Thursday Funny: North Korea destroys US military!

The Democratic [sic] People’s Republic [sic] of Korea (DPRK), better and more correctly known as North Korea, is saber-rattling again.

Reacting to reports that the Trump administration is considering sweeping sanctions as part of a broad review of measures to counter North Korea’s nuclear and missile threat, Choe Myong Nam, deputy ambassador at the North Korean mission to the UN in Geneva, said North Korea has nothing to fear and will pursue “acceleration” of its nuclear and missile programs, to include developing a “pre-emptive first strike capability” and an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM).

At the same time, Pyongyang released this unintentionally funny propaganda video, narrated by an increasingly hysterical female, showing the mighty DPRK military “blowing up” a U.S. aircraft carrier and a bomber.

The North Korean government gets away with this video because its people know of neither Photoshop nor CGI — nor do the video makers. The country is nicknamed the Hermit Kingdom for a reason.

Some funny comments from readers of Break:

“Can’t even properly edit a f*cking video and I’m supposed to believe these clowns are a threat to anybody?”

“great CGI. When does this movie come out?”

“This is a country that literally doesn’t allow their citizens to have computers so they can’t see the outside world. They did another propaganda video years ago showing americans eating snow because they were starving. the CGI is top notch on this video. I saw better 20 years ago while watching Xena princess warrior.”

[Referring to North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un] “If I was 5 feet tall and looked like a lesbian, I would be angry too.”


19 responses to “Thursday Funny: North Korea destroys US military!

  1. I almost spit up my coffee @ “5′ tall and looks like a lesbian” haaaaaa so true

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  2. It is sad when the people truly live in the dark and they know no better.
    I remember a few years ago, when he was saber rattling, the videos of the all the missiles they were bragging about looked like they were made of cardboard.
    He seems to do this every few years when he wants to extort food and supplies from us. And he always gets it.
    This time we are just not sure how close they are to actually being able to hit us.

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  3. When the “little’ dictator shows off his muscles by shooting missiles into the sea it equates so an idiot burning money for the fun of it. His people are starving, not because of the West, but because he spends all their money showing off his stupidity!

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  4. This would be funny if it were not so pathetic. They may need such drivel as a distraction from their terrible actual living conditions. However, judging by its absurd dictator, one must not underestimate the people. From what I understand they are very tough & resilient, formidable adversaries in a traditional ground war. The US and others prefer air power as first strike, so if the nation’s bombed into oblivion, ground superiority won’t matter.

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  5. Sadly, the people of North Korea as so duped, indoctrinated and oppressed that the truth would greatly depress them. I am reminded of a North Vietnamese soldier who was able to locate and visit his father in Saigon after it fell. His father had lived in South Vietnam for nearly two decades having escaped from the North. The son has saved up his military pay to purchase a gift for his father, a wrist watch. When he visited his father’s home he saw it nicely furnished and that his father owned a television set, refrigerator, etc. The son, realizing that the cause for which he had fought
    was a lie, left the wrist watch on the table and left quite dejected.

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  6. Did anyone else hear the word, “Commie” more than once on the video, also the word, “Caca” lol?

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  7. I look at it this way: This is the “funny” side of Hell!

    But of even greater importance, I think it is HIGH TIME we all took a really good look at the legacy of Harry Truman, truly one of the more execrable human beings and Presidents history has ever seen. North Korea was allowed to be created as the Joker in the Deck, the Wild Card, that very well may ignite World War with a nuclear conflagration! Truman also bequeathed to us the United Nations, another sleeper cell of global government when the Elites say the time is ready.

    Truman considered his elevation to the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry the highest honor he ever received in life, better than even becoming President. That’s saying something. Lyndon Larouche has also explained that Truman (and a number of other Presidents) was a British agent, which he was.
    Nixon’s villainy and LBJ’s treacherous corruption were not indelible; Truman’s Legacy of Horror WILL come back to haunt all of Humanity!

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  8. I Imagine we’d defeat the NK forces like we did in Iraq as they use much the same equipment as Saddam did, until China gets involved. Then we’d be in trouble. After that I don;’t know how it’d go.

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  9. Hang on Peoples….we all know the MSM for what it is… We know our news and “entertainment” is all Zionist controlled. We know the scam of Democracy and Free trade… etc etc… yet , any mention of N. Korea and we begin to act exactly as our “masters” would wish. N. korea refused to become one of Rothschilds minion countries and submit to the rule of the global bullies. They have been starved and vilified for over 50 years…why wouldn’t they be getting a little “funny in the head”. All you know about N. Korea is what you read and see on MAINSTREAM MEDIA. As relatively “enlightened ones” here at FOTM I think we should stop and think before bagging the shit out of them. They too are in the same struggle as us…. albeit a different front.
    Peace Out.


    • “All you know about N. Korea is what you read and see on MAINSTREAM MEDIA.”

      Actually no. Not only have I studied No. Korea’s history and politics, I am one of a very few Americans who’d visited North Korea, in 1991. The country is surreal — like Stalinist Soviet Union in the 1930s.

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      • I’m impressed, as VERY few Westerners are allowed in, you must have been treated as royalty. Maybe they were hoping you’d stay on and lecture them on the historical error of their ways, so they coud get better at being bad actors. I’m very glad you made it out, however, as you’ve done immensely more good here than you do there in a dozen lifetimes.

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        • “you must have been treated as royalty”

          The occasion was a joint US-NK symposium on military strategic matters, made possible and paid for by the U.S. sponsor. Like a similar one I attended in Beijing, the North Korean participants of retired military officers simply recited rote propaganda.

          If “royalty” means we were accompanied by “interpreters” whereever we went, then yeah, we were treated like royalty. SARC

          The North Koreans are pathologically proud: They wouldn’t even acknowledge that China had helped to fight the U.S. in the Korean War (1950-53), but claimed NK had won the war all by themselves.

          @Steven Broiles:

          It was the threat of a U.S. war with China that led Harry Truman to recall Gen. MacArthur who had wanted to pursue the People’s Liberation Army across the NK-China border into China. I don’t think any American really wanted a land war in China, then or now.


  10. Yeah, I lie awake nights worrying about what the Norks are going to do to us.

    Well, not really. 😉

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    • ‘Norks’ is very good; I may borrow it, but will give credit to you.

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    • NK acquiring pre-emptive first strike capability should concern us, especially given U.S. treaty commitments to South Korea and Japan. I know NK tends to saber-rattle and bluff, but I also believe Kim Jong-un is a psychopath.

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      • I note your final comment, “I also believe Kim Jong-un is a psychopath.” and certainly agree, as we’ve seen three generations of that lineage all display less-than-valuable roles in governance. Current science gives heredity a high probability of being a primary causative factor in several mental aberrations. That family may give rise to a diagnosis of Jongoonism as a trait.


    • Right now NK has two satellites in leo. They overfly the US several times a day and are at the perfect altitude for an orbital emp weapon. The perfect place to pop them for max emp coverage if the US is over Kansas City or Omaha. Also, apparently we just sent some f15s and tankers to Hawaii, perhaps a buildup is ongoing. Tillerson has stated the US is past the point of patience with NK, their nuclear labs and launch facilities are likely to be targets.


  11. Even their flag looks cartoonish.


  12. Every time I see little man Kim Jong-un I can’t help laughing ☺because he reminds me of a bowling pin, all we need is knock him down and score big!


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