Claro que si: Malibu, California becomes a sanctuary city

malibu city council

Council member Laura Rosenthal (center)

Apparently no one’s baby or house in Malibu is being properly cared for without the labor of illegal aliens.

FYI: In 2010, Malibu had a median household income of $133,869.

From Sacramento Bee: Taking a stand in the national debate over illegal immigration, Malibu has joined the ranks of sanctuary cities. The City Council of the celebrity enclave voted 3-2 this month to approve a resolution prohibiting use of city funds and resources to enforce federal civil immigration law.

Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal introduced the resolution after Malibu resident and actor Martin Sheen appeared before the council in December to urge a sanctuary designation.

“When I reached out to some of the people at the schools and other people in the community, they told me people are scared,” Rosenthal told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s people coming into Malibu who may be undocumented. I wanted to send a clear message that we are here for you.

A report by the city attorney cited the potential for some “negative fiscal impacts” due to an executive order by President Donald Trump directing the attorney general and secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that sanctuary jurisdictions do not receive federal grants.

The report said the city receives annually about $46,000 in community development block grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Development. Malibu also occasionally receives one-time grants from federal agencies but currently has none that are active.

Immigrants work throughout the city, according to Juan Escobar, 32, who works at the Malibu Country Mart. “You see Spanish speakers taking care of babies in every house,” he told the Times. “They help people here.”

Resolution supporter Mikke Pierson, 57, said it is important to express support for people who are in the country illegally. “Heck, we would be paralyzed and no one’s houses would be cleaned,” the former surf shop owner said.



10 responses to “Claro que si: Malibu, California becomes a sanctuary city

  1. Trump should cut federal funds to sanctuary cities 100%. “…people coming into Malibu who may be undocumented.” Undocumented? How about calling a spade a spade: illegals. Emigrants may not be documented, but if they settle down and want to be immigrants, they better be, or they are in the country illegally and are breaking the law. The word “sanctuary” once had meaning: “A sacred place, such as a church, in which fugitives formerly were immune to arrest.” Sacred places should not be desecrated. The US of A is indeed a sanctuary land, all of it, as long as people abide by the laws of the land, especially the Supreme Law of the land. Sanctuary cities are everything but sacred places if they support illegal activities and tell illegal aliens “we are here for you.”

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  2. Here’s how I read it. We love you and are here for you because you come to Malibu and work for us for low wages. But be out of town before dark. Thank you.

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  3. Wow, who knew? Rich people are paralyzed without household servants? I think I’ll curl up in a ball and cry over their suffering……(end snark)

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  4. they want to guarantee their underpaid maids, landscapers, and babysitters don’t leave, otherwise they would have to pay regular wages for their services….hmmmmmm, would their act be considered a microaggression against illegals? 🙂

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  5. All the folks who say they want to bring the undocumented residents ‘out of the shadows’ and protect them should be given the opportunity. E-verify should be made mandatory for ALL hires, and the employers of undocumented workers should be required to pay an ‘assessment’ to cover the cost of public services used by these workers which aren’t covered in taxes.

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  6. They need their servents… and they can justify it too. Wonder what ‘minimum wage’ is there?

    I know I be in chains but massa he take care of me. Let’s me eat the left overs when they is any. And he don’t sen my churins away as long as they stay away from his an work fo him too. I don’t know why dem evil polititions wana bus up my famly life and make me stop working for massa and having to get things on muh own. sides, it be better here than iwas there. (bored sarc)

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  7. Seems only fair that if a City or Town (or STATE) wants to violate FEDERAL law,they should have that right;all it would take is a TOTAL loss of Federal funding,a requirement to comply with e-verify,and the $15.00/hr. minimum wage pay scale;they’d also have to buy the insurance for all the illegals they hire,and the EMPLOYERS would be hel 100% responsible for any and all criminal acts committed by their “employees”. They should probably be paying taxes on these illegal hires,too. OR they could avoid all this and “hire” them IN their Country of Origin,on a Contract,contingent on the new hires going through the Americanization process and becoming AMERICAN CITIZENS. (At which point they’d have ALL the same Rights as their Employers!)
    The idea here is to make sure their flaunting of Federal Law doesn’t cost the REST of America a single thin dime. Naturally California’s Law Flaunters haven’t yet considered the financial ramifications of their choice. Chances are that once they can’t scratch up the money to make their plan work,they’ll have to re-think it,or raise Taxes even MORE,making those without servants pay for THEIRS.

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  8. Forbes reported a while back that the wealth inequality in America is even greater than in S America, a thousandfold so in places like Malibu, and not surprisingly the Malibu Colonyites’ homes along the beach in Malibu replicate the barricaded haciendas of their counterparts south of the border, not least in also being sustained by Amerindian de facto slave labor and protected by private armies.

    Since many of these Colonyites own other such barricaded haciendas in S America and elsewhere around the world, all manned by indigenous de facto slave labor and protected by private armies, who do these godless hedonists think they’re kidding with this sanctuary nonsense? You can be sure most Colonyites are also old school Darwinians who see Amerindians as a human sub species at best, suitable for exploitation provided something like an ASPCA for subhumans affords their imported Amerinidian slaves protection from physical abuses that might make the news.

    One of the unintended consequences of declared “sanctuary cities,” which are above all else sanctuaries from the law benefitting the super rich, is that it saves the feds time and money in knowing where to look when enforcing our immigration and slave labor laws. Of course the parasites in Malibu promote immigration transforming the US into Mexico or S America, where if the police and army do anything, it’s maintaining the feudal status quo.


  9. Malibu needs to feel more than $46,000 in pain when CBDG are pulled by the Feds. At this time, they have little to fear or lose as a Sanctuary Plantation.

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