Two illegal alien high school students in Maryland brutally rape a 14-year-old girl

henry sanchez illegal

From Fox News: Two Maryland high school students – one of whom has an “alien removal” case pending – forced a 14-year-old female classmate into a bathroom stall on Thursday morning and viciously raped her, police said.

The suspects, Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, are in ninth grade at Rockville High School. Both are recent arrivals to the U.S., Sanchez from Guatemala and Montano from El Salvador, WUSA9 reported.

The pair appeared in court Friday and Montano is being charged as an adult, despite his age, due to the seriousness of the crime. Sanchez and Montano, charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense, were held without bond.

“I believe that you are a danger,” District Judge Eugene Wolfe told Sanchez, according to The Washington Post.

Police say Montano forced the girl into a school restroom after she refused to have sex with him. The girl fought back, at one point holding on to a sink to avoid the assault, but Montano allegedly pushed the girl into a stall where he and Sanchez took turns holding her down and raping her, according to the police affidavit.

After hearing a noise, Sanchez fled, but Montano simply tried to silence the girl, who eventually broke free and was able to tell a staff member, the police report said.

“Ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all of our students is our top priority,” a Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson wrote in a letter sent to parents. “Our staff remains vigilant in the monitoring of our school each and every day.”

The has a copy of the police report, which is VERY graphic. If you can stomach it, read the whole report here.

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27 responses to “Two illegal alien high school students in Maryland brutally rape a 14-year-old girl

  1. Sanchez appears to me to be afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Nuff said: you don’t want to hear how I feel about rapists!

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    • He does, and he exemplifies an unreported objective of the globalist immigration agenda. In general, and going back to WW II, induced migrations of, in that case, destitute Southern blacks into northern cities were used to destroy urban white ethnic neighborhoods by creating racial conflict and seeding those neighborhoods with black criminals from the South, and to drive white middle-class working men’s wages down to the subsistence level if possible.

      What has gone unreported is the present cooperation between the globalists in Mexico and DC to not only flood America with wage-destroying but decent and hard-working Hispanics, but to seed our cities with the worst criminals and genetically inferior specimens those governments south of our border can find and ship north, for the purpose of destroying America and simultaneously justifying increased surveillance and control. While it’s difficult for rank and file Repulbicans to accept, the Republican establishment epitomized by Ryan and McConnell are working behind the scenes with the Dems to bring this about.

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    • it’s possible, Joseph, that he has FAS (Lord knows what else he might have)…we get south america’s finest, don’t we?
      they never should have been in the country, let alone the school….

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    • He may have FAS, but many have smaller craniums and brains, wide-set eyes (vision problems) and short upturned noses. I’ve worked with several of these individuals. Of course, symptoms can vary widely. At any rate, 17 and 18 yrs. is a little old for these savages to be in the 9th grade. That’s a major red flag. It’s obvious this school system has failed to protect their students.

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  2. -the school takes in adult “students” to be around children and they offer no protection to the children.
    -taxpayer-subsidized jail time from a situation that never should’ve happened in the first place.
    -I can not read the report…just reading about the rape and the poor child holding on to the sink turned my stomach…
    -the luciferian lunatics residing in their mansions who are running this country should be in prison along with these criminal aliens…and they can all enjoy being raped and robbed together.

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  3. There’s 2 counts that the impudent “so-called judges” should be charged with..all 3 of them.
    If we don’t hold them accountable, as one would any other criminal accomplice, this will only continue.

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  4. “Although the two suspects are 17 and 18 years old, they were enrolled as freshmen because they both arrived in the United States only a few months ago and were taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.”

    Source –

    Police: 2 students charged with raping girl in high school bathroom

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  5. Thanks for posting this DCG. From the Conservative Treehouse link…

    Tens of thousands of illegal aliens from South America were previously relocated by President Obama, Homeland Security and HHS into communities throughout the United States. We previously documented many of the locations in a distribution map.

    This recent outcome in Maryland is a horrific consequence.

    Interactive Distribution Map Link –

    Research on UAC Costs and Distribution –

    Timeline of the UAC border crossing shows Organization by President Obama –

    Source –

    Update: Horrific Immigrant Rape In Maryland School – No Explanations from Montgomery County Public Schools

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  6. Montgomery County, Maryland, Proud Sanctuary Jurisdiction, Gets What It Deserves: The Biggest Tax Hike in Seven Years As Student Achievement Wanes;

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  7. Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Attack: Montgomery County Pushes Back ;

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  8. The greater the number and knowledge of these horrors, the much greater should be the demand to stop open borders.

