Et tu, Gateway Pundit? Report on yesterday’s Pizzagate March on D.C. disappeared into the memory hole

Memory Hole (definition):

A mechanism for the alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts, or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened. The concept was first popularized by George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the Party’s Ministry of Truth systematically re-created all potential historical documents, in effect, re-writing all of history to match the often-changing state propaganda.

Yesterday, March 25, 2017, as planned, there was a protest in front of the White House to raise awareness about Pizzagate.

The protest was planned to begin at 11 a.m.

At 12:09 p.m., AltMedia powerhouse Gateway Pundit published a report by its correspondent Lucian Wintrich on the protest, “#Make America Great Again Vets Rally Alongside #PizzaGate Protesters in Washington, D.C.“. That evening, FOTM received Wintrich’s article in an email from reader “GiGi”. By that time, the article had garnered 65 comments from Gateway Pundit‘s readers.

Wintrich’s article consisted of 4 photos of the protest, some pics taken at an earlier date of the interior of Comet Ping Pong, and two paragraphs of text written by Wintrich. Below are 2 pics from the protest.

This is what Lucian Wintrich wrote:

Outside the White House, hundreds have gathered to both show support for President Donald J. Trump while others gathered to raise awareness over the controversial #PizzaGate conspiracy. For those of you who might not know, #PizzaGate believers allege that a Washington pizzeria, named Comet Ping-Pong, is the home of a global pedophilia and child sex abuse ring organized by people including Hillary Clinton, Jon Podesta, among and other leading Democrats and members of the DNC.

While a member of The Gateway Pundit reporting staff did venture down to Comet Ping-Pong to investigate, the only thing we came away with is the fact the pizzeria is very creepy and does not seem child-friendly at all. We were not able to prove or confirm allegations of child trafficking, just creepiness (see pictures below, taken by a Gateway Pundit reporter inside Comet Ping-Pong).

Here are 4 pics of Comet Ping Pong in Lucian Wintrich’s article:

Early this morning, when I clicked on the embedded link to Wintrich’s article (, I got this message:

Not found, error 404

The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it by using the search form below.

I did just that:

  • I went on Gateway Pundit‘s home page ( and scrolled through its recently published articles. There is no article titled “#Make America Great Again Vets Rally Alongside #PizzaGate Protesters in Washington, D.C.“.
  • I searched for “PizzaGate protesters,” “PizzaGate protest,” “vets rally”. Again, there is no article titled “#Make America Great Again Vets Rally Alongside #PizzaGate Protesters in Washington, D.C.“.
  • I then went on Lucian Wintrich’s author’s page ( As you can verify for yourself, the page shows that Wintrich’s most recent article was published on March 22, 2017 on London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The page shows no article written by Wintrich since March 22, and most certainly no article on the Pizzagate protest.

In other words, Wintrich’s Pizzagate protest article had been disappeared into the memory hole, with no explanation from Gateway Pundit.

A day before the Pizzagate protest, Alex Jones of InfoWars, another AltMedia powerhouse, publicly apologized to James Alefantis — the owner of Comet Ping Pong whom GQ magazine named the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D.C. — for having broadcast videos and published articles on Pizzagate, which Jones now calls “an incorrect narrative”. See “Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate ‘fake news’ on eve of March on D.C.“.

Sure looks like the Alex Jones virus has infected Gateway Pundit as well.

Update (March 27, 2017):

Although Gateway Pundit took down Wintrich’s report, it is preserved (for now) in the Internet archive, aka Way Back Machine. Here’s the link.



49 responses to “Et tu, Gateway Pundit? Report on yesterday’s Pizzagate March on D.C. disappeared into the memory hole

  1. More Bizarro New World Disorder…. The feral gubbmint must cut to the chase and end the distractions, if we are to restore ANYTHING that resembles a Republic, ever!

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  2. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    Censorship around the pizzagate/pedogate issue continues.

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  3. William Brandon Shanley

    Dear Dr. Eowyn — Thank you for the memory!

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  4. Coincidence, sure……
    There is some protecting going on. And those in high places with something to lose is behind this.

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  6. SHOCKER UNCOVERED! – 2013 NBC reported on Hillary’s State Dept and Pedophilia! LEAKED!

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  7. Wonder if people will start getting “disappeared” like the ones “eaten up” by the Clintons’ list.

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  8. Citizens are going to have to REMOVE the elite-the evidence is clearly there-these people are the ones involved and they will not prosecute themselves; the problem is if any one group investigates it brings the whole house of cards down-all the crimes in government, e.g., drug running, gun running, nuclear proliferation, assassinations, fortune 1000 companies in league with government to destroy, make war, steal, enslave, sell the refugees into sex slavery etc-all this comes out.

