Dad and daughter “transition” together from mother and son: ‘If she can do it, so can I’

transgender maison family

The Maison trans family…

From Yahoo: For almost two years now, a father and daughter have been sharing the journey of transitioning from mother and son.

Eric Maison, 39, began socially transitioning to become male in the fall of 2015, after his daughter Corey, 15, started her hormone treatment to become female. Maison’s medical transition began in 2016.

“Corey’s bravery definitely inspired me to come out as transgender,” said Maison, a resident of Detroit, Michigan. “To see how courageous she is, despite all of the cruelty the world shows her at times, makes me so proud. I thought, ‘If she can do this, so can I.'”

In June 2016, ABC News spoke with Maison (who then went by the name Erica) and daughter Corey to share the story about the transgender teen and her message against bullying.

Corey, then 14, was born with the same name but was assigned male sex at birth. Corey has been identifying as female since she was 2 years old, Maison said last June. Corey said she was inspired by transgender activist Jazz Jennings and saw a therapist who helped her transition from a boy to a girl. Jennings, who was assigned male sex at birth, stars in the TLC reality TV series “I Am Jazz,” which documents her life as a transgender youth.

“We’re not a threat,” Corey wrote to ABC News in June. “We are just like any other kids. We only want people to accept and love us for who we are.”

Maison said in June that Corey was bullied for being transgender when she was younger. The first incident was when a child pushed her down a hill covered in frozen ice, causing injuries to Corey’s face. Eventually, Corey was moved to another school as a result of the bullying, Maison said.

Back then, the boys didn’t speak to Corey. Today, they’ve accepted her as one of their peers. Now, Eric Maison, who still goes by mom even though he now identifies as a male, is sharing his journey.

Eric Maison was assigned female sex at birth. He told ABC News today that he always knew in his heart that he was male. Like his daughter, Maison learned “what it meant to be transgender” after watching ABC’s 2012 “20/20” special on Jennings, he said.

In 2007, Eric Maison married husband Les Maison. The pair have five children: Chelsea, 22, Corey, 15, Kailee, 14, Ellen, 9, and Willow, 6. While he loves his children, Eric Maison did not enjoy being pregnant, he said.

“It was very hard not being comfortable in my own body, but not understanding why,” Eric Maison said. “Especially when others would tell me how beautiful I was, or they wished they had the same body as mine. I always wished I had a different body.”

Les Maison, 53, told ABC News that Eric Maison came out to him a year and a half ago.

“My reaction a first was a little bit of surprise,” Les Maison said. “I was happy on one hand that, ‘Here we go, somebody gets to live their life as who they are.’ On the other side was, ‘How does this impact myself, our relationship and my family?”

Les Maison said he didn’t have suspicions that Eric Maison was transgender besides certain things he would say prior to his transition.  “[He] said, ‘I wish I had just got breast cancer so I can have a double mastectomy,'” Les Maison recalled. “There was no other indicator other than he hated having large breasts. There was an ah-ha moment after [he] said something [about coming out], but it all seemed to make sense at that point.”

On Feb. 21, Eric Maison underwent a double mastectomy. “I am very happy I had breast removal surgery and am taking hormones,” Eric Maison said. “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, like I was carrying the weight of the world, and now I am free.”

Eric Maison’s procedure was performed by Loren Schechter, plastic surgeon director of the gender confirmation surgery program at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

“Surgery went well as expected and he’s recovering well,” Schechter told ABC News. “Top surgery is not simply for individuals who consider themselves male. It’s also for individuals who consider themselves gender nonconforming or gender neutral. Oftentimes, people will put these tight compression wraps around their chests to hide their breasts when they’re in public. Their goal can be to walk around the beach, pool or at home as well, without wearing a top. If they have breasts and it’s a source of dysphoria, that makes it difficult or impossible for them to do.”

Schechter said he looks to the “Standards of Care” (SOC) established by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health before performing gender confirmation surgery on a person. The protocols include offering primary care, hormonal treatments, mental health services, voice and communication therapy, and additional assistance before the patient can undergo surgical transition.

Eric Maison was considered a good candidate based on this SOC, Schechter said.

“Much of the [SOC] is designed to make the individuals aware of all the options that are open to them,” he added. “And what are social implications in terms of family, friends, work? It’s to guide them through the process and to aid with their transition, to ensure people are exploring and considering the various options to them.”

As for Les Maison, he is happy Eric Maison has taken the steps to live an authentic life and supports the decision 100 percent.  “If nothing else, it’s made our relationship stronger, it’s made it better,” he said. “The biggest misconception in terms of the question [is], ‘Does this now make me gay?’ No, it doesn’t. Gender is who you go to bed as. Sexual preference, which is completely different, is who you go to bed with. He’s had top surgery. He doesn’t plan to have bottom surgery.

