Fake war hero: John McCain’s ‘Tokyo Rose’ recording

Son of a U.S. admiral, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), 80, made his entire political career based on his reputation as a Vietnam war hero, incarcerated in a North Vietnamese prison camp for 5½ years until he was released on March 14, 1973. For that, McCain was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, and other commendations.

But there have been whispers and outright assertions by U.S. military veterans that McCain had sold out to the Viet Cong, ratted on his fellow inmates, and received preferential treatment.

Last August, TRUNews obtained a recording made by McCain in which he lauded his Viet Cong captors, well knowing his words would be used as propaganda. Indeed, McCain’s recording was broadcast on North Vietnamese radio in 1969.

The radio broadcast had never been heard in the United States. For that matter, no one even knew such a recording existed. But the broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts. Last year, the audio recording made by FBIS was found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

TRUNEWS acquired the audio recording in cooperation with WeSearchR.com, a new media company founded by Charles Johnson.

Here’s the audio of John McCain’s “Tokyo Rose” propaganda message, followed by the transcript of what he said. (Note: Tokyo Rose was a fabricated name given by Allied troops in the South Pacific during World War II to all female English-speaking radio broadcasters of Japanese propaganda. The programs were broadcast in the South Pacific and North America to demoralize Allied troops abroad and their families at home by emphasizing troops’ wartime difficulties and military losses.)


To the Vietnamese people and the government of the DRVN (Democratic Republic of Vietnam):

From John Sidney McCain, 624787, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy; born 29 August, 1936, Panama; home state Oregon. Shot down, 26 October, 1967, A-4E aircraft.

I, as a U. S. airman, am guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people. I bombed their cities, towns and villages, and caused many injuries, even deaths, for the people of Vietnam.

I was captured in the capital city of Hanoi, while attacking it. After I was captured, I was taken to the hospital in Hanoi, where I received very good medical treatment. I was given an operation on my leg, which allowed me to walk again, and a cast on my right arm, which was badly broken in three places. The doctors were very good and they knew a great deal about the practice of medicine. I remained in the hospital for some time and regained much of my health and strength.

Since I arrived in the camp of detention, I have received humane and lenient treatment. I received this kind of treatment and food even though I came here as an aggressor and the people who I injured have much difficulty in their living standards.

I wish to express my deep gratitude for my kind treatment and I will never forget this kindness extended to me.

McCain’s fellow POWs (prisoners of war) have spoken out about him:

  • Dr. Phillip Butler, a former light-attack carrier pilot, wrote in Military.com that McCain made himself out to be “THE hero POW, which he knows is absolutely not true, to further his political goals,” because other POWs also were injured when shot down, tortured for longer periods, and awarded Silver Stars and Purple Hearts.
  • Other fellow POWs gave eye witness accounts of McCain’s traitorous actions during his time as a prisoner in Viet Nam:

In 2015, Donald Trump ignited a political firestorm when he said John McCain is not a war hero. It turns out that, once again, Trump is right!

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31 responses to “Fake war hero: John McCain’s ‘Tokyo Rose’ recording

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  2. Anyone who knows anyone that was in the military during the Viet Nam era KNOWS that the Viet Cong (Charlie) was merciless unless you WERE a traitor to your country. My brother enlisted in 1960.

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  3. I believe these allegations came out years ago….that he received “special ” treatment and was released before others. I can’t stand him but maybe there was a different purpose for the letter? Maybe not. I don’t doubt he was tortured but what happened later is any bodies guess. He is a liar however. I lived in AZ for 30 years and he was always lying and making false promises. He is definitely pro illegals regardless of what he says!!

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  4. To all the Veterans that still bear scars, to all the POW’s and their families that were abandoned, to the families of all Americans who died fighting; this Senator’s imaginary “heroism” has been touted far too long. It’s time to broadcast the TRUTH about his privileged status, and the web of lies that were woven to protect his treasonous behavior.

    His current demented behavior in the U.S. Senate simply exposes his flawed character even further. It is way past time we demand his resignation or Recall. This dishonorable Senator is unlikely to resign of his own volition.

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    • I can’t argue with a thing you said. From pictures posted over the years, he seemed to have left VN with a lot more meat on his body than the others and with all the jets he crashed, being a crappy pilot cost us plenty as well as lives.
      The guy has gone further off the rails the last few years.

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  5. Reblogged this on free31498 and commented:

    The Reckoning

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  6. I have been preaching against this Communist traitor for decades.

    If you want some interesting reading, look up the way he snuffed out every attempt to go back and search for POWs after the war.

    He is a punk ass bitch traitor and I would tell him to his face.






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    • I couldn’t have said or written any better! His father was the traitor who LBJ turned to enlist in the war crime cover-up of the USS Liberty, now the last of the cause célèbres that are a long-hidden dirty underside to US history, along w/FDR’s deliberate betrayal –worse, they were set-up!!– of the Navy at Pearl Harbour. Got to take my BP meds right now.

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      • Joseph, you are correct. I am so tired of people worshiping FDR when he in fact, did know Japan was coming. He had even turned off their steel supply. From there they knew they had to invade to get their steel.

