Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate ‘fake news’ on eve of March on D.C.

“Pizzagate” is the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network connecting powerful Democratic Party élites and two Washington, D.C. pizzerias, Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong. The latter is owned by James Alefantis, listed by GQ as the 49th most powerful person in D.C. and a former boyfriend of Clinton crony and Democratic Party operative David Brock of Media Matters.

Below is a picture that Alefantis posted to his Instagram account (source: The Tap Blog). After this and other pictures were uncovered by 4chan, his account is no longer accessible to the public:

Using Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram account, a Comet Ping Pong barman named joshuaryanv posted an obscene picture of two people having sex on top of a giant slice of pizza. To see the pic, click here.

Given the gravity of the accusations and the many compelling circumstantial evidence, it is curious that no official investigation has been made by either law enforcement or the MSM. See “Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann”.

Today, March 25, beginning at 11 a.m., there will be a peaceful demonstration in Lafayette Park across from the White House, asking for an official investigation into Pizzagate.

Yesterday, on the eve of the planned March on D.C. against pedophiles, InfoWars’ Alex Jones publicly apologized for having propagated fake news (“an incorrect narrative”) on Pizzagate.

Jones’ apology was specifically directed at Alefantis who, last month (February 2017), wrote Jones asking that InfoWars retract statements made about Alefantis although:

  • Jones had already removed broadcasts concerning Alefantis from both InfoWars’ website and social media.
  • Jones and InfoWars already had “dissociated” themselves from Pizzagate months ago in December 2016.

Despite all that, Alex Jones still felt compelled to issue a public apology, not just to Alefantis, but for participating in the Pizzagate narrative in general. Moreover, Jones blames his Pizzagate involvement on others — “third party accounts of alleged activities and conduct at” Comet Ping Pong, as well as “accounts of reporters who are no longer with us.”

Here is Alex Jones’ “A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage” (I added the bold highlight in red):

Last fall before the Presidential election, a large number of media outlets began reporting on allegations arising from emails released by Wikileaks that appeared to come from John Podesta, who served Presidents Clinton and Obama and was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Dozens of those stories and articles raised or discussed theories that some of Podesta’s emails contained code words for human trafficking and/or pedophilia. Stories also included allegations connecting members of the Democratic Party with a number of restaurants involved with a child sex ring. These stories were cited and discussed in social media and went viral on the Internet.

One of the persons mentioned in many of the stories in the media was a Washington, D.C. restaurant owner named James Alefantis, and his pizza  restaurant Comet Ping Pong. It is fair to say that Mr. Alefantis is a prominent individual who has been mentioned as a power player in Washington. Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant were mentioned in many stories published by a lot of different outlets. Mr. Alefantis was quoted in many subsequent stories, and he denied any involvement in such child sex rings. These denials were reported in national media and many other media outlets and news websites.

The volume of stories was substantial, generated national headlines and came to be known across the country as “Pizzagate.” We at Infowars became a part of that discussion. We broadcast commentary about the allegations and the theory that the emails contained code words. We raised questions about information in Mr. Podesta’s emails and the Comet Ping Pong restaurant. We believed at that time that further investigation was necessary. In December 2016 we disassociated ourselves from the “Pizzagate” claims and theories, a position we reiterated last month after being contacted by Mr. Alefantis.

In late February 2017, we received a letter from Mr. Alefantis asking that we retract certain statements that he says were made in seven of our broadcasts between the last week of November and the first week of December 2016. We have attempted, through our lawyers, to contact Mr. Alefantis to discuss with him what sort of statement he would like to see made.

In our commentary about what had become known as Pizzagate, I made comments about Mr. Alefantis that in hindsight I regret, and for which I apologize to him. We were participating in a discussion that was being written about by scores of media outlets, in one of the most hotly contested and disputed political environments our country has ever seen. We relied on third party accounts of alleged activities and conduct at the restaurant. We also relied on accounts of reporters who are no longer with us. This was an ever-evolving story, which had a huge amount of commentary about it across many media outlets.

