Sunday Devotional: Was blind and now I see

Ezekiel 12:2

[Y]ou are living among a rebellious people.
They have eyes to see but do not see
and ears to hear but do not hear,
for they are a rebellious people.

And when a people are rebellious, with eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, the result is the upside down world we live in where evil is called good, and good is called evil (Isaiah 5:20) because “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

We were amply warned by prophets and saints for the times in which we find ourselves. Humans are experts at lying. Every day and in every way, we find yet another case of monumental deception. (Go here and scroll down to a list of fakery that’ll take your breath away.)

So how do we acquire the eyes that see — the spiritual sight that penetrates the dark webs of deception which surround us?

How does one go from “I was blind and now I see“? (John 9:25)

The answer is Christ.


John 8:12

I am the light of the world, says the Lord;
whoever follows me will have the light of life.

And when you follow Him . . . .

Ephesians 5:8-14

Brothers and sisters:
You were once darkness,
but now you are light in the Lord.
Live as children of light,
for light produces every kind of goodness
and righteousness and truth.
Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.
Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness;
rather expose them, for it is shameful even to mention
the things done by them in secret;
but everything exposed by the light becomes visible,
for everything that becomes visible is light.
Therefore, it says:
“Awake, O sleeper,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ will give you light.”

May the light of Jesus Christ our Lord be with you!



10 responses to “Sunday Devotional: Was blind and now I see

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  2. Too, too true! Someone wrote decades ago that our world suffers as it does not because of unbelievers and people that do evil, so much as it does from the believers and those who don’t do as much good as they could. From all I’ve seen, it seems far easier for many people to do evil than to do the necessary good. Many times it is from simple neglect.

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  4. The world is blind because they do not have the truth. The majority of the American church is blind because of a lack of a Berean attitude.

    The prosperity gospel and the pre-trib escapism mentality has made the bride a fat and lazy harlot.

    Just calling it like I see it.

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  5. TY

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  6. Wonderful lesson for this Sunday. There is no doubt that each person who is a follower of Christ will have their own unique “conversion story.” Thank you for taking the time to prepare this special lesson for us.

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  7. thank you for this beautiful devotional Dr. Eowyn…..every time I hear the ‘Amazing Grace’ song I think of Saul and his encounter with Jesus.
    Our Lord made him blind to the world for a period of time and when sight was granted back to him by the Holy Spirit through Ananias, Saul ‘saw the light’ and literally became a “changed man”.
    Saul, the persecutor of Christians, was baptized and became Paul the staunchest advocate for Christ.
    Without Jesus, we all have a “Saul” within us. But, with Jesus, the ‘old man’ can be become a ‘new man’ filled with the light of Truth and who once was Saul can now be Paul. All due to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  8. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs of all time, but the history behind the song gives it a personal meaning, not just to me, but it should to all.
    * Amazing Grace:
    The Story of John Newton

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  9. Thank you, MomOfIV and all commenters. May God bless and protect you all in our time of spiritual darkness.


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