Death over a pronoun? Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns

Protest against the return of Sujit Choudhry to campus and reaction to editorial by him.

Pablo Gomez Jr. in the center, protesting, as usual.

Now the narrative is that the incorrect usage of a pronoun is the cause of a murder? I call BS.

From Sacramento Bee: Pablo Gomez Jr. was a University of California, Berkeley, senior majoring in Latino studies and a prominent campus activist when authorities say he stabbed to death a popular elementary-school teacher.

Soon, the crime that police described as “very brutal and unusual” in a city that reported just two homicides last year was sucked up into the debate over gender identity when it was reported that Gomez preferred to be called “they” rather than “he.”

Even in famously liberal Berkeley, with its long history of protest, the uproar came as a surprise, overwhelming the online news site,, that first reported on Gomez’s preference. “I didn’t see it as something that would anger anyone,” reporter Emilie Raguso said.

After Raguso’s report, conservative commentator Ann Coulter ridiculed the pronoun change and mocked Gomez’s activist background. and other conservative political websites picked up the story.

On the university campus, where the debate over nontraditional pronouns has simmered, some students said Gomez’s case is different. “I think you give away your right to make a demand like that when you are arrested for killing somebody,” said junior Jonothan Chow, a member of the College Republicans.

Representatives of UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center, where Gomez was a member, declined requests to comment on the controversy, as did other gay rights activist groups in Berkeley.

Victim Emile Inman, a 27-year-old native of France, was found in her home in January with a “We Stand with Standing Rock” sign in the front window she shared with other young roommates a few miles from campus. Hours earlier on Jan. 6, police found Kiana Schmitt, 24, seriously injured outside an apartment just north of campus. Police have declined to say how Schmitt was connected to Gomez.

Gomez was arrested Jan. 7 at a Burbank hospital near the Southern California home of Gomez’s parents. Gomez is being held in jail and is accused of killing Inman and assaulting Schmitt.

A young woman who answered the door this week at Inman’s home declined to comment, and her family also has refused requests from The Associated Press and other media to comment on her death.

Gomez’s attorney, George Arroyo, declined to comment and Gomez’s parents did not respond to email requests for comment. Their telephone listing in Los Angeles appears disconnected.

The judge in the case ordered a mental health evaluation after Gomez was removed from a Feb. 1 court hearing to enter a plea to charges of murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and robbery.

Deputies led a kicking and screaming Gomez from the courtroom after a brief meeting with Arroyo.



17 responses to “Death over a pronoun? Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns

  1. At the time when Berkeleyside‘s Emilie Raguso reported Gomez’s murder of Inman, she used the pronoun “they” to refer to Gomez. I wrote two successive comments asking why she used the pronoun; both comments were blocked and never published. In a subsequent email exchange with Raguso, she defended using the “they” pronoun on the grounds that it’s the Associated Press guideline for journalists on the proper use of pronouns and gender. I then asked Raguso if a mentally ill person insists that he/she is Santa Claus, would Berkeleyside comply and refer to that person as Santa Claus? Raguso never responded to my question.

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    • Lol next time you chat with her ask her how she feels about Caucasian studies as curriculum, and having a campus org named White Male Initiative. The local community college here has a Black Male Initiative on campus and they have large posters hung around the commons. back on topic, my prayers go out to the friends and family of the victim and the perp.

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    • We need to campaign for attack helicopter gender recognition. I am offended, insulted, and marginalized because my gender of choice as a piece of military hardware is not recognized. I demand equality for all attack helicopters now. All AH-64s and Mi-24s deserve recognition. We will not be victims.


  2. If they dont like being called he or she, they should be referred to as “it”.

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  3. I agree with Rainer – “IT” may be appropriate. However pandering to any of this is agreeing to be insane as those that are demanding all the different pronouns. The real point is, this a blatant defiling of our language. ” They” is an established plural pronoun. For society to agree to use it otherwise is degrading the language, and therefore the ability of the vast majority to be able to communicate efficiently, and precisely. Aside from the obvious problems with this whole pronoun crap, to destroy the standards of language like this is unconscionable. The ONLY way the word ” They” could be properly used by this insane man is if he is possessed. i.e., there is demon residing within him that he has happily embraced as a co-habitant in his life. Maybe that is the case- he’s possessed.

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  4. Does anyone know why HE did this? Did he have a motive for killing this young woman and attempting to kill another, or is he just another homicidal maniac who is typically associated with the LGBTQXYZ crowd…or whatever they call themselves today?

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  5. “They.” You know, Legion. Possessed little deviant.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    I think it appropriate to just return to the old and more descriptively accurate pronouns we grew up hearing, and were understood by all. That is faggots, lezbos, trannys, queers, and the others that leave no question. After all, if they mean to be murderous maniacs, the anger and mental disorder is already present within.

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  7. I know most jails have a male wing or two and a few female wings. I just don’t think they have a “They” wing. But with his attitude it won’t matter which wing that put him in he will likely wind up getting an a$$ whipping by the third day IF not sooner!

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  8. ‘He’ Didn’t Commit the Crime… ‘They’ Did!…-they-did/article/2006320

    Related link –

    A Murder that Says Everything about California

    Pic of Gomez posing with Gov. Jerry Brown and billionaire activist Tom Steyer at some leftist climate change forum….

    Queer Activist Arrested for Murder, Friend Insists He Goes By ‘They’

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  9. The Weekly Standard article stated he was a transgender, maybe that is where he gets off using the plural word they.
    At what point do people stop paying those ridiculous fees to UCBerkely, where they allow ridiculous amounts of protesting and and distractions. Isn’t education suppose to be the name of the game here?
    There absolutely should be a limit.
    This guy was a confused and demented individual. He hates whites and obviously you can add women to his list.
    Is he legal? And to me,it looks like he has some Asian in his background also.
    And anyone that played into his little game of pronouns did not help this guy, including his “friend” that insist he is called “they.”
    I hope they hang him

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  10. They > Multiple Personality Disorder (?)

    Locals & Family must be spooked as no one connected/contacted wanted to be interviewed by media. Maybe Gomez was a product of DeepState mind splitting/control. (Not an excuse for his vicious crimes.) Was his photo op w/Governor just a coincidence?

    Great comments by everyone, the serious & the funnies! And good for Dr.E for questioning the reporter!

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  11. Lotta good Latino studies is going to do this low-life scum in the big house.

    LOL – I bet he’ll be identifying as a female right soon.

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  12. sick, sick, sick

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