Re: Bill (Alex Jones) Hicks

Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks repackaged?

Watching Bill Hicks in action we see a man who was brilliant, hillarious, vulgar, cynical, and quite unfriendly to the anything stupid, especially pancake waitresses and televangelists.  

What happened in the repackaging, during the brief 2-3 year gap between Bill punching out at the end of the day shift, and Alex punching in for the night shift?

  • Did he put a new mask on, while looking down his nose at patriotism and religion? Is it truly just a new gig, and nothing more?
  • Did he use the new persona as a means of escape from his cynicism? Did the new image give Bill a freedom he had desired, to throw off the sardonic wit, and be free from the demand to be funny?
  • Did he, somewhere along the way have an actual Damascus Road experience? Did Bill begin to see the world differently in his later years than during his standup comedy years? Things don’t look the same to me now as they did in my twenties and thirties.

Honestly, the religious types Bill mocks are people that give me the creeps, too. And I know that the things I thought and said before I came to grips with the claims of the Gospel would look pretty bad the the people who know me today.

During the later years of his comedy act, Bill shifted towards a more serious criticism of society. He somehow morphed into a mix of Will Rogers, Mark Twain, Richard Prior and George Carlin. And he began looking at what a cool gig Rush Limbaugh had.


~ TD


28 responses to “Re: Bill (Alex Jones) Hicks

  1. The more I watch this vid the more I can’t help thinking his mannerisms and gestures are so Alexlike that I have no doubt. I can hear Alex at times when Bill is speaking. I think the one denominator Alex, Bill, and Ted Turner shares is a hatred of christianity. At 13.35 I swear it’s Alex ranting. Lol I’d never heard of Bill Hicks till I was directed to the Alex/Bill controversy, I’d listened to Alex on shortwave for years but even back then decided he was a shill when I heard him, live, laugh at a caller who had obvious worry in his voice, he was laughing at this poor man who had asked a serious question about some “crisis” Alex had exposed. Alex is to me the Glenn Beck of the fabricated, nwo controlled portion of the patriot movement.

    Also I think he was really trying to be Sam Kinison and George Carlin in his standup routine. I miss Sam.

    Just some musings for ya.

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    • The thing I’ve been listening for in Alex now is for him to accidentally slip out of the fake gravely voice into his real Bill voice. You know, that Arlo Guthrie “Alice’s Restaurant” drawl.

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    • Alex Jones Is a major Christian. He talks about his faith quite a bit on his show. Totally not Bill Hicks. Possibly Bearcat links however, I have heard both Alex Jones and Bill Hicks have family ties to the bearcat,, also Bill Hicks spoke of his fondness for the Bearcat (by name!) before he died so you never really know I guess. I read a blog post saying that Alex Jones has CIA ties too lol so nothing is too far fetched.

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  2. Well, after taking it all in, there are some spooky similarities, but the same person, I am leaning no.
    Maybe we have a real live doppelgänger here.
    Bill was very ill with pancreatic cancer and people knew this. Did he lie?
    Did he plan all this ahead of time?
    Then we have the 3″ difference in their heights and 13 years difference in their ages. I tried to compare their ears and hands also.
    And the mystery continues.

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  3. I’m a pretty good judge of voices and if even if Bill Hicks had barked into a megaphone for 10 years, his vocal quality would not be the same as that of Alex Jones. Jones has a different set of cords altogether; what started out as a resonant light baritone has turned into a gravely bass. Hicks has a hollow almost boyish sound. Had he abused his voice as Jones did, he would sound (would have sounded) more like an aged James Stewart. They are not the same person. There is a facial resemblance, obviously, but everyone looks like someone. I’m not saying Jones is perfect, but he is a professed Christian and who am I to question that? As for his recent recant on the pizzagate issue, one cannot deny the facts, but one also cannot deny that there are facts that haven’t yet come to the surface. Others (I won’t mention names) have gone silent on P-gate, too, have you noticed? Watch. Wait. Learn.

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    • It’s not too far fetched to imagine Bill Hicks having a conversion experience. It’s happened to tougher guys than him. And a battle with the C-word would bring most people to take account with God. So for instance, imagine a new Bill Hicks that won’t say the harsh stuff everyone is used to, and therefore has no future in standup comedy. But he hasn’t lost any of his desire to speak out against the globalists, and sees in Rush Limbaugh a way to re-invent himself with a new name as a Limbaugh-like commentator. He no longer has to make drunks laugh in a bar room. He get to vent his opinion full force about the things the shadow government is doing. I’m just saying, it’s possible.

