Let’s Vacation In Antarctica!

Antarctica cruise photo

Cruise options to Antarctica abound

While cross-country skiing together, a friend told me it was colder that day in Massachusetts than in Antarctica a couple of weeks earlier when she was vacationing there.

Antarctica By SailboatI have never been to Antarctica, but admit the idea is fascinating. Think of the sights and sounds of a place that is so dramatically different than our cities. Think of a clear night sky with millions of stars, and no ambient light splash to block our view. Think of visiting a scientific station with year-round residents who are engaged in a variety of scientific experiments and observations. Think of seeing penguins, leopard seals, orca and other species in their native habitat. Yes, I would really love to go.

Wow! I can’t wait!

steve quayle fear pornBut before you book your trip, be sure to ask about the  Nazi/Alien UFO base, the Nephilim Giants, the secret war between the US military and UFOs, the cannibalism being practiced at the South Pole, the secret entrances to the Empire Beneath the Ice. And if this scares you too much to take the cruise, then learn how to be ready for Economic Collapse and Civil War in the United States. Oh, and did I mention that in Antarctica you might get a better view of Nibiru (Planet X)?

And then what’s down there might be Atlantis beneath the ice. And the place is supposed to be full of Spec Opps soldiers doing battle against a higher intelligence.

Wait a minute! That Sounds Terrible!

So be sure to buy this week’s specials on silver and gold, and our survival food deals. and don’t be too late to buy our LIMITED SUPPLY of solar generators, satellite phones and gas masks.

Or you could just flush all the Fear Porn,
and book the trip.

Yup, book the trip. That’s my choice.

PS: There are actually some extremely curious things happening in Antarctica. And I don’t dispute that. For instance, why would Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril, US Secretary of State John Kerry, Brittain’s Prince Harry, astronaught Buz Aldrin, and Spain’s King Juan Carlos all go there in 2016? And what did Buz Aldrin mean when tweeting about going to the launch pad, and about a somewhat pyramid shaped mountain there saying, “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” (a rumor Aldrin debunked) These speculations are not without reason.

But to tie these things together into a package of fear, all wrapped in “Christianese”, with the intention making a killing selling remedies to the fear, is something I find reprehensible.

PPS: And I really would like to take a cruise to Antarctica.



13 responses to “Let’s Vacation In Antarctica!

  1. I’ve read several articles about what’s going on below the ice in Antarctica. There is truth in some of them. Germany was exploring there before and during WWII, and reportedly, a lot of physical evidence of German equipment, etc. is found there The US has been exploring for many years, but activity has increased in recent months. When there is so much secrecy, we should know it’s a real big deal. I read one recent report where a pilot who transports government scientists to and from base camps and installations was called to pick up some scientists. He stated that on the way back to the US, the scientists barely spoke and they acted “scared”. He stated there is a huge hole in the ice that he wasn’t supposed to see because it has a “no fly over” designation. One of the flights to pick up government scientists brought him within sight of the hole because of the location of the scientists to be picked up. People can think what they want of my opinions, but some of these accounts stating they have found spaceships, aliens, and Nephilim Giants are most likely true. After all, God created everything and giants are in the Bible. Goliath was a giant. I don’t understand why discovery of giant bones are often kept quiet. Of course, if there are giants actually “living” below the ice, that’s extraordinary. There are bones of giants found all over the world. I’ve seen photos and they aren’t fake or photo shopped. Some of the photos were taken many years ago before modern photo processes were invented. I’ve read the Smithsonian has some bones from giants, but doesn’t display them nor do they admit they have them.

    Thank goodness there are some governments who do not participate in the level of secrecy the US does. And, there are numerous people who, after retiring from the military/are close to death, have been taped and videotaped giving their eye witness experiences with “forbidden” subjects. Some of them have only allowed their testimonies to be released to the public after their death to hopefully protect themselves and their families.

    When our own government hides so much from us just in the political realm, doesn’t it make sense they hide and obscure so much more from us in the biological/geophysical/outerspace realms? It’s infuriating to me the leaders and billionaires of this planet think they’re the only ones who should be privy to this “forbidden” knowledge. This makes pertinent President Eisenhower’s statement warning us about the industrial/military complex (black ops) which operates independently of Congress. Talk about “deep state”, this stuff goes way beyond that. In fact, our own presidents are not allowed much, if any, of this information.

