Texas high school has a prayer room for Muslims

The Left constantly scream about “separation of church and state” — a phrase that, by the way, is not in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It’s a phrase in Thomas Jefferson’s 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which has become the meaning of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”) in the minds of too many Americans.

At a time when school prayers are forbidden on the basis of the vaunted “separation of church and state,” it is curious that Liberty High School, a public taxpayer-funded high school in Frisco, Texas, bends over backwards to accommodate Muslim students by providing them with a prayer room.

Marisa Uddin writes for Liberty High’s student newspaper Wingspan, March 3, 2017, that “Every day during lunches, [class]room C112 is utilized as a prayer room.

The campus prayer room has been available for students since 2009 ostensibly because by providing a place for Muslim students to pray, it would enable them to minimize the amount of class missed.

Liberty High’s principal Scott Warstler said:

“This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer. Their parents would come pick them up, so they may miss an hour and a half to two hours to two and a half hours of school every Friday, so I met with those students and a couple of their parents and suggested if they would be okay if the students were able to lead the prayer at school as a group, and we gave them a space to do that so they didn’t have to be in a car traveling thirty minutes each way on a Friday missing an hour, hour and a half, of class.

I think the trademark of what makes Liberty High so great is our diversity and in how our students respond to the different cultures and diversity on campus. Like I’ve said, this is the seventh year that we’ve been doing this and we’ve never had one issue. You know we have other religious student groups that meet maybe before school or maybe after school. As long as it’s student-led, where the students are organizing and running it, we pretty much as a school stay out of that and allow them their freedom to practice their religion.”

According to Leo Hohmann of WND, at least a dozen students use the “Muslim prayer room” between 2:05 and 2:35 p.m. Monday through Friday. That prompted Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, to instruct Deputy Attorney General Andrew Leonie to send a letter to the school district warning that special accommodations for one religion over another are unconstitutional. The letter says:

“Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion. However, it appears that students are being treated different based on their religious beliefs. Such a practice, of course, is irreconcilable with our nation’s enduring commitment to religious liberty.”

School-district officials told the local CBS affiliate the room is not exclusively for Muslims and any student can go there to pray or meditate. But Principal Scott Warstler told Wingspan that while students of other faiths are allowed to meet on campus as well, those other meetings are held “before or after school.”

Liberty High School’s prayer room is just the latest example of special accommodations being made for Muslims by America’s public schools. Many high schools and colleges in Minnesota, Michigan and other states have been installing ritualistic footbaths.

Given Islam’s toiletry code, one wonders if the footbaths are also used by Muslim students to splash water on their butts after they defecate. (See “Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by wiping his butt with his hand, in accordance with Islamic toiletry code”)

Here’s contact info. for Liberty High School:

Address: 15250 Rolater Road, Frisco, TX 75035
Phone: 469-633-5800
Fax: 469-633-5850
Email: LHS@friscoisd.org



29 responses to “Texas high school has a prayer room for Muslims

  1. Christian Soldier’s Prayer:

    Lord, make me fast and accurate, let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes, and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let NOT my last thought be, if I only had a gun, and Lord if today is truly the day that you call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass…

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  2. assimilate or leave!

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  3. Is that room also bomb proof ?

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  4. From the looks of it , I guess it is ok to separate Christian Faith from the state , but not the Mus-lime so called idiocy ? ……And this is coming from Texas ?

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  5. I think it is rather hypocritical that the Muslime students do their praying during school hours, whereas other religions must pray before school, or after school . . . . I do not see this as parity under the law. The Justice Dept needs to tie into their hindquarters to get this turned around so that “Praying” can be done for ALL students during the school day . . . after all if time and space was found to accommodate Muslimes, there certainly is the same amount of time, and surely there must be space to accommodate other religions.

    This is just more BS put out by a School District, . . . . plain and simple!

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    • yes Auntie….I believe the TPTB see the bogus “separartion of church and state” as a separation of Christian ‘church and state’….atheists, muslims, etc. are free to “worship” wherever and whenever they choose….
      I applaud the Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton for pointing out not only the hypocrisy but the unconstitutionality of what they are doing…
      if muslims don’t like it then they are free to put their kid in a private school if they can afford it, but most refugee “families” cannot afford to because they bring no skills to the USA only disease, spiritual distemperment, radicalism, dysfunction, rape, poverty…

      I say build a wall and on one side, liberals/progressives/commies/satanists and on the other side, common sense.

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      • ” if they can afford it, but most refugee “families” cannot afford to because they bring no skills to the USA only disease, spiritual distemperment, radicalism, dysfunction, rape, poverty…”
        What does AFFORDING it have to do with it? All they have to do is demand that the US Government pick up the tab,and they WILL! After all,we NEVER get tired of paying to have them destroy the Country,right? (sarc)

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        • I was actually thinking about adding a line about the govt subsidizing the refugees for private muslim school but felt that would make my comment run longer than I wanted…
          they are probably doing it now anyway…..it’s all against Christ, that’s the sole purpose of these satanists running our country [into the ground].

