Transgender man gives birth to his own daughter after his wife was unable to fall pregnant

rehs dupin transgender birth

Scientific tip: Men are not able to give birth.

From Daily Mail: A man who was born a woman has carried and given birth to his own daughter, after his wife was unable to fall pregnant.

Chris Rehs-Dupin, 33, and his wife Amy from Columbus, Ohio knew when they met and fell in love in their twenties, that they wanted a family.

As Chris – who was born Christina – was a pre-op transgender male at the time, they initially hoped that Amy could be the biological mother.

But when five attempts of intrauterine insemination – fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a uterus to facilitate fertilisation – failed, Chris, who still had his female reproductive organs, volunteered to carry their baby instead.

He finally gave birth to their now two-year-old daughter, Hayden, naturally on December 20, 2014, after five rounds of IUI treatment and a miscarriage.

Having Hayden made Amy, now 33, even more determined to carry a baby herself and in 2016 she had a son, Milo, after a further round of IUI.

Explaining their unusual parenting arrangements, Amy said: ‘We went through a lot of fertility treatments, until we finally reached a point where we needed to make a decision as to whether we were going to do more medical intervention or if we were going to switch bodies. We were fortunate enough to have two uteruses. So, after a lot of thought and emotion and difficulties we switched to Chris.’

And while Chris lived as a man and didn’t feel female, he was willing to use his womb, for the good of their family.

Recalling their initial plans to have children, sales director Amy continued: ‘There was no question who would carry the baby. I couldn’t wait to be pregnant.’

So, in January 2013, the couple visited their local obstetrics and gynaecology practice, near their home. They bought a batch of sperm from an anonymous donor, before choosing to use intrauterine insemination, placing the sperm inside Amy’s womb for fertilisation.

But, sadly, three weeks later, the pregnancy test was negative. After five IUI attempts – each costing £750 failed, they resorted to drastic action – with Chris volunteering to carry their baby instead.

Chris, who now runs children’s summer camps, explained: ‘When I went to university in 2007, I knew I wasn’t a woman and it was an easy realisation to make. I didn’t want to take hormones, because I was happy with who I was and who I was presenting myself as, but I have always been very open with Amy.’

Still, Amy’s love for Chris meant his gender was not an issue. She added: ‘By the time I met him, I knew the issue of his gender was at the forefront of his mind. And, eventually, he became more masculine and lived as a man.

‘Chris was my soul mate. I loved everything about him. It didn’t matter what he looked like.’

Cementing their love with a civil partnership in October 2012 and legally married in 2013, when the law changed, the couple were keen to have children.

But, when Chris finally fell pregnant, despite their excitement, they both struggled with what was happening throughout the pregnancy. Amy confessed: ‘When Chris was pregnant it was really difficult, because I always thought I would be the one to carry our children. It was definitely a strain and it was difficult.’

And while Chris started to experience the physical signs of pregnancy – he was constantly sick and his belly and breasts grew – his changing hormones strangely made his natural goatee beard grow thicker and more prominent. ‘Some days, he looked like a man with a beer belly,’ Amy joked.

Being pregnant was also a confusing time for Chris. He admitted: ‘Being pregnant is such a female thing and that’s when I started to question that it was not what I was. I don’t think I had a problem emotionally having a child, I wasn’t losing a part of my identity. I think the world had a bigger problem with it than I did.

‘Some people think men aren’t supposed to carry children, that’s the world we live in. So, I feel like the world would see it as emasculating, that it would make me less trans but not the case for me. For me it was an amazing experiencing.’

But Chris insisted he did not want to breastfeed. He said: ‘I had no intention of breastfeeding and I hated the fact my breasts had grown. After years of binding them flat, any pressure now left me in agony.’

Meanwhile, worried about bonding with her baby, Amy decided to take birth control pills, to trick her body into mimicking pregnancy. She also took a hormone called domperidone, to make her body produce breast milk.

Read the rest of the story here.



26 responses to “Transgender man gives birth to his own daughter after his wife was unable to fall pregnant

  1. Sounds like that funny song lyric, “I am my own grandpa.”

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  2. Excuse me, I must go throw up now.

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  3. NEWS FLASH Florence, SC 3-24-2017
    A Florence man reported that on Tuesday night he was home with his wife, Maria, and realized they were out of beer. He reports that he asked her to please go to the convenience store and get some, to which she replied,”Why don’t you run over yourself?”
    So he did

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  4. A testament to today’s narcissistic and selfish generation. Here’s a reality check: these are 2 women (1 of whom is a fake man) who thwarted God’s plan for their lives, lived in a homosexual union, who participated in what amounts to adultery by using in-vitro fertilization to become pregnant. There are so many ways in which this situation is an affront to the natural law. Once again the only victim in this whole mess is the child. These two deluded individuals are not the only culprits – science is also to blame for allowing them to live out their delusion.

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    • “science” has become a tool of satan……satanists use “science” to produce whatever “truth” they want…and more and more people today place their faith in “science” instead of the Lord.

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    • Sorry-I can imagine God looking on this and asking himself,”What the Hell is THIS????” Imagine what confusion the CHILD will have to deal with growing up! A lifetime of Therapy,totally scrambled emotions about relationships-OH-the HUMANITY!!!

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  5. Just because your an UGLY female, it does not make you a MAN.

    This mentally deranged individual is NOT a man. You can cut off your penis and testicles and take all of the female hormones you desire. Your DNA will tell the truth.

    Is this a woman?

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  6. Fake man makes Fake news!

    The news should really be “Lesbian gives birth to daughter”. But then, no one would read the article, nor would the fake man and his fake wife get the attention they crave.