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    • greenworxx, I agree with you about much of this, and am fascinated with both the finding of giant skeletons all over the world, and the odd coverup of the facts. I also think UFOs are most likely of a spiritual nature, and often demonic.
      I think what is bothering me is seeing statements made that are so easy to lie about. For instance, how can any of us check the allegations about antarctic UFOs? I see no way to verify these things. We are in a hall of mirrors. Anybody can say anything on Youtube. Steve Quayle’s assertions usually come from “highly place anonymous sources,” and of course we are not told who. We can’t cross examine anyone. We can’t fact-check. And he wraps himself up in robes of righteous talk. This is an act I have seen in others who turned out to be con men. Jim Bakker does something similar with fear-porn, predicting immanent horrors while selling survival food.
      If I could afford it, I would book an antarctic vacation right now, just to prove that the world isn’t as described in youtube videos. And of course, if proven wrong, I would join the chorus, this time as an eye witness.

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      • Book a trip to Alaska in May or June instead. If you’re looking for some time living out on vast expanses of galaciated mountains, climbing Denali via the West Buttress, actually more of a roped hike except for one section, is quite doable with the right sort of training, spelled out in any number of books, and you can learn way more than enough technical skills (to qualify with the guide outfits) in winter mountaineering schools in WA, NH, etc for a few hundred dollars over a long weekend, which are the real deal and way cheaper than a ski vacation. Or, skip the 18-21 day slog up and down Denali with a heavy pack and fly onto to mountain’s base camp for a day trip on the Kahiltna Glacier on a ski plane. Flying onto Denali is spectacular and worth the trip all by itself. Otherwise there’s so much more to see and do in Alaska. Why get trapped on some hideous cruise ship, anywhere, longing to be out there, when in Alaska you can and also get in a trip on smaller but very safe boats out of Seward that can take you much closer to calving glaciers and right up to sea lions, whales, puffins, etc. Probably for way less money too.


    • You have read and gleamed exactly what I have….

      ‘thank you’


  2. The nations of the world struggle to agree on anything yet we have them all crowing how we must protect Antarctica…The last great wilderness.Hot Wars and Trade wars and skirmishes the world over ….Yet they all “agree” Antarctica is “Off Limits” US navy planes have flown over 2500 miles “past” the “Pole” itself. Something definitely going on down there. Some real big secrets.

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  3. I’d love to take a cruise to Antarctica someday.

    It’s the last unspoiled place on the planet.

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  4. I’ve been following this story for some months now. The Buzz Aldrin tweet is a hoax, but something strange is going on in Antarctica which warrants a visit by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril, and by John Kerry in the last days of the 2016 presidential campaign. There’s also the heavy-duty secrecy, always a sign of deception.

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    • Yes indeed, Dr. Eowyn. There has to be something going on. I am very frustrated trying to get reliable info on it. It has to be huge, and it could be a whole bunch of different things.

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  5. Well, I’m just a “stupid” pedestrian citizen of marginal account…but, if you control the poles militarily….you don’t need a “star wars” plan…you already can reach equidistance from pole to equator, all the Earth’s populations, North and South, East and West…..and, with China running rouge in the South Pacific with “fake” manmade military islands….it’s TIME to go extreme….which means….go to the pole…..Flank them….be able to “enfilade” them from any angle….Korea, too…..

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  6. I’d love to go for the same reason I went to Israel: to see what all the fuss is about.

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  7. yea, how dare someone warn of problems ahead, (“doom porn”) and actualy provide soulutions, preps to help out people in need! if you think everything’s fine, go pet your unicorn. if your scared to death of all these problems, go stick your head back where the SON don’t shine. ( better to pray for strength and wisdome, love casts out fear). you “fear porn” people are utterly amazing in your hypocracy, better to keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself than face the LORDS wrath for denegrating the watchmen!


    • “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” – Deuteronomy 18:22

      Did I strike a nerve? If you read this blog at all, you know that we are constantly issuing warnings against the things in our society that bring God’s wrath.

      But a number of these “watchmen” you speak of have issued predictions that did not happen at the time they said it would. We are not to fear such prophets.

      I stand by my warning.

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