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          • If the government starts paying for Mulimes to go to a primate Muslime school, right there will be the opportunity for every other religious and ethnic group can demand the very same treatment. Also, can’t you just hear the howl of all the “teacher’s unions” over the very thought of that!

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            • Auntie,
              your response makes perfect sense…the problem is we are dealing with people who have no sense; they have given up all rational thought to the devil. The PC world will silence any dissenters and claim any such “subsidy” as a “benefit” to muslims to encourage “diversity”. I can see our govt moving to make muslims a protected class, just like the jews, blacks, women, and lgbtqrst (basically, anyone who is a non-white heterosexual Christian male). These people are constantly thwarting/ignoring our Constitution and only use it when it suits their needs. They are openly hostile towards anything “Christian” and persecute any dissenters legally/financially/socially. Even with a republican as POTUS who is open with his faith and pro-tranny, they are working to subvert him.
              I definitely believe the charlatan and liar obama turned this country away from God, especially when he announced to the world that we are not a Christian nation….and christians remained silent.
              But, there are people who still have some common sense, like the Texas AG Paxton who pointed out what the principal is “accommodating” for the muslim students is illegal. It will probably go to SCOTUS and I guess we’ll see if PC world overrules common sense.
              Kind of ironic that those muslim kids attend a high school called “Liberty” considering it is the last thing islam affords its people.
              But, this world is the devil’s playground and all of his acts simply help to separate the believers from the non-believers and all of his lies and schemes won’t mean a thing when we, as believers, are with Jesus in Heaven and they burn in hell.

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  7. This just makes my blood boil!!! The same liberal asses who cater to this would be the first to scream and jump up and down about any Christian kid praying or wearing a T shirt with a religious message. They all need brain transplants.

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  8. I retired in 2015 from a major U.S. corporation. The facility I worked in had approx 1,000 employees of which approx 20 were Muslim. The company set up a prayer room for their exclusive use where they could go to recite their prayers (while on the clock and these prayer breaks were in addition to mandated 15 minute breaks). No such accommodation was provided for any other religious faith and requests for a non-denominational chapel were refused as it “. . may lead to employees using it when on the clock.” Having a bible or anything that smacked of religion on your desk was prohibited, but the wearing of a hijab was considered “championing diversity” and allowed. I took retirement the minute I was eligible. It’s all coming soon to a workplace near you . . . . .

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    • Carrie K-W . . . I cannot but wonder if Muslimes are given extra time, in addition to normal lunch and break times, that there isn’t a legal offense in there somewhere. Employees should be treated EQUALY, any time some employees get perks that make them more EQUAL than other’s there is a problem! I don’t blame you for getting the heck out of there the minute you were eligible.

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      • Can you just imagine the numbers of excellent employees who go down the road because they can no longer stomach the extra perks Muslimes get, all at the expense of other denominations? Who do you think the truly better employees are . . . . those who keep their nose down and work, or those who interrupt the work day with a constant need to clean themselves in order to pray–all on the employers dime?

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  9. Is there a prayer room for Christians in that school??? There better be!

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  10. Is there a better example anywhere of “creeping sharia?”

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  11. I am so tired of the sheer foolishness of our country. We will be fine, but those who love evil will not be okay.

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  12. You’ve got to have privacy when you’re courting your cousin or a goat, depending on your preference.

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  13. Oh, well, this is just in appreciation of all of those mosques, throughout world that have rooms set aside as Christian Chapels,..

    Yeah right,..

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  14. What the heck? Its not “OK” if parents are picking up students to miss an hour and 1/2 of school on Fridays to go home an pray…but it’s “OK” if the students are STILL missing an hour-1/2 of classes to hunker down and pray IN SCHOOL? So…my friends…the difference between these two things is ADA funds…..FUNDS that the Federal government pays for daily attendence at every school, every day…..SO….if mom and dad Muslim arrive to take Muslim student home to pray for certain hours every day….NO FEDERAL FUNDS PAID TO THAT SCHOOL for those missed periods for that student (times the number of OTHER Muslim students so acommodated by parents hauling them out of school to pray each day). BUT…IF THE SCHOOL provides a “prayer room” on their site (which I believe is against all reason and the Constitution)…the kids will turn ass up to the sun or whatever, and pray to Allah..AND the school will NOT have to report them “absent” for that period of time…and THUS, NOT lose Federal attendance funds……pretty TRICKY Texas Liberty HS….but WE KNOW what you are up to and what you are doing…….


  15. Pardon me,but…you know things are really falling apart when the Republic of Texas
    tolerates this – Frisco, Texas is muslim PC country…who would a thunkit!?!
    Getting as bad as Austin (leading illegal invaders refuge center), Texas…’keep austin weird, pagan and lawless!’
    Wake up Texas and America…it ain’t rape unless you resist!


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