This is Chiraq: Man posts selfie with a toddler holding a firearm

man with toddler and gun

And her finger is on the trigger. Utter madness.

From MyFoxChicago: Police are investigating a photo that was posted on social media that shows a child holding a handgun.

A concerned resident walked into the Wentworth District offices on Wednesday to report a picture someone texted him on Tuesday that shows a male holding a child who was holding an unknown model handgun, according to Chicago Police. The text message said that the photo was shared on social media.

Andrew Holmes, a community activist, said somebody showed him the photo about midnight Tuesday, and he reported it to police the next day.

“We just lost a 3-year-old boy last week who had his hands on a gun,” Holmes said. “We’re supposed to be leaders and try to keep guns out of children’s hands, yet here she is with her hands on the trigger.”

Police said it is unknown whether the gun is a firearm or a replica or whether the photo was taken in Chicago.

An Endangering the Life/Health of a Child case report was started, and the incident is under police investigation.



9 responses to “This is Chiraq: Man posts selfie with a toddler holding a firearm

  1. First clarify this was a real gun. It it’s a toy BIG DEAL. It really looks like a toy! As a child we all played cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians using CAP guns. It the gun is real, this nut case needs to be charged with child endangerment and have his gun removed from him. This child is to young and small to teach the facts to her about what guns can do and to respect them.


  2. And doesn’t he just look like he’s one brick short of a load? Why would anyone of any degree of intelligence allow a child to “play” with a gun? This joker needs to go to jail, and the child needs to be removed from this home. Tell me . . . where is this child’s mother? Is she a moron also?

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  3. Hey, just like the Mideast…

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  4. Well,at LEAST it’s not a selfie of him SODOMIZING the child. True though,at that age the child shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR a gun. In 2 or 3 years,it’d be a good idea to start teaching the child some basics of guns-i.e. if you find a gun ANYWHERE,don’t touch it,don’t let anyone else touch it,get a trained adult,or better yet,a Cop (Can’t believe I have to specify this) to deal with it.

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  5. I wonder if he would think it is still cute if she happened to turn around and blow his nose off?
    This has a whole different feeling from playing Cowboys and Indians as a child. This is showing that little girl, this is the norm.

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  6. Close inspection of the photograph shows that it is not a firearm. Somehow, growing up in the midwest US where most boys owned and did target practice with “at least” a “Red Ryder” BB gun by the time they were ten, I am not panicked by a child touching a piece of plastic shaped like a gun. Every high school in Kansas City had a highly competitive rifle team. And, yes, we did shoot “real bullets.” Thousands of them.

    Go to the old newspaper archives of cities in the midwest, and you will have a very difficult time finding any stories or reports of children getting injured by guns. Familiarity, rather then breeding contempt, bred good habits, precision skills, a sense of responsibility, and a realistic approach to life.


  7. I’m all for kids being educated about guns, but sheesh.

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