Saturday Funny: No snowflakes need apply

Founded in 1970, Brickl Bros. is a full-service design build general contractor in Wisconsin, which specializes in four main areas of construction: commercial, agriculture, suburban, and building rehabilitation.

This is Brickl Bros.’s billboard:


9 responses to “Saturday Funny: No snowflakes need apply

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  2. I’ll bet they’re NEVER at a loss for work.

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  3. Wait for the lawsuit… ACLU, LGBTQ Mattters, etc…

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  4. I LOVE IT. Tellin’ it like it is!

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  6. If only they were in Victoria, BC! We are twice cursed: not only is our Province the ‘California of Canada,’ but Victoria is deemed our SF… Groan!

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  7. I predict these guys will flourish.
    read more on this at:
    Owner/co-owner interview. Tells it like it is. Needs to be. How it really works.

    I’ve worked for people like this. ‘Let’s figure out how to get it done. Let’s get it done. We got it done. Celebrate. Let’s figure out the next thing that needs to be done. Repeat.’

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