What do you think of the trend of female TV anchors showing cleavage?

Women’s breasts are a secondary sexual characteristic.

Unless a woman is flat-chested, breasts encased in a bra form a cleavage, which makes the cleavage also a secondary sexual characteristic.

It used to be that showing your cleavage is considered inappropriate and unprofessional in the workplace.

If you need the certification of an “authority figure” for this rule of etiquette, interviewed by Good Morning America in 2007, Elisabeth Squires, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls, said that what looks sexy for a night out on the town is not appropriate in the workplace. Cleavage should never make an appearance in the office because “It’s way too big of a distraction for men and women. If cleavage isn’t in your job description, don’t put it in.”

Have you noticed that female TV anchors increasingly reveal their cleavages?

Just the other day, I noticed that a 50-something anchorwoman on a local TV station who normally dresses discreetly, wore a red dress with cut-outs along the neckline which exposed her cleavage. (I blocked out her face in the picture below to preserve her anonymity.)

So I sent her this tweet:

A fan of yours; watched you for years. No one needs to see your cleavage this morning. You’re classier than that.

She tweeted back:

thank you, but have to say I maintain a professional look everyday & that’s part of a woman’s body. Not sure why it’s not ‘classy’

My response:

Breasts are parts of a woman’s body too. Does that mean you’ll expose your breasts as well?

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response.

While pondering this phenomenon, I tried to exercise empathy for this anchorwoman by imagining what she may be thinking. My guess is that exposing her cleavage is her way to be “sexy” in order to regain the attention she once attracted when she was younger.

So I sent her another tweet:

By the way, I think you are a lovely woman as you are. 🙂

Almost immediately, I got a response:

Thank you.

So what do you think of female TV anchors exposing their cleavage?



43 responses to “What do you think of the trend of female TV anchors showing cleavage?

    • OMG! Is that pic for real?

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    • Holy smokes…those puppies are barking and scratching to get out! NOT appropriate at all……..

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    • That kind of exhibitionism is uncalled for. Frankly, it is flabbergasting to show that at a family hour when many families are trying to get their young children to dress modestly and respect their bodies. Young boys need to also be taught to respect women’s bodies . . . but it gets pretty hard to teach this kind of morality when t shows flout women’s breasts in order to get ratings. Makes me think that those who do, really don’t have much in the way of accomplishments. other then their breasts.

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      • Disgusting as it is it’s a good time for the parent – in front of the kid – turn that crap off and make sure they understand why. And don’t buy from their advertisers – and let THEM know why.
        Take the money out of it and the two legged rats’ll go somewhere else to feed.

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      • leeann Springer

        I thoroughly agree with you Aunti Lulu! It’s just tacky and cheap looking in my humble opinion. Leeann

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  1. I think it is a desperate call for better ratings. I also think women wearing sleeveless dresses on air is inappropriate.
    I feel it cheapens their profession.

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  2. Just like any other whores, sex is all they have to sell.

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    • Women -news anchors, traffic announcers, weather-women, and reporters in every local English and Spanish broadcast tv stations in Miami, Fl compete to have the biggest boob jobs and wear the most trashy outfits in the market, cleavage and hems is the order of the day. And to top it all when pregnant they wear the strangling tightest outfits they can find, seems belly button could explode at any moment. Yes they are disgusting, tasteless, unladylike but “fashionable”. Being young and beautiful comes once in a life time. Pregnancy is the best time ever for a woman, but respect for oneself and dignity must always be the best outfit to wear in public.

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      • I remember the first time, which was about ten years ago, that I saw a very pregnant woman in a bikini at the local community swimming pool. She was at least seven months pregnant, and had a little girl of about three years old with her. I thought she must have lost part of her swimsuit and didn’t know it.

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  3. The FOX leg show can get pretty outrageous. there is little wonder what demographic that is aimed at. It starts at 3:00a.m.,on the west coast.

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  4. Its the moment people stop taking them, and their network seriously.

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  5. She’s not an anchor, but that Food Network star, Giada DeLaurentis, always has hers showing, or at least she used to…I’ve not watched in quite a few years. A friend of mine called Giada’s show, “Cooking With Cleavage”! 😀

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  7. Back in my Day, – the female did everything possible to look very “Lady-like.” Now-a-daze = seems that they prefer to look like street “Hussies.”