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  9. Found the page on the wayback machine for March 25th. Sent it to you Dr. Eowyn. Yep, they scrubbed it. By the way, there’s a lot about Alex Jones that people are not aware of…

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  10. Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil

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  11. Christopher Greene of AMTV stated pizzagate is being used as a “trap” to delegitimize the reporting alternative media in order to shut them down with threats of lawsuits and to bring down the liberty freedom movement. He emphasized that pizzagate and the pedophile rings are very real. I don’t always agree with everything Mr. Greene believes on some other subjects but I think he has a point on this one. Here’s a link:

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    • That sounds about right. Otherwise why would Jones apologize? So they’ve got a front that looks like a pedo ring hang out, but it’s just a dodge from where the real stuff is going on. Makes sense! And I bet they got lots of lawyers ready to attack anyone who dares disparage their ping pong place. Wonder if they use the moniker ‘ping pong’ for a reason, just like a game of ping pong, go from one side to the other, ping ponging around all over the place.

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  12. What a disappointment re GP! The “Deep State” must run Deeper than we can imagine. (Ditto Thumbs Down on AJ!)

    Wintrich was in NYC that same night 3/25/17. He was at a lounge with friends when Obama’s oldest drunken kid verbally attacked him.

    He snapped a photo of her while she was being carted away by her own security people. He was later told to delete that photo from all his social media. He refused, so he & friends were kicked out & banned from the lounge:

    Sat. Night 3/25/17 in NYC:

    “Privileged Party Girl Malia Obama FREAKS OUT & Accosts White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich at Exclusive NY Lounge”:

    If Wintrich is normally so fearless, then who got to GP head, Jim Hoft re PizzaGate? Hmmm.

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  13. Was this the post where the family of four all had white t-shirts, with red lettering, and blue neckbands [possibly armbands, as well] – with the t-shirts saying something like “Pizzagate is real?” I saw a post, yesterday, I think, but don’t recall if it was GWP or elsewhere. I do visit GWP often, though. Didn’t realize that the post had disappeared. Not surprised.

    Thankfully, I am not alone in some of my thinking… When I mention it, pzagt, to friends or family, even just casually in conversation where something else is / was being discussed, and there is, perhaps, a casual connection, I get responses like, “Oh, come on, you can’t be serious.” “You really believe that crap?” Or, a favorite of my youngest sister, after her shrill chuckle, “You’re going to have to loosen the straps of that tinfoil helmet again, Beth.” [She and I aren’t speaking at this point. I’ve just had it up to ____ {here} with her, ‘Holier than thou’ and ‘I’ve got a master’s degree {education}. What degree do you have? Oops. Sorry. What certificate do you have?’ attitude. Yes, I realize she’s family, but… How’s that saying go, ’bout “choosing your friends, but not choosing family?” She’s the ONLY democrat / liberal / progressive sibling – there were five of us, now four, from very conservative parents. How’d she get so screwed up?!? Rhetorical. Liberal arts college was the beginning of her “indoctrination.”]

    Back to disappeared down the memory hole… Speaking of… I started somewhere [? seriously, do not remember exactly how or what set me off on this particular tangent – but, off I went] earlier and in a comment I read, not even meant for me, but a response to someone else, and it was suggested to search Chris Bollyn and Rebekah Roth, so, off I went. One of the sites the search came up with was on the Memory Hole blog. Having visited in the past, it was familiar [there used to be a link on the sidebar, here, at FOTM, too, wasn’t there?], so I clicked on it. Got a screen I’ve never seen before! Something to the effect, “Do Not Go Further. The site you wish to visit WILL put a malicious virus on your computer. We recommend a Google site-check, or that you search for an alternative.” What The !!?? [I’m also certain that I’ve clicked on the site link, from here at FOTM, in the not too distant past, and instead of getting to read the MH blog, there’s been a message type screen that I either had to have a password or an invitation? Something I’d meant to follow up on, but just didn’t, at the time. Can anyone help me in that regard? Do I need to privately e-mail someone? Surely I’ve been here long enough to have established that I am a legitimately interested and sincere reader, occasional commenter, but not a “troll,” or spammer, or…]

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    • James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog is defunct, for now. He’s had problems with a guy he’d hired to restore it on another blog-server, but the last I heard, the man malingered and didn’t do what he was paid to do.

      That’s why I removed the link to MHB on FOTM‘s Blogroll.

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      • Thanks for that update. Poor guy, trouble comes in threes. One thing after another. Demons or DeepState, no matter, as both rail against any truth-exposers.

        Maybe the (useless) tech guy JT hired to transition MHB got spooked from reading the content along the way & had a red-pill overdose meltdown. 😉

        Either way, never pay in full up front.

        I also noticed JT has no “live link” to MHB right now at his Twitter profile, so I’m sure that’s why.

