Joe Biden Says If He’d Run for President He Could Have Won

Joe Biden

I bet the DNC doesn’t agree with this statement.

From Hollywood Reporter: Former Vice President Joe Biden says that if he had run for president in 2016 he could have won.

The Observer-Dispatch of Utica reports that Biden told students at Colgate University in central New York on Friday that he could have won the election but the Democratic primary would have been “very difficult.”

“On a college campus I will never, never do anything other than answer the question completely unvarnished and straightforward,” said Biden. “The answer is that I had planned on running for president. And although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won.

The Observer-Dispatch of Utica also reports that Biden also said his son Beau’s battle with brain cancer kept him out of the race. He added that Beau wanted him to try and become the next commander-in-chief.

Biden said anyone who runs for president should be able to “look the public in the eye and promise you they can give you 100 percent.”

Biden says he doesn’t regret not running but added, “Do I regret not being president? Yes.” The former vice president of the United States said he had a lot of data collected and was confident he could have won the presidency as a Democratic Party nominee.

When it comes to President Donald Trump, Biden says he hopes he “grows into the job a little bit.”


25 responses to “Joe Biden Says If He’d Run for President He Could Have Won

  1. Dirty Uncle Joe, the Commander -n-Pedofile .

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  2. I’m sure he could have if everyone was high on bath salts….

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  3. ironbutterfly1951

    Biden couldn’t win a booby prize from a 19 year old…..oh wait.

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  4. ironbutterfly1951

    I meant 10 year old.

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  5. He might have won , in his wet dreams .

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  6. Joe Biden is delusional — and a dirty old man.

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  7. He reminds me of an old man wearing a trench coat , and nothing else .

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  8. If a conservative pol had been pictured doing that to a woman , he would have been castrated , media wise ……Double standard , oh yea !

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  9. Yeah, and I’m Batman.

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  10. Think of how close we came to electing that “lying harpy,” Hillary. If she could get that close, with her many negatives, Joe Biden might have won!

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  11. That’s O.K., Joe, that’s O.K. Time to get back to the Home, now! The men in their white coats are here to escort you! Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home. (Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you…)

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  12. I can imagine what we’d have with Shotgun Joe as President-his first EO would probably be to lower the age of consent to 4 years old. (Maybe he'[d make it legal for people to shoot their guns into the air to scare intruders away,too.) sarc. Ya have to wonder how people like him managed to live long enough to become adults…..

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  13. Still running his mouth uncontrolled!

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  14. President PizzaFace?
    I don’t think so.


  15. The mere mention of this pervert creep, friendship “cake” bracelet gift to Barry, his son’s sexual relations with his dead brother’s wife, etc., makes me nauseous. This creep needs to be unmasked, filthy old man.

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  16. Uncle Joe:
    What drug are you on? I need some for my bad days!

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  17. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda .. hindsight is great, but it lies a lot.

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  18. Who tapped him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear and told him this?
    This man did so much damage under Obama in exposing our Seal Team 6 resulting in deaths. He couldn’t keep a security secret if his life depends on it, and it does.


  19. Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy

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  20. Biden the embellisher…

    Biden Fibs Again About Having Played College Football

    From the article…

    Biden has exaggerated other aspects of his college record in the past, misstating the number of degrees he obtained and how well he did in law school. He has admitted to plagiarizing a paper while attending Syracuse University College of Law.

    Biden also withdrew from his 1988 campaign for president when he was caught plagiarizing British politician Neil Kinnock’s words and ideas on the stump during the Democratic primary.

    Related links –

    Some whoppers of exaggerations by Biden

    Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

    The Write Stuff?

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  21. Is Biden still here? I always saw him as half-zombie, half-nebbish, sort of an amoral human jellyfish.


  22. I do not know who I hate more; this career sleaze bag
    or the up and coming all purpose ass clown Periello.
    Talk about a dream team.


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