‘These kids are getting on my nerves:’ Woman accused of severely abusing 3-month-old foster child

dominque lindsey

Dominique Lindsey: Not mother of the year../Fox 6 photo

Milwaukee should probably re-examine their foster parent guidelines/requirements and enhance their background checks.

From Fox News: A 32-year-old Milwaukee woman is accused of severely abusing her three-month-old foster child, and experts say a family friend’s decision to call Child Protective Services on the foster mother likely saved the baby’s life.

Dominique Lindsey is charged with one count of physical abuse of a child, repeated acts causing great bodily harm, for alleged actions that took place between December of 2016 and March of 2017.

According to a criminal complaint, investigators responded to Children’s Hospital for a child abuse complaint involving a three-month-old boy, who had suffered numerous fractures to both arms and legs, and a torn upper frenulum in his mouth.

“This is horrifying. It’s really tragic,” Susan Conwell, executive director of Kids Matter said. “If anything, we should look at it as a call for good people, patient people to step forward and become foster parents. Foster care is supposed to be a guarantee of safety,”

CPS officials said they had received a report on March 13th that Lindsey had been abusing her foster child.

At a home near 105th and Dean, the complaint says video was observed by CPS investigators, showing Lindsey “forcefully pushing a pacifier into (the boy’s) mouth” and “forcefully pulling him out of a car seat.”

CPS officials called police and took the child to Children’s. “That call probably saved that child’s life,” Conwell said.

More details from Fox 6:

According to the complaint, investigators spoke with a woman who said she is best friend’s with Lindsey’s sister. On March 12th, she was visiting Lindsey’s sister, and Lindsey was there with her foster children. The woman indicated she was upstairs when she heard “two loud thumps” coming from downstairs, along with crying. She learned that Lindsey “just threw the car seat with the baby inside.” When questioned, the complaint says Lindsey told the woman she “accidentally dropped the car seat,” and said “these (expletive) kids are getting on my nerves.”

Lindsey was interviewed by investigators, and the complaint indicates she admitted she was forceful with the boy on March 12th. She admitted to shoving a pacifier into his mouth several times because she was “frustrated.” She also admitted to forcefully pulling the boy from the car seat by his arm. When confronted with the video, Lindsey admitted she “used way too much force” and “was acting out of frustration.”

The complaint says Lindsey admitted to hurting the child on prior occasions — picking him up by one leg and putting him on her bed. She said she would do this at different times — picking him up by both of his legs individually.

The complaint says Lindsey cried at times during the interview with police, and said she was “very sorry.”

According to the complaint, a doctor told investigators the boy’s injuries constituted “severe bodily harm” from “severe forces.”

Lindsey made her initial appearance in court in this case on March 18th. A preliminary hearing was set for April 6th, and a $10,000 signature bond was set.



16 responses to “‘These kids are getting on my nerves:’ Woman accused of severely abusing 3-month-old foster child

  1. I’m assuming that the 3-month-old foster child, not even a toddler, is also black. There are so many things wrong with blacks in America, it’s an epidemic, but no one would say or do anything about it, for fear of being called racist.

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  2. There is no mention of the father in the story, so I am assuming this woman is a single mother. How could a single mother be given custody of foster children?

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  3. “signature bond” My A$$! Cash only. This child is going to have problems physically and mentally for the rest of his life and she gets a signature bond????? I hope she is put on a NO Foster parents ( Nation wide)list for life. Some people act as foster parents to get the money the government will give them. Some really love children and want to make a difference in their lives!

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  4. leeann Springer

    Abusive foster parents are not that uncommon. Dominique Lindsey, is an unfit human being and has probably abused other children in the past. Sadly, some children are removed from horrible situations, to have more of the same, in foster care. Anyone who fosters children, should have a mandatory psychiatric evaluation and thorough background investigation. Not too long ago, in this state (Arkansas) there were cases of “missing foster children” because social services failed to follow up on the cases,or where the children were placed. Lindsey has flat cold eyes and any emotion she may have displayed was for herself and being caught. If someone had not reported her, that baby would probably be dead. There are more vile humans just like her, serving as foster parents. I have friends who are foster parents (almost 7 years now) and all the children adore them. Society needs more loving parents like my friends. In fact, they just adopted 3 siblings they fostered for 2 years, because the bio parents were deemed unfit . As for Lindsey, she needs to rot in prison. I have no love or understanding in my heart for child abusers. Leeann