As I have said before, what became a heightened focus on Mr. Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong by many media outlets was not appropriate. To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis, nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in many media outlets and which we commented upon.

I want our viewers and listeners to know that we regret any negative impact our commentaries may have had on Mr. Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong, or its employees. We apologize to the extent our commentaries could be construed as negative statements about Mr. Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong, and we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing.

Here’s what we have done to clarify to the public. Months ago we took down the majority of broadcasts/videos including ones that only mentioned Pizzagate. This happened months before we were even contacted by Mr. Alefantis. Mr. Alefantis objected to portions of seven particular radio broadcasts. We have taken down those seven broadcasts and we have attempted to take down any broadcasts that mentioned Mr. Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong. We have attempted to do so not just on our website but also social media sites such as our YouTube channel. If Mr. Alefantis has other objections, we invite him to let us know. Two reporters who used to be associated with us are no longer with us. In a recent broadcast, I invited Mr. Alefantis on our program to state what he wanted to, and I again do so here. He has given interviews to many media outlets, and he is welcome to come on our show.

In issuing this statement, we are not admitting that Mr. Alefantis, or his restaurant, have any legal claim. We do not believe they do. But we are issuing this statement because we think it is the right thing to do. It will be no surprise to you that we will fight for children across America. But the Pizzagate narrative, as least as concerning Mr. Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong, we have subsequently determined was based upon what we now believe was an incorrect narrative. Despite the fact that we were far from the genesis of this story, it is never easy to admit when your commentaries are based on inaccurate information, but we feel like we owe it to you the listeners, viewers and supporters to make that statement, and give an apology to you and to Mr. Alefantis, when we do.

We encourage you to hold us accountable. We improve when you do.

Alex Jones,

In a departure from standard InfoWars practice, readers are prevented from commenting on Jones’ apology as “Comments for this thread are now closed”.

Jones’ curious timing — issuing a public apology for having engaged in the “incorrect narrative” about Pizzagate on the eve of the March on D.C. to raise public awareness on Pizzagate — can only discredit today’s March, as well as any and all efforts in the Alternative Media to uncover and shed light on D.C. pedophilia.

That there are pedophiles in Washington, D.C. is not farfetched given the Franklin child sex-ring scandal of 1988-1991 which involved GOP élites in Washington, D.C., and Nebraska’s Boys Town and assorted prominent citizens. The scandal is documented in two books:

Then there is the more recent case of former Congressman and House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) who, in April 2016 at his sentencing hearing, admitted under pressure from the judge that he had sexually abused boys. The judge in the case called Hastert a “serial child molester” and imposed a sentence of 15 months in prison, two years’ supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.

David Seaman asks “What do they have on a man [Alex Jones] who’s been so vocal on other issues plaguing our society, what did they have on him that the day before the national protest against Pizzagate and against Pedogate he has to issue a public apology?”

See also:

H/t Will Shanley


46 responses to “Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate ‘fake news’ on eve of March on D.C.

  1. Call me silly, but Jones is usually very dug in on stories he believes in.
    I smell a rat or in this case, someone issued an ultimatum.

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    • Concur with that thought.

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    • Everyone who listens to Jones should see this vid and decide for themselves if he’s who he lets on or not;

      The further story is Bill Hicks was hired by Ted Turner to become “Alex Jones” and be a shill figurehead in the “patriot” movement.

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      • Forgot to add that his employees have an nda and won’t comment on their former employer.

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      • Fascinating blog comparing pics of Alex Jones with Bill Hicks — a standup comedian, social critic and comedian who “allegedly died of [pancreatic] cancer in 1994 but he had no public funeral; Alex came on the scene shortly after Bill’s passing and has no verifiable history before 1994. Alex claims to have gone to Anderson high school but when people call up, Anderson says they have no record of him.” Hicks & Jones have the same teeth and the same 2 moles on the right side of the neck.