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  8. it is ridiculous…I’ve noticed cleavage and short skirts…I never see a woman on tv wearing modest clothing…one would think the feminists would be in an uproar…the silence is deafening.

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  9. As long as it’s not back clevege. Uck

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  10. I agree with Squires; It’s uncalled for. The Fakestream Media is desperate!

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  11. I’m with you Dr. Eowyn. I have noticed this too esp. over the last year or two. Frankly I always thought that dresses like the one above that have cut outs look really cheap. Judge Jeannine, Megyn Kelly, they all looked like they were dressed like hookers in these dumb dresses.

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  12. Which news channel has female muslim presenters wearing traditional hajib clothing? I don’t know of ANY. So much for ‘fair and balanced’.

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    • Well, a Muslim woman in a ‘free’ country doesn’t have to wear what is compulsory in a less-free nation. However, I note that the Iranian TV & sometimes Russian TV sites have woman wearing traditional clothing, BUT their faces are well-exposed. Again, once they get out from under the hand of the oppressor, such fortunate women can be themselves.


  13. Honestly it looks like the pics of the plumber’s crack when bending over to work and pants slide down in back and expose a few inches of his backside. So if these women thinks that’s attractive–well… what would you say?

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  14. Giada can cook for me anytime. 😉



  15. leeann Springer

    I’ve never thought it was classy or professional. I think they should wear tailored blazers with blouses buttoned to the top button or a dress with long sleeves , reaching to the neckline above the breasts. My Nazarene grandma always said “if you’re not advertising, take down the signs”. I’ve always been modest in dress, which is something my husband said he appreciates. Bathing suits should be modest as well. I think women are more attractive dressed nicely, cleanly and not tumbling out of their clothing. My friend, and former Miss Arkansas (final 10 in Miss America) is a former news-anchor and quite pretty with a great figure. She hates the way some of the news women dress, who are supposed to be professionals, yet look like cheap pick-ups. Sally is the ultimate professional. When she was a news anchor, she wore lovely jackets, blouses, dresses, and never showed her cleavage. A lot of women, who purposely show cleavage, is because they’re showing off their breast implants. Leeann

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  16. Brainless is the message it sends. They must think they are Hollywood “starlets” — or are desperate Wannabes — who are known to prance around in the ugliest, undignified & immodest clothing.

    Those “cut out” dresses ARE gross. Ditto the “see-through” craze. Will anchors wear see-through next? Might as well since they already expose too much with the trashy low-cut blouses or dresses.

    I also agree about sleveless. Glad it was mentioned. I have no desire to see their entire arms & armpits, lol.

    Pitiful that Worldly Women, professional or not, are so deceived, have thrown their self-respect out the window, & think that Trashy & Slutty is the New Normal. NOT! Good Taste will always Prevail!

    Hoping the anchor-sluts see this post & comments.

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  17. so professional

    “a professional look” You know… the oldest profession :>

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  18. When is Anderson Cooper going to wear a low cut top? I’d tune in. Not.

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  19. In local news stations…which I’ve avoided for years due to this “problem,” the iconic “weather girls” have all worn “boob shirts” and mini skirts up the wazooo for many years. We, in our family, could JUST NOT stand it anymore and that’s when we switched to the cable news. I’ve not been too disappointed with the cable news women—whom , on the channel that I watch most, are all highly educated, many with JD’s and with much gov’t service jobs behind their resumes. I’ve ONLY been irritated now and again by the pan-seasonal bared arms…..due to the Michele Obama muscleman era craze…..despite politics, everyone and her mother aspired to those Olympian arms and wanted to show them off, despite the season, in sleaveless dresses on the air for the last near decade. Could never stand this….esp. during fall and winter….it was JUST NOT COMFORTABLE to watch. Who runs around at 32-degrees and below in a summer, sleeveless get-up???? ONLY the news anchor…..(while, sometimes, having to report upon the most recent, paralyzing East Coast blizzard?) Which pretty much explains my “take” on all this news-woman stuff and their subsequent broadcast dress……

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  20. A lot of attire of men and women is worn for ulterior motives not related to the job description. However, if one feels their position is in jeopardy, and sex can boost your worth through attention, many will compromise including sex favors. Next , they will deny it because of the shame of their insecurity. It’s a downward spiral. Many kill themselves because they can’t believe the price they were willing to pay.


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