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  5. “Foster care is supposed to be a guarantee of safety”
    …that’s a load of B.S.
    cps/foster care is the worst place for children.
    As a result of our govt handing out financial incentives to total strangers to “care” for children, children have become chattel with a price tag.
    there are cases where cps is warranted, like this one, but the majority of children stolen from their families never should have been in cps system in the first place.
    children have become a means to an end for state budgets.
    this is why they can place children in “households” with total strangers who have no real skills to care for the children or even a proper background check, interview, or talking with neighbors of the new “parent” to decide if this potential foster “parent” is qualified….social workers dispose of the child(ren) at their new residence and move on to their next case….or should I say “bonus”.
    also, the $10,000 signature bond is an insult for what she did to that poor baby.

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  6. Leann has spoken well to the inadvisability of this Foster Mother ever being in charge of children, animals, or anything else. One look at her face ought to tell the Children’s Service workers that she is unfit. How tragic that an infant be treated in that manner. I would like to see someone pickup Domonique by one leg and shake her around! These kinds of animals really co do belong on this earth.

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  7. “These” Children,how many more are with her?
    I’d like to know, why do some people with frustrations, anger, tired…react with violence? Not all of us react that way,must be some reason.

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  8. If foster care is supposed to be an altruistic expression, then eliminate the profit motive from this equation, and require 24/7 observation. As a society, we have been woefully negligent towards our youth and our seniors.

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    • It ALL boils down to MONEY-the Foster “Parents” get money,they aren’t supervised because that costs money,they aren’t screened and evaluated because THAT costs money. Sad but true-it is the way it is because of MONEY.

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  9. As a former abused little boy, I say this pig should have her kids taken away, and her tubes tied. I can’t read the whole story, it is too upsetting. God bless the child. I pray for a full recovery, with as little memory as possible for him later in life.

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  10. “The boy, identified in the criminal complaint by the initials GJG, was removed from the custody of his drug-addicted mother when he was born on Dec. 12. The boy’s year-old sister, identified as MDG, was also taken from her mother at birth.”

    Source –

    Milwaukee foster mother charged with brutal abuse of infant boy


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  11. Our social welfare system, our foster care habits and system, our child welfare system…etc and much more…need to be cleared out of the damned SWAMP, too….in addition to D.C…..

    In our area not too long ago….a very young child was abused so badly by foster parents that she became deaf, brain-damaged, and physically near death……..Mysteriously, while the “perps” were in jail after they were charged, and their home was empty….the home burned down. How unfortunate for them. Maybe there is a God after all.

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  12. I would hope that there were law or at least policies,s on the books, that mandate that no ‘White’ child would ever be placed in,..’Black’,.. foster care. Where some Black, could visit revenge for 400 years of slavery onto the kid.

    But anyway, since the real mother was a junkie, I am assuming that she was Black.


    • Do you know what assume spells? ASS (out of ) U (&) ME. Bad foster parents come in all colors. So do druggies! I do agree that foster parents need to be better vetted and monitored! Maybe they should have to keep receipts to prove that money is spent on taking care of the child. If we stopped blacks from fostering white children who will foster them? Not all people are willing to be foster parents. There are a whole lot of goods ones, but the news only reports on the bad ones! You my friend have a nasty raciest attitude. BTY, NO I am not Black I am also white.


      • David, I never said that Blacks should not be foster parents, I said that blacks should not foster WHITE children,..& by that same token, I would say that Black children SHOULD be fostered by Blacks

        I remember, some years ago, seeing an article about a young, blond White girl, about 5 or 6 years old, that was fostered by a Black family, & then adopted by the Black family..
        The article featured a picture of the extended Black family which showed this young White face, surrounded by a mass of about 40 black faces.

        To my way of thinking, this was an atrocity .committed against this poor White child, in that this poor little girl was offered up as a sacrifice to the alter of political correctness to the gods of,..’equality’,…

        Statistically speaking, this young White girl should have an IQ, that was, on average, 20 points above the average IQ of these Blacks, in the picture,..

        This little White girl, deserved better than that,..,..


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