        Bill Hicks & Alex Jones


        • Dr. Eowyn, it was only a week ago that I was compelled to search out the Bill Hicks/Alex Jones allegations. I was puzzled about how to perceive it. In my opinion, there is no reasonable doubt that Alex is Bill. As an artist, the facial features are exactly the same man at different times. The shouting voice of both men is exactly the same. Alex’s talking voice has always struck me as an affectation, and may have begun to be his normal voice after so many times of shouting and talking that way, similar to what happens to sop rock singers. Bill at some point in his stand-up career took a lesson from George Carlin, and began to attack the secret rulers of this world. Bill also began to like the kind of gig he saw Rush Limbaugh enjoying, fame, money and all. And speaking your mind is easier to do without the burden of having to also be funny.

          So here’s how it looks to me. Bill ended his born identity by “dying,” and 3 years later his body double, with a different hairstyle, comes on the scene reporting on the government massacre at Waco.

          Bill Hicks and Alex Jones share something in common. They both have the same best friend.

          “But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

          Bill remade himself in the same way professional wrestlers disappear and mysteriously come back as another wrestler, with a new style, and a new name. In the wrestler analogy, we see that this is entertainment, packaging, and money. It’s not a scandal. It’s entertainment. Roy Rogers was born Leonard Sly; John Wayne was born as Marion Morrison. If I took offense at that, I would have to also give you the born names of Dr. Eowyn and Trail Dust.

          So what about Alex’s real thoughts and motives?

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        • As a voice coach, I can tell you that “flap” you hear in Jones’ voice is just that. A healed fissure that can only be a result of a birth deformity, a serious vocal injury or vocal surgery. This is something Hicks had to have done so voice prints wouldn’t match.
          The big question is what happened to the real Alex Jones? You know the one who was cute and had a much thicker southern accent? He looked a lot like Bill, I must admit, but not enough to fool the kind of analyses you have all presented and viewed.

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  2. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    Alex Jones didn’t submit a public statement before abandoning serious investigation of Sandy Hook. But yesterday, he issued a statement of apology and retraction to James Alefantis regarding Infowars’ truncated investigation into the “pizzagate” issue. Curious, indeed. FOTM provides such facts as can be discerned at present.

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  3. He caved to the threats……no doubt….I Feel Sorry for him. I cry for all the innocent souls who he has/we have abandoned today. His credibility and status is gone in my eyes, This is a career killer if not his soul… but he’s still alive, for now. Pray for the braver souls who are marching today.

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  4. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones backs off ‘Pizzagate’ claims

    From the article…

    Jones didn’t say what prompted his apology but it may have been motivated by a letter Alefantis wrote to him in February. The letter demands an apology and retraction for InfoWars’ postings about Pizzagate; it does not threaten legal action, but refers to what Alefantis describes as “defaming” comments by InfoWars.

    But the timing of Jones’s apology suggests he was concerned about a potential lawsuit. Under Texas law, the Austin-based Jones had to retract or apologize for the stories by Friday — one full month after receiving Alefantis’s letter — to avoid exposing InfoWars to punitive damages in a libel suit.

    In a statement, Alefantis said, “I am pleased that Mr. Jones has apologized and admitted that he and his employees repeatedly spread falsehoods about me and my restaurant. I wish that he would have made this admission and apology months ago. And his apology, while welcome, does nothing to address the harm he and his company have done to me, my business, and my community.”

    A spokeswoman for Alefantis said Friday that Alefantis and his attorney “continue to evaluate our legal claims.”

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  5. Well this is good-we knew Jones was compromised before, but this proves it-anyone who has been studying PIZZAGATE since it really broke last year knows CLEARLY there should have been an investigation of the highest levels including the Clintons, Obama, Podesta Bros, Military, Celebrities, to try to explain this away as ‘conspiracy” is more absurd than the Kennedy assassination-YOU’RE GONNA BURN ALEFANTIS you and the rest of your SLIME are GOING DOWN

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  6. It’s a left/libtard progressive media tactic of going through the provider/host (out of the public eye) to pressure individual content producers; e.g., ban these certain people from commenting or recant on this particular issue, or your website goes bye-bye.