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  4. Please go to
    for an excellent article on “Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks,” containing many side-by-side photo comparisons, as well as photos showing that Jones and Hicks:

    (1) have the same teeth.
    (2) are the same height.
    (3) have the same two moles on the right side of their necks.
    (4) have the same man as their best friend.

    The age difference is only because Alex Jones claims to be 43, but he looks more like a man in his 50s, which would be Hicks’ age if he were alive.

    The article will take you only about 5-10 minutes to read.

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    • Alex looks much more like the age Bill Hicks would be than 43 years old.

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    • I love that little slip by Jerome Corsi, addressing Alex conversationally as “Bill.” It’s like Dr. Eowyn accidentally using my real name, Nathan, instead of Trail Dust. Oops! The cat is out of the bag!

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    • Thanks for the link, I’d read about some of the similarities between Jones and Hicks and forgotten them. They even have moles or marks in the same places. On the voice differences, there’s voice coaches and “plastic” surgery, plastic surgery including not just the vocal tract but the face too. And yes Jones looks far older than he says he is.

      I heard Hicks said someone offered him a lot of money to become a “producer” of sorts, then he disappears, dead or as Jones. Apparently Hicks was/is friends of one of my fav bands;

      Jones has had rock stars on his shows such as Dave Mustaine, and is followed by at least some of the members of Muse, another great band. The more i think about all this the more I’m convinced Hicks is Jones.

      If Ted Turner came up to you and offered you a zillion dollars to go from standup to false flag controlled opposition figurehead, a lot of people would jump at the chance.

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  5. The Beatles were introduced to America by Tavistock, there is a lot more of this kind of thing going on than you can imagine

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    • Yeah, they (nwo) uphold creatures like Miley, Lady Gagme, and Justin Beaver to the youth of today as role models, courtesy of intelligence agencies / corporate media. Role models that are nothing but image, lacking any substance other than amorality. It was the same in the 70s and 80s, perhaps just not as ridiculous. I’m reminded of how Katy Perry was a chrisitan musician till she sold her soul to the devil to get fame and fortune.
      Then I’m reminded of that youtube video, can’t remember the name, where some hollywood insider described the lifestyle the satanists there are forced to live. Wives and husbands forced to cheat on each other or have sex with animals at the devil parties, hors d’oeuvres plates with cubed feces everyone has to eat, the absolute abasement seems to be a recurring theme.


  6. The evidence is compelling. I’ve watched several of Bill Hicks’ videos of interviews and comic routines. I just can’t find any similarity in their voices though.

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  7. There’s also the mossad I mean stratfor connection.

    And here Mr Hicks I mean Mr Jones explains why they hire stratfor alums;

    theres a war on for your mind


  8. This one is packed with gems on the subject;


    • Thank you, Josh, for the find!

      Alex Jones, erh, Bill Hicks, sure has a weakness for Khazars. That’s his vulnerability, which his handlers undoubtedly fully exploit.

      Jones-Hicks’ new Khazarian wife, Erica Wulff (Eric Wolf?), looks like a man in makeup.
      Erica Wulff, Alex Jones new wife

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  9. You’re most welcome, doc. I found this looking for info on Adam Kokesh as he was just arrested protesting the Syria attack and remembered him from the Bill Hicks show infowars;

    Anymore, if I point out to a conservative site that Jones may well be Hicks and they delete my post, I just delete that site from my favs as a nwo operation or at least unwilling to look for the truth. It’s nice to see you’re not afraid of where truth leads.


  10. “23. He didn’t report on the oddity of a young man like Hicks dying of an old man’s disease like pancreatic cancer – nor did he ask a cancer expert to comment on the plausibility of Hicks doing stand-up comedy in November 1993 with a full head of hair despite 6 months of chemotherapy.”


  11. Just saw this one;
    InfoWars’ Alex Jones is a ‘performance artist playing a character’, according to his lawyer

    “However, Randall Wilhite, Mr Jones’s attorney, said the behaviour was merely an act.

    “He’s playing a character. He is a performance artist.” Mr Wilhite said, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

    Mr Wilhite said that using Mr Jones’ on-air persona to judge him as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in Batman.”

    The facade is crumbling more and more

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  12. And another vid on Mr Hicks;

    Bill on camera “cointelproising” already in progress protests with his bullhorn.


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