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  7. I don’t know about his military service record but I can say it did not automatically make him a good politician, or even a good person. McCain rode coat tails to his current position, what talent and ability he has is all reflected light much like the moon reflects sunlight. He could be a military phoney but he definately is a political fake.

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  8. McCain was instrumental in recognizing Hanoi officially and ending the investigations of the MIAs. There is a special spot reserved for McCain on the 9th ring. His father and grandfather must be turning over in their graves at the way their kin turned tail.

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    McCain’s father, the admiral, buried the USS Liberty attack by Isreal in 1967. The USS Forrestal deck fire caused by ‘knucklehead John’ was covered up. After his downing and capture in NV, he did give the enemy Navy flight patterns into Hanoi which made us sitting ducks for their antiaircraft. He NEVER received a promotion by the Navy during his incarceration, which is extremely rare and indicates that they knew what he had done. Without massive lobbying by the admiral, and friends, he probably would have gone to jail when he returned, instead of getting medals. His first wife was dying of cancer and he asked for a divorce in the hospital. He got his fingers caught in the ‘Keating Five’ cookie jar which cost American taxpayers close to a $Trilllion dollars. While in Congress, he has done NOTHING to help bring home VietNam POW’s or MIA’s. His 2nd wife, Cindy, made a ‘Killing’ on buying ‘short’ certain airline stocks just days before 9/11. [I wonder if she listened to EF Hutton?] He has been videotaped boarding Evelyn Rothschilds yacht anchored in Montenegro a few years ago, and now he wants to lobby for NATO entry for……..Montenegro. We’ve seen the pix of him smooching it up with Al Nusra and ISIS in Syria, and then demanding that we declare Syria a ‘No Fly Zone’ to give them cover. The term ‘TRAITOR’ does not do justice to this despicable excuse for a human.

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    • Your comments are superb & I much appreciate them. My only suggestion is that what you present is so ‘nutrient dense’ that you may wish to break a long paragraph into its 4 or 5 highpoints.

      I did not know that “His 2nd wife, Cindy, made a ‘Killing’ on buying ‘short’ certain airline stocks just days before 9/11.” Now I’m pretty savvy to investing, trading, commodities, options, etc., and the ONLY way that incredible cash cow was birthed on 9-11 was via the use of the most sophisticated trading software ever devised, used by the CIA to generate black cash for its black ops, OK? This served to get funds to go into Afghanistan, part of a century-long plan to control Caspian Basin oil and other crucial energy routes.

      It’s no ‘coincidence’ that ALL the major financial centers that were taken out had long histories of collaboration w/the ‘deep state’ as well as the ‘usual suspects’. And golly, no one’s ever followed up on what became of Germany’s TONS of gold in storage, as well as that of many other key players.

      I’m not the only person aware of this; I learned it circa 2000 AD, from Michael Ruppert, died unexpectedly(!?) a few years ago, but NOT a suicide as made out by detractors. I knew Mike, and he would not do that.

      Finally, the profits that Cindy McCain took were from ‘selling short,’ not from “buying ‘short’ certain airline stocks just days before 9/11.” The profit comes after selling them at a higher price –but w/o owning them, thus ‘short’– one goes back and buys them at a far lower cost. This of course has been a long-time insider-manipulator’s move, most famously used by –who else?– the Rothschilds in Paris & London during the Napoleonic Wars.


  10. John McCain is getting old, he needs to take a long break and let a new face take his place. With his money and plenty of time do a little traveling, go home to relax, maybe join Barack O’ for a golf round, and invite Linsey Graham along, the RINOs are out of touch with politics. Say, could somebody dig something out on Graham? Maybe he will shut up and crawl under a rock!

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  11. He didn’t campaign half as hard against Obama (even endorsed him!) in 2008 as he did against J.D. Hayworth in the 2010 primary .


  12. Is it not true that McCain’s “injuries” were NOT from non-existent torture, but from his ineptly crashing several planes during his military career?

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  13. he looked pretty clean for a guy who just suffered through a plane crash.
    or maybe just laying in bed for a photo op…
    I always felt that mcclown was a fake…..his “re-elections” in arizona are on par with california’s fraudulent election system…I wouldn’t be surprised if his whole vietnam “experience” was simply set up (a false flag of sorts) with agreement from the vietnamese govt to treat him with kid gloves because of favors pulled by his high-ranking daddy.

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  14. McCanus should have been arrested the instant he stepped off the plane.

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  15. I absolutely hate this man . . . mainly because he did everything he could to circumvent other prisoners of war from being brought home. He helped to pass legislation that sealed records . . . . this bastard has the blood of American POW’s on his hands! May he rot in Hell once he gets there.

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  16. What did the other POW’s who was imprisoned with McCain say? Being forced to make a propaganda statement isn’t proof enough

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  17. McLame is a botoxed, evil clown who deserves a harsh and hasty demise.
    He is a corrupt obstructionist that is the antithesis of patriotic.

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  18. John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful RINO I’ve ever known in my life. 😉


  19. Don’t forget, McCain’s daddy was the one who called back the American fighters after Israel was bombing the U.S.S. Liberty. Seems like the trait runs in their family.


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