Actor Tim Allen likens Hollywood to Nazi Germany

Allen, 63, best known for Home Improvement, currently plays an outspoken conservative on the sitcom Last Man Standing. He is also one of the few actors in Hollywood to profess having conservative leanings.

On last Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, March 16, 2017, Allen spoke the truth when he likens Hollywood’s oppressive lock-step political liberalism to Germany in the 1930s when the chaotic Weimar Republic gave birth to Hitler and totalitarian Nazi Germany.

Here’s a transcript of what Allen said, beginning around the 4:01 mark:

Kimmel: “You went to the presidential inauguration?”

Allen: “I was invited by, uh, we did a VIP thing for the vets and went to the Veterans Ball. I went to go see the Democrats, Republicans. Yeah, I went to the inauguration. I mean you gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany [makes quotations marks with his fingers] — ‘If you’re not part of the group, you know what we believe is right.'”

Allen then talked about how he wouldn’t take his children to see the Gay Pride Parade because of naked men on floats, and about surveillance America, where government and corporations spy on us via our cell phones, and Google Map takes pictures of our homes.

Unlike so many empty bubble-headed Hollyweirdos, Tim Allen is knowledgeable and politically savvy. One of the good guys!

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16 responses to “Actor Tim Allen likens Hollywood to Nazi Germany

  1. Yes, there are a few, but he needs to be careful, because like Jon Voight and James Wood, and others ( you can lose your income if you don’t tow the commie line.

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  2. I have always liked Tim Allen and he tells the truth. He is one of the few not afraid to speak up.
    The hosts on late night are nothing but liberals puppets. We don’t give them a minute of our time. There is nothing cute or funny about their programs.
    We stopped watching when Leno left.

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  3. Good for Allen. He knows that the real totalitarians come from the left. Conservatives tend to mind their own business until backed into a corner. The lefty elites see themselves as the cream of the crop who insist on imposing their decadent, godless values on us.

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    • But Rocky, it’s for yer own good, dontcha know?

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      • Yes Joseph, it’s for my own good; if I can’t realize that I’m crabby, stupid, intolerant, racist, and a hater.

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        • Yeppers, me too lately. Some 40+ year former close friends distanced themselves from me over my support for Trump. One wrote a very hurtful note because it was SO shallow, and he was way better than that in the last near 50 yrs.

          What Broom Hilda inspires in people is truly DEPLORABLE.

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          • What Broom Hilda inspires in people is truly DEPLORABLE.

            They are responsible for their own degeneracy. The real issue is why these people find Hillary appealing in the first place.


          • I am sorry for the loss of a “friend”. You have to ask, just how much of Clinton’s history do they even know? Anyone in their right mind would run as fast as possible from her. She is dangerous.


  4. I am sure there are others who also have a brain but they are just afraid to expose how they feel.

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  5. I’m so ‘out of it’ in re contemporary TV, movie stars, & celebs in general that I’m still filling those in, if that’s the right word, and if it’s even possible. The last major late night show I sometimes caught would have been Johnny Carson, and he’s fully retired unto death. There was a more recent fellow, Dave Chappelle, very poitically & socially incorrect, I think he was blacklisted & dropped, he was that good.

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  6. Normal masculinity (the shtick Tim Allen used to achieve his fame) is conservative, plain and simple. Pansies and homos become leftists, soldiers and cowboys become staunch conservatives.

    They used to call this natural. Now it’s “social constructs” and “bigotry” from “misogynistic” “deplorables”.

    Sticks and stones, etc. Names can never hurt you unless you let them. Thank God for Trump, who has reminded millions of this fact, and who has emboldened millions who were previously yielding to the leftist bullies.

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  7. Thank you Tim Allen.

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  9. My husband and I have always enjoyed Tim Allen, and I am so pleased that he has the courage to state what the facts really are, reiterating the necessity to be true to Our Lord and one’s self. Good for him!!!


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