Italy Could Soon Offer Women Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’


From WATE ABC: Italy is considering offering paid ‘menstrual leave’ to women who experience painful periods, according to reports.

The lower house of Italy’s Parliament has started discussing a draft law that, if approved, will mandate companies to grant three days of paid leave each month to female employees. If passed, Italy would become the first country in the Western hemisphere to have such a law.

In 1947, Japan passed a law allowing menstruating women to take days off work. Some companies like Nike also include menstrual leave in their code of conduct, however the debate continues as to whether menstrual leave is a medical necessity or discriminatory.

A YouGov survey of 1,000 women carried out for BBC Radio 5 Live found 52% had found it difficult to work because of the pain, while almost a third had taken time off work. Despite this, only 27% of women had told their bosses period pain was responsible.

Critics of the law say it could backfire and make employers more likely to hire men.



24 responses to “Italy Could Soon Offer Women Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’

  1. Way to go, Italy! — a country that already has a crushing national debt of more than $2.45 trillion, which is a whopping 136.26% of Italy’s GDP.

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  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the statement , the country’s bleeding red ink
    Sorry if I OFFENDED anyone

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  3. The lunacy seems to never end . What ‘s next ? Paying for a constipated persons Ex-Lax ?

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  4. I think they should also pay men who are trying to be a woman a special financial compensation for the heartbreak of not being able to have monthly menstruation.

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  5. “Blood Money” redefined…

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  6. According to Oxford studies, automation will eliminate about half of
    all jobs by 2033. Fewer women will have to work in pain.

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  7. Yes, I agree at times it was painful, but as the saying goes . . . “the tough get going,” and they stock up on Midol, or Advil. I’ll just bet if this passes, the incidence of “painful menstruation” will sky rocket. You know, us women are jealous creatures . . . you think Susie is going to put up with Janie getting three days off a month, but she has to show up at work every day? Don’t think so!

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    • “you think Susie is going to put up with Janie getting three days off a month, but she has to show up at work every day? Don’t think so!”
      hahaha! just think some women menstruate at the same time and they will all be at home vacationing and espousing “equality” while men pick up the slack…PC world is insane.

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    • You said exactly what I was thinking. Fine minds. Lol.
      I think they are asking for trouble.
      I had a friend years ago that swore the only thing that worked for her was to stay home and ride her horse.


  8. Don’t forget about the “men” who identify as women, they are going to need time off for their periods as well.

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  9. This proposal is indecent. I mean really, to what lengths will people go to highlight why women aren’t as effective in the work force? Yes, we have monthly cycles, but we cope. On days where we find it impossible, we take leave, or adjust schedules. I know men have bad days too, for whatever reason. Whether this push for legislation comes from man-hating feminazis, misogynistic politicians or both, it’s an attack on female dignity. What a bunch of idioti stupidi.

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  10. all this serves to do is increase division and animosity between men and women while allowing women more privilege over men (more males to hire, more women at home nursing their “pains” and production at work is affected due to increased absences)…
    women have worked for thousands of years without collectively needing paid time off for “cramps”.
    I don’t believe men and women are “equal” (we are complementary…as God made us to be with one another) but I also don’t think women need paid leave for cramps.

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  11. Pass that bill and every working woman in the country will all of a sudden start experiencing two week long painful periods. During those many days the men will be require to pick up all the slack!

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  12. Momma Mia I am really at a loss, guess we didn’t hit bottom yet.
    I’ll be sleeping in the corner wake me when the revolution begins 🙂

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  13. How about ” combat pay” for the other half of that relationship! Seems fair to me!

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  15. Of Italian Heritage Myself

    I have lived in Italy for years… and I STILL can’t wrap my head around all the cr&p that goes on here. As we expats say, it’s the Third World dressed in Gucci.

    Rule #1, in Italy you do ANYTHING you can to avoid work. “Taking pride in what you do,” what does that mean? Just gimme gimme gimme already, it’s my right! If you want to work hard, get out and go to another country!

    Rule #2, all Italy’s problems are the foreigners’ fault–those lazy, backwards primitives come here to OUR country and work hard and are polite, and then expect people to hire THEM instead of US? (Don’t bother pointing out the obvious illogic of this premise, it’s a waste of breath.)

    Rule #3, NEVER consider for a nanosecond that non-Italians’ constructive criticisms of your problems might have some basis–instead, instantly demonstrate (with plenty of hand-gestures, etc.) your self-righteous outrage that they would DARE to suggest you are not superior to them. Don’t forget, Rome was once great, and so why should we have to make any effort today?

    Rinse and repeat, to make sure things never, ever improve. Sigh.

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  16. Giving Italian women ‘menstrual leave’ may backfire on their job prospects

    From the article…

    On paper, Italy has female-friendly labor laws. Five months of paid maternity leave are mandatory both for employers and employees, meaning that companies must grant the leave and women, with few exceptions, cannot renounce it. During this period, a new mother receives 80 percent of her salary, paid by INPS, Italy’s version of Social Security. After that, parents of both genders have the right to take six extra months of parental leave, which is optional and paid at 30 percent of their salaries.


  17. And meanwhile,thanks to laws like this,prices go up,cost of living goes up,and demand for higher wages goes up,for LESS productivity-GOOD plan…..

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