America Divided: 50% approve vs. 50% disapprove of President Trump

Just 2 days ago, Gallup Poll said President Trump had only a 37% approval rating, vs. 58% disapproval.

However, according to today’s Rasmussen Reports‘ daily Presidential Tracking Poll, President Trump’s approval rating is actually 50%.

But the story isn’t just that way more Americans approve of President Trump than what Gallup claims. Whether one approves of President Trump or not is yet another indicator of how deeply and intractably divided America is.

According to the Rasmussen Reports poll:

  • 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance vs. 50% disapprove.
  • 33% Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing vs. 40% who Strongly Disapprove.

There is one good sign.

The number of Americans who think the U.S. is headed in the right direction has greatly increased — from only 26% of Americans a year ago under the Obama administration, to 40% of voters today.

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12 responses to “America Divided: 50% approve vs. 50% disapprove of President Trump

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for the article,
    personally I don’t think these polls are particularly accurate right now, people don’t know what to think because special interest groups are clouding the issues and manipulating public opinion on this, and frankly people are fickle, and particularly right now as political controllers are attempting to control the political narrative and control the perception of society (for their greed and evil machinations)

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  2. The polls are crap like they were during the primaries. I don’t believe them.

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  4. And if the polls are accurate who disapproves: gays, muslims, illegal aliens, black lives matter, bums on the dole and bleeding heart liberals who feel that they know how better to spend the earnings of hard working Americans.

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  5. Ricky Collins, abused child

    I find that the polls aren’t woth used toilet paper.

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  6. As readers of the FotMs know, I wrote at least a year ago that IF he were elected, Trump would become our new Teddy Roosevelt, who was seen as a progressive or as a reactionary, depending on one’s PoV, naturally, but always ascribed to ‘special interests’ by the side grinding its axe. Fairly enough, he was despised by one-half for the same points that made him a champion to the other half. Sound familiar… Ain’t history grand?

    His pick as new new Supreme Court Justice is someone who looks to me that if –IF– Donald could find just two more –2!– then the Court will be secure for the next half-century, with any luck at all, and I will die feeling much better for my children’s future. My comments will likely eliminate what few remaining friends I made more than 20 years ago. So be it: Quakers must speak truth to power.

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    • Thank you for that ‘Quaker’….

      smiling over here….i’ve been called that many times and had no idea except one thing….always stop and listen for that ‘small still voice of truth’….quite the mind….and it will come every single time.

      i was always told that if you look at your little finger and you can see that in your friends your quite blessed…as life owes us nothing.

      you have a friend here…miles away and oceans apart. as for the friends who say they are….no mah dear those are called ‘acquaintances’ some may be of long standing…and some may not.

      good luck and stand in truth and what you know for it sets apart and is worth preservation.

      i do not believe he is a teddy…no he is something a tad different and wish’s tro bring up before. he connects with his roots and something else, and i truly believe his grandmother made a huge difference inside him, that is his tender spot….he will always somehow want to do right by females…it is in his blood and chivalry despite the wife’s….he takes care of them and his children, so there is his own code of ethics. Mr. Bannon encouraged him and that is the one to look hard at as well as one other. This somehow is very important.

      I believe….that for some….they will fight hard for this and him….if he will continue to stand for principals desperate needed in this shift of times as we know it.

      i can tell you this….

      quite a few young men of various races, cultures have flat told me…confided that they had no hope until Trump came….they are hoping for jobs, to support their children. I see the desperation in their faces….and worries.

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  7. According to NY times …our prez is the biggest liar ever. I would say that NYT is the biggest liar ever!

    I do not trust a poll of much or any kind…..they can in fact ’tilit’

    I so worry about him and his family….always have this feeling….others really hate his guts. I think there are things about him which…are what they are and yet I believe somehow he wants to do the right things.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder, could it be that the main stream media, hollywoood, and the entrenched political elite, oh, not to forget the sexually perverted, and gay 3%, are 50% percent of the people? They seem to think so.

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  9. The ‘Fake News Mockingbird Media’ are hell-bent on creating a negative narrative on President Trump in order to PREVENT him from being successful. That’s why we have that Mensa candidate, Maxine Waters, declaring the Trump impeachment and Putin’s invasion of Korea [instead of Crimea] dominating the news cycle. The ‘de-legitimization’ program has not stopped since Nov. 8th of last year, and doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon.


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