Tommy Robinson Rants on UK Mooooooooslim “Immigrants”

I like this guy, as he actually “gets it.”

There might just be hope for the UK yet.



(h/t MRCTV)

10 responses to “Tommy Robinson Rants on UK Mooooooooslim “Immigrants”

  1. God Bless this Brit . . . he is telling it like it is!

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  2. The WORST is Yet to come.. The genetic & historical peoples of Britain, France, Spain, Germany Sweden, will be mostly GONE in 50 or less years.. Wiped out by their own ignorance of the invasion tactics of this Islamic Enemy who have 1300 years experience in wiping out indigenous populations.. The Sword, the Dagger & the Spear worked for Centuries, but now-days – this Enemy needs only to use (abuse) the Liberal laws and the generous Welfare Laws of the Western civilized countries.. They even brag about fully taking over and conquering western countries fully paid for by the generous benefits of the conquered countries..

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  3. Tommy gets it. The politicians and PC crowd, not so much.


    • Leftists into the “population replacement” business don’t get that muslims will behead them as former “useful idiots” instead of being grateful.

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  4. “Robinson has been proven absolutely spot-on, as Prime Minister May admitted that MI5, the British intelligence and ‘security’ agency, knew exactly who the jihadist was well-ahead of time, even saying he had been investigated in the past for “violent extremism.”

    “His identity is known to the police and MI5 and, when operations allow he will be publicly identified. He was British born and some years ago he was investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,” she told Parliament.”

    Source –

    Tommy Robinson Rips into Laughing Leftists at London Terror Site

    Related link –

    London Attacker Was UK-Born, Previously Investigated By UK Spies Over “Violent Extremism”, May Says


  5. Our genocidal, parasitic elite are going in for the kill using agents such as radical Muslims and others. France, UK, Germany, and Sweden are already doomed to chaos, anarchy, and extermination of the European natives. The USA is only a few years behind.

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  6. He’s got it right, damn straight! I just read a local ‘cartoon’ from a propaganda rag (pro leftie/LGBTQ/Commie) aka “city paper”, and they got some muslim professor saying how the muslims aren’t bad, and claims that 8 women were elected to public office (doesn’t mention which countries), says that ‘jihad’ just means something not so bad, and doesn’t mention anything about how followers of Islam beat and/or kill/imprison gay people or even cross dressers. Funny how they don’t mention that, huh? I guess that doesn’t fit into their little agenda of making the zombies think that it’s good to let potential terrorizts into the country.


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