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  7. People just keep getting more and more retarded. No, Media Morons, saying “he” doesn’t make this freaky harlot a man, and you can’t normalize trannies, not if you’re going to say everything is the result of evolution. Evolution would have exterminated them, and they only bring down the species.

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  8. Hey, mom! Your 5 o’clock shadow is showing! Why is it these trannies are basically mugly ugly people? Nothing masculine about wannabee women just as there’s nothing feminine about the opposite. Add the deranged factor in and you’ve got a bunch of Jobba the Huts.

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  9. Just what we Don’t need, = another Morphidite procreating more Morphidites = poluting an already badly damaged human Gene pool..

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  10. I call Fake News: In order for a transgender male to give birth, he would have to have a uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes implanted. But even this would not work.
    I get comedy, satire and farce. But a story like this goes beyond the pale. I’m not criticizing DCG; I’m calling out the original media outlet that fronted this story, yet another insult to our intelligence. “Whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad” is true, but here we have a case of people going mad voluntarily!
    The institutionalization of mental illness continues….

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    • Well,as I understand it,she (the “Dad”?) being a woman trying to be a man,still has the female anatomy,so it COULD easily become the Mom,which would,at least “mechanically”,make them a Lesbian couple. I STILL say their child will have a rough life,thanks to their selfish desires.

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  11. I’ll be SO glad when “sanity” finally gets fed up and starts calling these assholes what they are: “SICK-IN-THE-HEAD”.

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  12. I can never finish reading articles like his because I always get a headache, or feel sick at my stomach in trying to remember that a ‘transgender’ person is really the ,..’opposite’ sex of the sex mention following the word transgender.

    And then when words like ,..’he’,..or ,..’she’,.. are thrown into the mix, I really get confused,..

    But anyway, I need to cut this comment short, as I feel a headache coming on,..& i think that I am going to throw up.

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  13. This is another lie. Just because this woman calls herself a man and gets pregnant doesn’t mean the child was carried by her Father. Her father is a female as long as she still has her female reproductive organs! NO man has of yet gotten pregnant and it will never happen. I am not a black man but if I declared my self one that would not be true either. I am real disappointed that Fellowship of The Minds actually posted this kind of garbage. I will have to think about continue to subscribing to FotMinds. Whats next, Woman gives birth to a litter of puppies?????


    • DCG was simply posting what a news report said. Being a regular FOTM reader, you certainly would know that DCG does not buy into the fake “transgender” brainwashing. Your outrage at DCG therefore is misplaced and unfair. But since you are so outraged, by all means discontinue subscribing to FOTM.


  14. So a pair of lesbians used artificial insemination to create a new life when nature and God wouldn’t allow for it naturally. How is that news, except that society would allow it (and deem it correct to call one female by male pronouns), or allow for such a poor child to be raised by such a pair?
    Who PAID for the $!5,000 per treatments? My bet is “we the taxpayers”.
    Meanwhile I, as a single Christian gentleman living alone — outside of any sinful relationship — have no chance at creating a new life, let alone raising it. And I’d have a better chance of adopting a child were I in a gay relationship — even better than if I were shacking up with a floozy.
    How screwed up has society become under the damned influence of those who deny & eschew God and moral values? We’re on a highway to hell. And I’m eyeing each off-ramp I pass, watching for my exit… because this world is not my home.

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  15. BTW, did they air the pro-LGBTQ series, “When We Rise” in your town last month? I tried watching it over its 4-night showing, 2h each night. Made me sick not just for the content being pushed, but from thinking about how much time, energy and resources they wasted forcing normals to give in to their demands, mostly because normals had day jobs they had to attend to while the LGBTQ twits were grifters with all the time in the world to protest and riot and cause chaos if normals didn’t acquiesce to their demonstrations (well, at least until the LGBTQs ran into that stonewall called AIDS, of course).
    Were it not for their push for AIDS meds (because they refused the one thing we KNOW can stop the spread of HIV — no unprotected, especially anal, sex with homosexual men, or those who’ve had sex or shared needles with them — perhaps we’d have conquered cancer by now, or heart & lung diseases, or Alzheimer’s, or diabetes, or who knows what else, that had its research subverted by the LGBTQ loudmouths demanding primary attention so they could continue unabated in their destructive activities? It literally sickens me.


  16. HELLO from Mexifornia-Hollyweird…..THIS is the FAMILY situation with which I deal in my classrooms everyday in some form or other.

    Just can NOT explain to you how difficult it is to tread these “grounds” politically as a teacher….while still teaching what I’ve been hired to teach…AND being “evaluated” for my teaching abilities every year by my admin….not for my political or social abilities…but for my abilities as a TEACHER who is providing the State standards of my subject to my kids….

    ANd yet—these sorts of situations are the “BIG WHITE ELEPHANT in the room.” These psycho/sexual/social problems enter my room the MOMENT I open the door and say “come in, sit down, be prepared for class…” I am barraged by maybe 10-15 or more “social/educational/bodily, etc” requests immediately…all related to personal needs…psycho/sexual/social needs…..(have to go to the bathroom/nurse/my counselor/call my mother/parent/ confer with my friend/ and on and on…….). My “defense” to this lately has been to have a numbered sign up sheet—where they have to write down name/need in order….and this deters many…maybe most….(b/cthey don’t like writing anything….. 🙂 ) but I STILL END UP WITH a request list every period that outnumbers the ability of the 54-min period to accomodate it…

    Frankly…if we have to judge our future by America’s middle schools…and the parenting of American middle schoolers….we are SCREWED and LOST, and DONE. Game Over.

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  17. Mark 10:6 – But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.

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