Illegal alien charged in kidnapping of Texas woman


The woman was trying to help the man. Never a good idea to help an illegal. Let the authorities deal with ‘em.

From Fox News: An illegal immigrant tied up a Texas woman, forced her into her car and tried to drive off with her on Wednesday, but the woman was able to escape and eventually helped lead authorities to her suspected attacker, officials said.

The man was not identified, and it was unknown how long he had been in the U.S. or what country he comes from. A media relations person was not available on Sunday to respond to questions from Fox News.

The man was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony and aggravated kidnapping. He also faces immigration proceedings, and is being held at Dimmit County Jail, a Friday statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

The woman told authorities she had been supplying food and water to the man, who was staying somewhere behind her house, for three days before he allegedly tried to kidnap her. She escaped as the man tried to start her car, officials said.

After an emergency call from an onlooker, agents found the woman walking along a road with her hands still bound. She told officials about the harrowing incident and CBP agents and Dimmit County Sheriff’s deputies immediately began searching for the suspect.

The man was found unresponsive “lying in the brush” – though medical technicians later determined he was “faking his condition,” the statement said.

“The skill sets of the men and women of the United States Border Patrol are simply incredible,” Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak said in the statement. “Tracking and arresting this subject resulted in the detention of an undocumented alien with a propensity for violence.”



7 responses to “Illegal alien charged in kidnapping of Texas woman

  1. If we started executing these vermin, on the spot and hanging them in plain view, this would slow down and, eventually, stop.
    I’m all for “legal immigration” but not illegal entry.


  2. not the wisest of choices…I certainly hope she learns from her self-imposed “ordeal” and never allows illegals or strange men on her property again….somehow, I think not….usually can’t fix stupid.

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  3. I used to live close to the border in a rural setting. We knew that illegals sometimes stopped to ask for water. I instructed my wife: if that happens when I’m not home, get the shotgun and use it to point to the outdoor water faucet, then call the Border Patrol.

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  4. Good play,Jurist!
    I believe,at least during President Trump’s Administration,the Border Patrol will have authority and resources to deal properly with these illegals;lock them out of your house,allow them to drink water and fill water bottles from a hose or outside faucet if they wish,then indicate,with your shotgun,it’s time for them to move on. (This indication is pretty universally understood.) While they’re drinking,call the Border Patrol or Cops,try to keep them on the phone until the illegals have left. If you don’t feel safe having them on your property,skip the water and just urge them to leave;the rest stands. (Some places,you can get in trouble for “brandishing a weapon”-you might want to check with authorities in your area about that.)


    • Thanks for the reply! I haven’t researched each state’s laws, but I can’t imaging anywhere that brandishing from within one’s own home will ever be prosecuted, unless the resident makes unreasonably threatening or reckless actions (e.g. Warning shots) as well.

      As ever, if the police ever question you, your standard answers must be some version of either of the following: “I feared for my life” or “I regret that I can’t answer that without first consulting my attorney”.


  5. If an illegal invader comes knocking asking for water, tell him there is plenty of it in the Rio Grande.

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  6. I will not help anyone along a road unless; it was an accident scene or it was a law office in need of public assistance…….. Otherwise, I would report it, if needed, and keep on keeping on.


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