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  14. A few tweets from James Tracey’s feed re PizzaGate…

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    • Liked by 3 people

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      • Speaking of Mr. Weiner, the NYPost says he & Huma are back together; friends are all so happy for them, including Clintons; friends say he’s been in sex addiction rehab, that he has a “sickness,” that’s all! Huma supposedly trying to forgive since he (supposedly) never had sex with anyone, only the photos-fetish.

        Saboteur has the Soap Opera Scoop from NYP (link from his twitter feed):

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        • I am of the opinion that this marriage was a sham from the start, and that they are getting back together solely for legal reasons, i.e., so they don’t destroy each other if the day comes when pigs really do fly and one of the is subpoenaed against the other. Sadly, there is an innocent little boy involved, who I hope is truly loved even though, like the two rent-a-kids loaned to the jugearedass and his bearded grifting wide-butt bitter half, he is nothing more than a political prop. He IS still a child, and truly innocent, right now. Imagine that in just a few short years he is going to figure out what his parents are – his dad a serial pervert, and his mom a muslime agent willing to be shillary’s – whatever – companion, for lack of a better term, right now, and how his life will be destroyed. Sad, for him. Just sad.

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        • This is surely a disinfo patch on shameless ones, all unrepenting sinners from the get-go. We should not feel sorry for any of them; that was my downfall in thinking the ones I met only needed more TLC. And I’m sure that the dead ones will be making their appearance soon, ‘suicides’ & ‘accidents’ as always.

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  15. That the rich and famous, or should I say infamous, are involved in many of these nefarious schemes is nothing surprising. That sex scandals are a part of it is also not surprising, given the very public nature of the Bill Clinton scandal, and the fact that sex is a powerful tool that is often used by those in power to maintain their hold over people. I predict that it will never see the light of day. The people who have the power in Washington are simply too powerful at this point to be stopped. Things would have to change in the basic structure before something could be done about any single scandal. And there is little incentive for that change, when the powerful not only know the skeletons in the closets of the rest of the people in D.C., but most likely put them there.

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  16. uh, sorry, but it looks like a lot of smoke and no fire. What a stretch – from a dimly-lit pizza place with a couple ping pong tables and crappy artwork – to a global fricking cannibal/sex/luciferian network. You’ll have to do better than that with this former newspaper editor.


    • Surely, being a “former newspaper editor,” you would have seen the many Podesta “pizza” emails on WikiLeaks?
      Investigative journalists have looked into potential scandals with far less circumstantial evidence than pizzagate, but no reporter has touched this. Instead, the DeepStateMedia (formerly known as the MSM) immediately circled their wagons, crowing that pizzagate is fake news and groundless. That, of course, is a ludicrous claim to make because no one — not the DeepStateMedia, not D.C. police, not the FBI that we know — had actually investigated pizzagate, so how then can the DeepStateMedia so confidently declare it’s fake news? One would think that you, as a “former newspaper editor,” would see that.

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    • Just looking at the emails as well as images the alleged perps posted to their own social media and then deleted because they’re innocent, should make any thinking person consider there’s a bit more to pizzagate than tin foil

      Also see here for related;

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  17. Some forward-thinker archived Wintrich’s article:

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  18. I don’t doubt that anyone with alternative media influence is being told in no uncertain terms that they risk a fate worse then death. The pedophile ring is wide and deep, and everyone involved is not only powerful but compromised. Ending this multi-faceted depravity is going to take a miracle.

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  20. Pingback: Intelwars2 – March 27, 2017 – (We welcome Donald J. Trump as the 45th President Of The United States Of America!) *Breaking News Headlines!* The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are NOW UNDER RESTORATION! 24 Hour Emerge

  21. I cannot help but feel that Alex Jones may have been advised he would
    join William Colby, Andrew Breitbart, Chris Story and Vince Foster if he
    continued to report on Comet Ping Pong Pizza and the degenerates
    involved. He had better visit the Wizard of OZ and get what the Lion did.

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  22. One thing I take away from this subject is just how explosive the story is. The Arkansas Flu seems to have come back with a dangerous new strain.

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  23. gee, maybe gateway pundit DOESN’T want to be caught in a honey trap set up by the real PEDOGATE creepazoids … despite all the supposed pic, etc. NO PROOF has been produced that this particular pizza place is guilty. Three undercover teams were sent in… NOTHING WAS FOUND!!!

    You want to save children, go after the pedos with REAL FACTS, please.


    • Were you expecting them to let you in on their snuff film scenes, or perhaps into their dungeon whilst molestations took place? Perhaps you feel you’re Bill Hicks walking into Bohemian Grove, camera in hand, getting the goods on all nwo. I can’t see them making things that easy, however they do like to put their actions in our faces by their business logos and social media posts, kinda like this is us, this is what we do, what are you going to do about it? Have you looked at all the pedo lingo and imagery the perps themselves posted to their own personal social media spaces or placed into their business logos? Sounds like your mind’s already made up, so no worries.

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  24. Something smells, and I’m guessing it’s Podesta’s goons.


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