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    • The ‘pizzagate’ topic is so hot that people are likely to be killed for uncovering it. Look at the trail of Clinton victims. Alex may have followed the advice of being careful of which hill you choose to make your “last stand.”

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  7. Am I the only person who hates having a fag that high in political power? No wonder our gov’t is so screwed up, men are in positions they are not mentally nor morally capable of conducting.

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  8. if what jones said was incorrect, then why didn’t alefantis immediately file a lawsuit after the story broke to force jones to prove what he said was true or make him give up cash for slander/libel?
    in any common sense world someone calls another a pedophile and instantly that person would charge after them for his/her claims…not say nothing for months and then a day before a major event, out of nowhere, the accuser recants the story….obviously this whole situation is shining the light on evil and evil is fighting back as it normally does…through intimidation, lies, and the courts.

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  9. I will never believe a single thing he says ever again. What a backstabbing dirtbag. What do they have on him, indeed!

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  10. A visit from the right person, a pistol stuck to the side of the head and Mr. Jones becomes a very compliant man. Amazing how real power works in this world.

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  11. It seems to me that Alex Jones issued this qualified apology under ultimatum, fearing litigation that would, in all likelihood, result in the complete and total shutdown of his media outlet, Infowars. Not that I am trying to defend Jones (as he is fully capable of defending himself), but his media outlet and crew have been on the ascendancy since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. He and his crew on Infowars have been in the vanguard of the alt-right media, providing provocative analysis and commentary on current political events and social commentary; We cannot afford to lose Infowars at this point, for as Jones and at least some of his guests have said, we are in the most critically important period in human history.
    Jones and others have been shouting from the rooftops at the efforts going on, behind the scenes, to censor social media for the alt-right and libertarian and conservative sides, and they are absolutely correct: If Google, Facebook, Amazon or any other news or information source or outlet can censor any one side of the ongoing commentary, they can censor and shut down any side, at their capricious whim. This absolutely, positively and definitely must not be allowed to happen.
    What has been going on with Comet Ping Pong Pizza has yet to be fully uncovered and laid bare to the public; Therefore, Jones himself said, back in December, 2016, that any commentary on what may have occurred there has to be very carefully parsed. Jones himself admitted that discussion of the place and the people associated with it was nothing less than a “minefield.” So although this statement by Jones is, essentially, a retreat from this one battle, it frees him to go on and continue his fight in the war: Having been toyed with by You Tube and pushed off advertising on Google, Jones and Infowars are fighting for their very continued existence. The Left knows this, and they are about to, in the memorable words of Richard Nixon, “twist the knife with relish.”
    Long Story Short: We can chide Alex Jones all we want on this matter, but we absolutely cannot afford to lose him, or Infowars: A silent coup is going on behind the scenes, in Washington and in the media. This coup—and its counter-coup—will determine the future not only of the Trump Administration, but of the very existence of this Republic itself.

    Alex Jones & Co. are not beyond the reproach of honest criticism. Dr. Henry Makow and others have bleated, repeatedly, that Jones is some sort of Zionist shill. And for all I know, Dr. Makow and the others may very well be right. (Or they may very well be in the ball park). Be that as it may, as a comparison, although General Eisenhower had his flaws (approving of the firebombings of Dresden and Hamburg among them), he led the Allied Forces to Victory in WW II. Jones has his flaws, and to shut him down now would result in defeat for our side.
    I have been listening to Alex Jones for seven years now on a daily basis. I have one of his apps on my phone, and I listen to his show in the cab every chance I get. I have learned of dozens of other people thanks to his interviews, and I have bookmarked dozens of sites. No Joke: I have been getting the equivalent of a college education on government and the New World Order, thanks to Alex Jones.

