Mexican archdiocese calls citizens who help build Trump’s wall traitors


Via NY Post: Mexico’s biggest Catholic archdiocese says that any of the country’s citizens who help build President Trump’s planned border wall will be immoral traitors.

A blistering editorial in Desde la fe, the archdiocese’s weekly publication published, urged the government on Sunday to push back against companies looking to profit from the wall, Reuters reported.

“Any company intending to invest in the wall of the fanatic Trump would be immoral, but above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered traitors to the homeland,” the editorial said. “In practice, signing up for a project that is a serious affront to dignity is shooting yourself in the foot,” it continued, noting that the wall would feed prejudice and discrimination.

It also accused the government of responding “tepidly” to the country’s firms that are considering working on the project to gain business.

A spokesman for the archdiocese — centered in Mexico City and presided over by Cardinal Norberto Rivera, the country’s most prominent Catholic cleric — said the editorial represents the views of the diocese.

Last Tuesday, Ildefonso Guajardo, the country’s secretary of economy, said it would not be in the “interests” of Mexican firms to help build the controversial structure.

Mexican cement maker Cemex has said it is willing to provide quotes to supply raw materials for the wall, but will not help to build it, Reuters reported. Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, another construction material company, has also expressed its willingness to work on the project.

Beginning on the campaign trail, Trump has long promised a border wall between the US and its southern neighbor, in an effort to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into the country.

He has repeatedly declared that Mexico would pay for the wall — which the Mexican government has resolutely said it would not do.



13 responses to “Mexican archdiocese calls citizens who help build Trump’s wall traitors

  1. Since Mexico’s biggest Catholic archdiocese thinks a US-Mexico border wall is “traitorous,” then Mexico’s biggest Catholic archdiocese should ask “Pope” Francis to tear down the 40-ft. walls that surround the Vatican.

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    • Absolutely true. I have been there, no one is going to penetrate the Vatican.
      Neighbor’s all over the US have fences between their neighbos and it makes for good neighbors. Otherwise, encroaching happens.

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  2. Then maybe they should consider taking down their wall with Guatemala…

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  3. The Catholic Cartel

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  4. One line in the article piqued my interest . ” Traitors to the homeland ” …..I wonder what these clowns consider their homeland ? That’s a rhetorical q , since we all know they think the S.W. is still theirs .
    Doc made a good comment earlier , about the Vatican wall. Why is Vatican City walled off ? To keep people out ? OR IN ?

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  5. Since Mexico’s Catholic archdiocese is SUPPOSED to be of a Religious and Spiritual realm,POLITICS is a ways out of his wheel house,isn’t it?

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  6. Some heads are longer… look how speak the Freemasons ( traitors in the Church ).

    Sedevacantist, )


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    He should center his concerns on the problems of his own country, and why so many want outa there.

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    Our worldwide battle is between the jesuit vatican and global freemasonry. Christians need not apply.


  9. I think I will call the Archdiocese Tacobenders!

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      It took me a \while to figure it out. The Illegals INVADE OUR COUNTRY… then they work here; and send the $$ back home.


  10. Not surprised…..

    They should be reminded of the many years of torture they put people through and the dark ages, the help they gave to Nazis? Oh and the fact there seems to be a problem of messing around with children sexually thus messing around with their souls and minds as well which of course hurts them in the spiritual as well…..which although hushed up is very well known.

    They have alot of power and are into things most have no clue about.

    Same pharisee’s[accusing, lying, sacks of money changing, over bearing pieces of crap] as before….nothing new.


  11. I do feel terribly for the parishioners there. Often they lose everything even becoming protestant. Yes really.


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