“Even if he did, we made the decision a long time ago that no matter what, we were going to make this work,” Les Maison added. “We decided whatever path was placed before us, we would walk down that path together. The only people that have to be happy, in my opinion, are people in my house and people we care about, and in our close circle of friends and family.”

When asked about his hopes for the future, Les Maison said he wants acceptance for Corey and Eric Maison most of all.  “They have more courage than I do,” he said. “It takes an awful lot to break away from societal norms to live your life as who you are or at least who you identify as. This isn’t a choice that they’re making. This is the way they’re born. The education is important. If you can educate yourself, then all that lack of knowledge becomes knowledge.”

Read the rest of the GLAAD-sponsored/promoted story here.



27 responses to “Dad and daughter “transition” together from mother and son: ‘If she can do it, so can I’

  1. I feel it is very wrong to let a 15 year old, that doesn’t know as much as they think, make such a serious decision.
    And a surgeon agreeing to this kind of surgery on a young person should be questioned.
    I think the family would qualify for counseling.

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  2. So much confusion in one family!

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  3. They are nuts! These people have a permanent DNA that is set in place at conception. They think God made a mistake. Man makes mistakes, never God. This is perversion, period. They pretend to be someone they are not.

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  4. Straight to Hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

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  5. ironbutterfly1951

    Nobody is “assigned” anything at birth, you’re either male or female based on your sexual organs. If you have both organs or no organs, then you deal with that when you’re old enough to understand the medical situation.

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    • Yes. Was the kid born with misformed or ambiguous junk that required some kind of surgery where they had to pick one or the other? That’s only time where anything is “assigned” like that.

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  6. Can someone please toss a butterfly net over these two, and get them in a place for crazy, deluded morons?

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  7. Progressivism– indistinguishable from tabloid journalism:

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  8. Sodom and Gomorrah couldn’t have been more sinful than modern day America. Five Old Testament prophets were given over 100 characteristics by Yahweh the Elohim of the Bible concerning modern day Babylon, Three identities are very clear it concerns the ‘End Of Days” it is a time of the return of the Messiah [Jesus] it is a singular nation. All these 100 characteristics and markers fit America and America only like tailor made gloves. The prophets even describes the type of foreigners that invade modern Babylon they are called Fanners the bad kind they are likened to Caterpillars and Locusts because they are destructive, sounds like our modern invaders. The prophets describe our government [Councilors] who fight amongst themselves this is happening now in our government, Yahweh mocks them telling them to call up their astrologers, and a few other names which means the occult, according to this prophecy they have been doing this. The majority of Christians believe modern Babylon will rise up in Iraq or that it is the Catholic church this would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Now the False Prophets are saying modern Babylon will rise up in Saudi Arabia or Turkey. They have no mother nation America has England, they cant rise up in a wilderness like America did, they would have to march through the land taking it from others like America did. They would have no King and a place where the kings of the Earth meet like America has the U.N building in NYC. They would have to become the Hammer of the whole Earth like America is Economically and Militarily. They would have to start out as a Christian nation and be made up of all races of people like America, this is just a sampling. Most disregard America because of the phrase about having the blood of the saints on her hands, this refers to the fallen angel goddess Ishtar, “The Queen of Heaven” “The Mother of Harlots” “Libertas” she stands in New York Harbor as the Statue of Liberty. Look up all the symbols in Washington D.C. In the Book of Zechariah he was shown her moving her base across the great sea Westward.

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  9. GLAAD says “This is the way they were born,” which is absurd on the face of it since what constitutes the “this” of the “they” is the result of recent hormone treatments and surgical disfigurement and is not at all the way they were born.

    My guess is that Mom was such a butch dyke, which is what she looks like today and surely like no man, that she intimidated her own little boy into so hating himself for just being a boy that the little fellow decided the only way to appease that monster was to become a girl.

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    • I have not seen a father figure in any of the news broadcast concerning this subject. There is an abuse story hidden here, somewhere. From my years in counseling, I would bet my bottom dollar that this woman was raped or at minimum molested as a child or very young adult.

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  10. These two really are sick puppies.

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  11. Some forms of mental illness apparently are hereditary.

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  12. There are some who want people to be transhumanized into electro -mechanical devices. And there are some who say that it can’t happen soon enough.

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  13. So,..After body parts are surgically removed, & body chemistry is altered by hormones, this,..’person’,.. is now living an ,..’authentic’,.. life.

    Yeah right,..