    On a personal note, I picked up Alex Jones in the cab some eight or nine months after 9/11. I was driving for a neighborhood car service, and I picked him up at the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, and I drove him to some hotel in Midtown Manhattan. I did not know who he was at the time. He told me he had some “inside information” on the events of 9/11. I pressed him for more and he clammed up. Suffice it to say the conversation did not end well. He went on, the next night, to lead a protest demonstration in Midtown, on 6th Avenue, for which he was arrested for disorderly conduct! Whatever: Alex Jones (along with Dr. Henry Makow, FOTM and about 30 other websites) have been instrumental in weening me off the mainstream media and into a college-level quality of a good intellectual formation as to what has been happening in the world. I wish him all the best: He is going to need it.

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    • While one might understand Alex Jones “apologizing” to Alefantis to save himself from a lawsuit or worse, there is no reason for Jones to smear and discredit the work of many brave Alt.Media citizen journalists by calling the entire Pizzagate — of which Alefantis is but a part — “an incorrect narrative”. That is unforgivable.

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      • Dr. Eowyn: Fair enough. But he could have qualified even that phrase: It may be “an incorrect narrative” for any number of reasons. It could have been incomplete, or it could have been circumstantial but uncorroborated, etc., etc.
        At any rate, I would actually say that his faux pas here actually is forgivable, for if an offense is unforgivable, Why Bother? —in the moral sense. I know enough about Jones to say he can get really animated and shoot his mouth off, and no one is perfect. I did just watch his full apology on his You Tube channel, and I did not hear him smear or discredit any alt-right journalists by name.

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      • BTW, Alex Jones and Bill Hicks are two different people! They don’t have identical teeth! Jones has commented on the resemblance between him and Hicks, in good humor, on his show at least a couple of times.

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      • I agree. Tossing people to the wolves that have worked so hard and come up with so much is indeed unforgivable.
        I guess he could have said bring the lawsuit on, because then everything on Pizzagate would have to be made public.
        I still lean towards a threat was made. A full investigation would have to happen to have a fair trial.

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        • The last thing people like Alefantis and John Podesta want is a lawsuit — where there would be discovery and a public trial where they would have to answer charges and questions. There’s a reason why Podesta has stayed very very quiet on pizzagate; nor has he ever denied the Podesta ‘pizza’ emails. But then Podesta wasn’t ranked, as Alefantis was, 49th most powerful person in D.C. by GQ magazine. SARC/

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      • Good point. But I am convinced this was practically at gunpoint.

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  12. Liberals will be holding this as a personal victory for months, using it to their advantage at the greatest extent possible. Alex Jones signed a death warrant for Conservative media, and surrendered freedom of press in the process. This is a dark day for journalism; you don’t give up until an honest investigation occurs. Very dark day indeed. Pathetic on Jones’ part, very pathetic.

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  13. One cannot read the Podesta e-mails and see the Alefantis Instagram pictures (before they were taken down) without knowing there is something deeply disturbing about Alefantis, his establishment and the people he associates with. Alex Jones caved on probably the greatest political scandal ever. There are many brave people who tried to expose the evil of pedogate who have disappeared or mysteriously died. This story is too important to sweep under the rug. Jones will go the way of Glenn Beck in my opinion.

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  14. Vice explores the theory that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks…

    Digging Deep Into the Only Conspiracy Alex Jones Doesn’t Like

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  15. Stop beating a wounded soldier. Jones is choosing h battles based on current strength. It was a tactical retreat. I don’t admire it, and he missed a chance to make hay of Alefantis, but I get it. What’s going on is obvious and simple per Alefantis modus operandi, to wit:

    Forget that Bill Hicks nonsense. Even AJ’z critics don’t swallow it.
    Jesse Ventura served as governor of Minnesota under an assumed name. I don’t care if Alex Jones really is Bill Hicks.