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  9. Montgomery County/their schools USED to be held up as prosperous (one of the richest counties in Maryland) & gracious examples of how to be successful & put out an excellent product. They routinely, 30 yrs ago, used to top the nation in test scores, college-bound kids w/scholarships galore ….safe/happy neighborhoods in the greater D.C. area. My university routinely sent their education majors to do student teachings in these Montgomery Co. schools. (Hope THAT has changed!)

    And now….their safe/successful communities, as well as schools, have sunk into the muck of “Sanctuary City Madness.” The use of the tax base to fund illegals, house, clothe, feed, & educate them , as well as to “shield them” fr what a legal American must comply with—mainly LAWS of this country–has dropped this once pleasant place into the depths of 3rd world nightmare.

    I’m calling this out as the result of social engineering at its worst: If the “progressives” in this country believe that they are acting out of the “milk of human kindness” w/this pandering to illegals—law-breakers fr the “Get-Go,” then they have sacrificed the rest of us to the lowest common denominator in our midst—–they have “swapped” our rights, as American citizens, our safety, our very lives in some cases…to the “pity” they feel for these illegals. The rub is—there is NO PITY for this little girl who went to school in 9th grade one day & was brutalized sexually by not one…but TWO illegals who were in collusion—laying in wait—-for their victim.—–This little freshman girl is collateral damage in the progressive’s view of THEIR world/goals. And then, at best—if the progressives are “just” promoting the protection of illegals amongst us, knowing that they are steadily forming a voting block for their future—–it puzzles me—-just what “power” do they think they can or will wield in the next election cycles over people like these kids? Will they be “governable?” Will they vote for “bread and circuses” only? Or, for people who base their very existence in this country on an illegal act that was never “corrected” by them….even over 10-20-30 years or more—what laws do they respect or will they respect? What country WILL there be to “govern” at that point? (But then….perhaps I FORGET that the “swamp” dwellers in D.C. are not being raped and sodomized in the Senate bathroom…and it’s subsequently so hard for them to visualize outcome of their policies/lawlessness —-laws which, BTW, they raised a hand and SWORE to uphold—-when it comes to the effect it has on us “common folks.”)

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  10. Esther Bunny Brown

    Do these guys think, that sexually assaulting people would boost their (Satanic) social status? Here’s another story from Chiraq:

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  11. Dear Dr. Eowyn;

    Because these illegals were in school and freshmen, it strongly suggests they were here under the Central American Minors program. That was another Executive Order that Obama put out after DACA that got zero attention. Under CAM, the government mandated that “children” in this program were to be provided an education until age 24. When I read that, I thought they meant college, but it’s clear that it includes whatever level they test for. I read an article sometime ago, that Maryland school districts were looking to the Houston school district that allowed students up to the age of 24. So this isn’t limited to Maryland.

    What absolute insanity.

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  12. On Tuesday, the superintendent spoke about the attack for the first time. He said by law, the schools do not know any students’ immigration status. While the superintendent agrees this is one of the worst incidents that could happen on a high school campus, he also says he doesn’t want this violent and disturbing attack to become political. As news gets out that 18-year-old Henry Sanchez is an undocumented student, Dr. Smith says he wants the focus to remain on what happened and security moving forward, not someone’s citizenship.

    I hope the parents of the rape victim sues the sh*t out of this school district.


    • I agree with what you say however sue doesn’t equal true justice and although we want this….there is only one way and deep down someting tells me….you already know what that is. No we may not like it and yet as I talked with a father next door….he would do what is right….and I know this to be true of him….

      This monster would not be breathing…..

      Deep down that is what we want…..because deep down we do not want to worry about ours and deep down we know we can’t trust this system anymore….and deep down it hurts in some way as we prepare… a conviction of honor and bullets and ask the lord to bless us….

      It is the hardest thing…..when really we simply want to live and provide great peace.


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  13. This is the result of having illegals come in and scatter them all over the country like cockroaches, not knowing the English language they are placed in our schools with our children. This is the way these animals live in their own countries, impregnating girls as young as nine year olds and the authorities turn their faces away, it is their way of life, not ours. Hard labor should be imposed to pay for this hideous crime and then kicked out to the jungle they came from.

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  14. there is a complete cure….

    i carry it every day and every where i go….

    with two other things….

    one is a 12 step program which say truth starts with self and the other is a bible…..a very old one.

    it will come down to this….eventually.

    pray for her recovery and her familiy’s.

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  15. Days after the brutal rape, Democrats voted to move forward with making Maryland a sanctuary state.

    By the way, where’s the outrage from NOW and all those women who marched on Washington?


  16. ICE report flags sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate on criminal illegal immigrants

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  17. Related link…

    Declined Detainer Outcome Report

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  18. Md. Governor calls out MCPS’ ‘lack of cooperation’ in Rockville High rape case


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