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  14. It’ll be poetic justice if they each meet their opposite and get married, the “dad” meets a formerly male “woman” and the “daughter” meets a former girl who is now a “boy”. There’s somebody for everybody, right?

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  15. I am so sad for our society. 😦

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  16. Dealt w/people like this in my middle school ever since Obama’s thoughts on LGBTetc finally “evolved”– after he was safely re-elected,& the rainbow lit up the White House. One of my students last yr came fr a family like this one: “She” in 6th grade, professed to be Lesbian….(how does a 6th grader KNOW this?) while, at home, one of her two “mothers” transitioned by surgery into a man. And then, You think it’s weird in general & in public? Try calling out the “transgender child” by their legally given name fr the roll sheet aloud first day you meet the class & having the 37 other kids break out in protest calls….& these are 6th-graders. YOU don’t know squat abt this child except a legal name on a legal enrollment data sheet given you—-but kids know & have been sucked up into the drama of it all for the yrs they’ve already attended school together…& by the present social agenda.

    And do you want to talk “bullying?” One of my transgender kids routinely disrupted class w/crying, sulking, with “sympathetic” students flocking to her/him….while I was trying to —every day through this display—-start a history class. Cause of the sulking/crying? She/he …in 6th grade…..would NOT refrain fr making “passes” at girls in the PE locker room. PE happened to take place right before my class for this group….When She/he made passes at other little girls…they fought back…rejected she/he. “They just want to be accepted for being who they are.” WELL—SORRY —NEWSFLASH— making sexual advances to another little 6th grade girl in the PE dressing room when you, too, appear to be another little girl…..WILL NOT be suffered by many. This transcends the concept of “bullying”—and is more of “sexual harassment” on the school grounds–which I interpret as not only legitimately objectionable—but against the “ed code” (state laws of CA)…which gives it even MORE “punch.” AND, in fact—sexual advances in 6th grade are NOT socially or educationally acceptable ANYWAY betw ANY kids—-get a grip!!!!! And WHO is speaking up—or even speaking TO the little girl to whom the sexual advance was made? NO ONE. And, if you expect “acceptance” for all of this –or call rejection of such as “bullying,” then you need an attitude adjustment and a REALITY check.

    And PS….FYI—I found out that the age of “consent” (i.e., the right to demand to be recognized by your sexual preference—REGARDLESS of parental involvement or NOT) here in CA is age 12 (!!!!!). I found this out b/c I was advised by a counselor to call a girl who thinks she’s a boy by a chosen name—like, “Gus,” or something. Since I’d just been raked through the coals by a mother and father who threatened to take me to JAIL b/c their daughter did not like her assigned seat and I refused to change it to HER choice (b/c…that meant I’d have to “shuffle” several others through no fault of their own just to accomodate this child’s/parent’s desires about seating)….so, GEEZ if seats are to be dictated by parents…then WHO AM I to “change” their child’s NAME from a girl to a boy without their knowledge or consent???? Without parental consent to call this girl “Gus,” I refused. I said that the legal record of enrollment—which was still on my roll sheet—was what I was going to call “her” until or UNLESS the parents changed the registration information on the legal enrollment information through the district. I got a little visit from the counseling office informing me of the “law” about age 12, without parental involvement/consent. I still never called her “Gus.” I referred to “her” with gender neutral pronouns or NOT AT ALL….

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    • I don’t know how you keep it together, and, I guess, there are days when you don’t know either. The behavior of the president can have most harmful influence on the public in all moral values. You and others like you have my respect.

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      • CalGirl,
        ditto to marblenecltr’s comment….so sorry for your experiences….unfortunately, your experiences will not improve with these luciferian lunatics running our state legislature [into the ground] and turning children into satanic SJWs…
        prayers for: you, other teachers who genuinely care for the children, and the children.

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  17. ‘slightly confused’ but enduring to be what we want in our own minds.

    yup must be close to end times as we know it….

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  18. the poor boy is genuinely confused….he is girly and his father is weak (I’ve noticed the father’s are usually absent or weak)…I do believe the father is “supportive” because he doesn’t want the “wife” to leave their marriage and the mother had some kind of trauma that was never resolved.
    the boy has an instagram account loaded with pictures of himself looking “female”…..tons of pics of himself…1 family pic including his sisters.
    This boy is competing with his siblings and he is getting all the attention.
    I pray for these people….the devil is the master of confusion.
    instagram account link:

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  19. Do not discount the effects of environmental factors here. By that I mean what this family was exposed to chemically, as well as psychologically. There are artificial hormones in our food and packaging, and everyone responds differently to them. Finally, there is an aggressive agenda to promote transgenderism or what some call binary existence [absence of clear male/female sexual existence]. This is all definitely demonic.


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