    The key to events is knowing (a) Alefantis is a CIA pedo entrapment / blackmail / control-file / perv-recruitment operative (cf Abel Danger), and (b) Google is a joint CIA/NSA/NGA front.

    Alefantis clearly sees himself above the law abusing toddlers, building “kill rooms,” and issuing death threats. That’s typical CIA psycophathy profile. And of course the CIA thinks it has a divine right to rule your media. Alefantis went on FOX 666 TV. Only someone who, like Hitlery, thinks “other forces” protect him would do such a thing, possibly under covert orders.

    Now with Jones losing $3mil/yr AdSense income, times were already dicey at InfoWars. Alefantis knew when to strike. He waited for InfoWars money problems so his defamation lawsuit was a life-or-death business proposition for Alex. I’m sure the CIA had a paid-off masonic judge ready to roll. Texas is the capitol of masonry in America. Alefantis’s many properties are not funded by pie sales. They are allegedly human trafficking profit.

    Likewise, in no way do Google’s ad revenues pay for its operations. The books are cooked like Enron’s. The whole ad business isn’t big enough to pay for Google’s robotics, satellites, geomapping, robot cars and street views, undersea fiber cables, “free” e-mail service, “free” MX domain management, “free” DNS, “free” Google maps, “free” open-source code, lawyers, patents, party jets, etc. Your taxes pay for all of it. Google Android now runs 90% of the world’s smartphones. Guess which agency might want things that way. Any tech spook agency would go into the e-mail/phone/search/maps business big time, offering “free” services on the taxpayer’s dime to spy on them. And they did. Sheeple are too dense to grok an obvious intel front when they meet one.

    So the spooks did a pincer move on Jones trying cover up what will finally and forever take down Alefantis and his crowd of pervs; even perhaps the whole CIA/Mossad/MI-6 complex. The thing is beyond any control of Jones now. It’s in the hands of God and there are also too many of us to stop. Dr. Phil even just ran with the pedogate story if not pizzagate specifically. Many have prayed for this exposure.

    We’ve seen hundreds of pervs and traffickers rounded up in the last few months. Alefantis will go down. Pray for it. When you see Alefantis either killing himself or doing a perp walk, then we, Jones, and his pedo ring victims will all see justice done.

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  16. Wow! Somehow there is something amiss at the Infowars establishment. True, this maybe a maneuver to avoid legal action and to retrench to a safer position on the matter. But this all goes back to one central figure, James Comey. There numerous reports on that he is forestalling on the matter on Wiener’s laptop and other electronic devices, which in turn leads to a multitude of other investigations concerning the circle of friends Weiners was associated with. Satan is working in this, and needs to be defeated.

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  17. Well, Bill Hicks is likely trying to prevent the murder of his parents and sister, and to live to fight another day. John McCain is a man with a history of both flaws nobility. He has also had to live with his public confessions. Bill/Alex will now have to do the same.


  18. ManCavePatriot

    The video I saw of Alex Jones reciting his lawyers instructions reminded me of a ‘hostage’ video. I think he might have been given the same ultimatum that Glenn Beck was offered a few years back.

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    • I’ve seen it too, and “hostage” is a good description. I don’t think that a mere lawsuit would lead AJ to backpedal; after all, he could just close up shop, move to Mexico (which he was openly thinking about doing anyway, a couple of years back), reopen and broadcast over the border.

      No, to me it sounds like Alefantis & Co. either (a) threatened the Jones children, or (b) have some sort of incriminating photos/film/something on Alex, which they’re holding over his head. He who is always so fearless sounds genuinely afraid. I never heard him talk like this before.

      Without meaning to gossip, it’s pretty clear that he and his wife have split, and presumably she’s got the kids. If they’re being threatened, that no doubt complicates things immensely. Alex can’t simply fortify his family home to protect the kids–because the kids don’t live there any more.


  19. Alex responds to scores of publications covering Friday’s Pizzagate address.

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