the market. At least 170 Boeing workers in the Puget Sound area received layoff notices on March 17.

When it comes to the budget, Representative Kristine Lytton says another exception will have to be made when it comes to class sizes. “While we continue to make progress on class size reduction we do delay the provisions of Initiative 1351 for another two years as we continue to focus on more pressing needs moving forward,” she said.

Overall, the Democratic budget includes more than $7 billion in additional funding for education over the next four years. The Democrats’ $44 billion budget includes about $3 billion in new taxes. The Democratic budget relies on raising business taxes and a new 7 percent capital gains tax.

Tacoma Representative Laurie Jenkins says Washington state is one of the only states that doesn’t tax capital gains right now. “We are so outside the mainstream and how we’re handling capital gains in the fact that we’re not handling it at all.”

Funding education may be the priority, but Democrats say their budget proposal would also support some of the state’s most vulnerable by pumping billions into human service programs.

It’s a stark contrast to the Republican proposal released last week, which relies on government cuts and a property tax swap to fund education.

Republican Senator John Braun says the House plan uses education as an excuse to raise taxes for everything else.

“Our proposal and their proposal is similar. If anything we’re higher in K-12, and yet they need $8 billion over the next four years to pay for theirs. That tells me these taxes are not about K-12. They are about everything but K-12.”



6 responses to “Washington state Democrats willing to exempt Boeing from higher business taxes

  1. Libtards always rob Peter to pay Paul for their financing schemes.

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  2. Obviously, the Dems are afraid of Boeing pulling up stakes and moving down South where labor is cheaper, and “unions” do not prevail. How can other businesses feel good about this kind of discrimination . . . I think if this plan is put into effect . . . it’s time to file a law suit!

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  3. Of course. The left kills small business and those that don’t toe the line for their schemes, while rewarding anybody that has let them get away with treason.

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  4. So we are giving a company great tax breaks and they fire employees? And to not be fair with the breaks with all companies could get them into trouble.
    And what kind of education are we talking about, more common core?
    Are the dems getting a kick back from Boeing?
    Sounds suspicious.


  5. We shouldn’t be taxing businesses anyway. Business don’t pay taxes. They bill their customers for them. Bottom line. Any taxes imposed on business is nothing more than a shell game for the government to STEAL money from it’s citizens without them realizing it. And income tax will never be fair to the little guy. Instead of taxing what we bring in, how about taxing what we spend. No tax on unprepared food. No tax on healthcare related spending. A tax rebate on any amout spent UNDER the poverty level. Don’t want to pay taxes? Good. Then don’t spend the money.


  6. bogus -deal its not the rich paying for this as the gov states… he is striking out at the small business guy that already works 7-days a week, doesn’t have health ins, pays a B&O tax on his gross sales is like having a state income tax on small business owners (big business doesn’t pay) small business guy is not allowed by law to pass this tax onto his customers, and worse yet tax is on his gross sales not net profit – therefore he can be losing money on the gross sales and still owe a tax to the state that he cant collect from his cust and cant afford employees to help do to the minimum wage increases and bennifits… this guy described is me… in addition to this my property tax bill last year was at 15,000 yes 15,0000 with 9,0000 going to state schools and school levies…. to pay the school employees bennifits that I don’t get myself… how about giving me holidays, medical, summers & holidays off and the state create a tax to do this for me…. ALL small businesses should go on strike to the state.

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